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  1. Absolutely agree. I cannot make the move from Legacy to 10 without this. My primary use of Evernote is for tagging, storing, and retrieving scientific articles that I email to my Evernote inbox. To read an article, I open the PDF attachment, read and highlight, then save the annotated PDF back to the parent note. Then I type my summary notes in the body of the note containing the attachment. Why would I want to export the PDF for annotation, save the new version, import the new version, and manually delete the old version? It makes one wonder if Evernote developers actually use Evernote themselves, or even understand how their customers use Evernote. Evernote's strength has always been its flexibility. Longtime users like me are being robbed of this flexibility. The product seems to be dumbing down for simple/casual use and light use, something like Apple Notes. My use has always been heavy daily use (the most used app on all my computers) and complex use (I have almost Everything in Evernote). It feels like advanced users are being orphaned. Sad.
  2. I was enjoying the new release until I discovered this flaw. My primary use case is sending scientific articles to Evernote for reading, highlighting, and making notes. Legacy Evernote allows me to open the attached PDF in Acrobat, highlight and comment, then "Save" the revised PDF back to my Evernote note. Presumably it is a local copy of the PDF that I am opening, editing, and saving. Evernote 10 allows me to open the PDF in Acrobat, but once I am finished highlighting and commenting on the PDF, there is no option to save the revised version in place in Evernote. The only option available is to save the edited version locally to my drive -- not back to Evernote. Why would I want to do this? Wow. This is a showstopper. How can Evernote function as a document repository If I cannot open documents, edit them, and save them? This is huge. On the positive side, I like the new search, and Evernote 10 fixes the PDF renaming bug. I join the rank of discouraged Evernote users forced to stick with Legacy Evernote until this functionality is restored, or jump ship if it isn't. Never thought I would see the day where I would write something like that. I have been an Evernote evangelist for over a decade and would be heartbroken. I live in Evernote.
  3. Same issue on iPhone Xs Max with iOS 13 public beta. App will launch, but cannot do anything without crashing. View existing note? Crash. Create new note? Crash.
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