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  1. using tcpview I only see EN using high ports for syncing the database but did not know it's encrpyted already. Anyway, you're right BurgersNFries, according to this http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/13393-firesheep/page__st__20#entry76780 it looks like EN uses SSL. Regarding local encryption I found another post here on how to use TrueCrypt for encrypting your database http://www.40tech.com/2009/09/01/4-steps-to-secure-evernote-on-a-shared-computer/ This one describes on how to encrypt specific notes using EN onboard tools: http://techie-buzz.com/how-to/encrypt-password-protect-evernote-notes.html even though to date it only works for plain text in one single note it already goes in the right direction. I think I'll wait and see what's gonna happen instead of setting up crazy batch script-controlled TrueCrypt stuff.
  2. Hi there, I know Evernote already offers capabilities to export notebooks and/or the whole database which is -compared to other services- pretty good. But it would be even much better to have additional (WebDAV ? SyncML ?) interfaces in order to save/backup/sync Evernote's database to other cloud services or a local storage device (NAS). Cheers, Michael
  3. Hi there, in terms of data security, how do you guys out there think about encryption for Evernote's database(s) and the connection used for syncing through the web ? I could imagine to store _all_ of my stuff in the cloud but still have concerns regarding sensitive documents e.g. salary checks, contracts and think it's worth thinking about increasing security up to a level that is even common for e-mail, online banking and shopping already these days. Ciao for now, Michael
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