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  1. Same issue on iPhone Xs Max with iOS 13 public beta. App will launch, but cannot do anything without crashing. View existing note? Crash. Create new note? Crash.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation, dconnet. It must be a lot of work, as it took Chrome six months to catch up with Firefox. And Adobe Acrobat took several months too. Dropbox is now on board. So I'm assuming the work must be done by Evernote too -- sooner or later. Your confirmation, while appreciated, doesn't offer reassurance that this work is "in progress" or "coming soon". I hear you. Hopefully the new MacBook with Retina display will keep me happy until Windows catches up. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  3. I was so excited to see today's Windows update. The top feature proclaims "Now supports high resolution displays". My Yoga Pro 2 has been waiting for this for a year now (quad HD display). Not so exciting after restarting Evernote however. The fonts are fuzzy, but at least everything everything is the right size now. No microtext. So I'm guessing this is a "properly scaled up" display of a lower resolution, not TRUE high resolution support. Is this correct, or am I missing a setting that will give me razor crisp text, properly scaled text? Still waiting.... and hoping...
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