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  1. Hey darklordxnew - that worked perfectly, thank you! Evernote - really????
  2. I'm looking into using Evernote as the recommended portfolio product for our school. I have a few questions as to how administration of this would work which I've emailed to schools@evernote.com but received no reply, so I'm trying my luck posting here... Thanks in advance for any help! Is "for schools" pricing available in New Zealand? If we are in the program, presumably it’s optional for an individual student to have a free or premium account? With 1500+ students I won't be setting their accounts up myself (!) - so how do individual students get a premium account, and how is it paid for? Or is there an account provisioning system? Thanks, Carl
  3. I'd like to see this feature too. I have one premium Evernote which I use for both personal and work items. There is unnecessary extra work involved to copy and paste a note into an email program as suggested above. Granted, it is not a huge amount of work, but we're talking about a productivity tool here! Looking at other apps on my iPad, Penultimate (now part of Evernote?) seems to handle this better. The "Send page by email" functionality fires up the standard email editor which allows me to choose the "From" account. I'd love to see Evernote implement this functionality.
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