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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a first time user of Evernote. I have always heard about the app, and heard how highly people have talked about it. However, I am unsure of how to use the app effectively as a College student. I start my Bachelors degree in exactly one week and have been trying to further understand the app before that. I have searched YouTube, but have not found many helpful videos that talk about the College student. Most of the videos also are rather old, and I am sure that the desktop, as well as the IOS versions have had some major changes. I don't fully understand the difference between the free version, and the premium version. Which would be best suited for a college student? With Apple releasing iCloud and having their iWork suite sync across devices via the cloud, how is Evernote different? Before really looking into Evernote my plan was to just use Pages to take class notes, assignments, etc... That way they would just auto sync between my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. The only thing that I have always disliked about Pages is that you can not place a folder within a folder. Speaking of Pages, does Evernote work with Pages? What I mean is that if I type up a research paper, could I store that paper in Evernote along with my research? How reliable is Evernote? Does data get stored locally, as well as the cloud? Or is everything only saved on the cloud? Any help and guidance that you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a great YouTube video that would help me that would also be amazing. With class starting on August 20th, I really want to be as organized as possible. Thanks so much Brian
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