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  1. I am running Sierra 10.12. Since updating from the last stable Evernote release to Beta 3, the Google Drive links within a note are not working and clicking on a document link within a note resets all of the hyperlinks and knocks the cursor up to the top of the note. I have made sure that my Google Drive permissions are current. My other Mac with Evernote v 6.10 is not having this issue, but I did not update it to the beta version. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Just for the record. I was also unable to update to Beta 5 from Beta 4 through the app. Although, I had no problem updating from Beta 3 to Beta 4 through the app. Running Mac OSX 10.9.4
  3. I have noticed the same issue. The .zip archives are being created with much more frequency it seems. Now it creates 5 to 7 of these periodically while the Evernote app is open as well as upon closing the app. I'm wondering what is up as well.
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