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  1. +1 Dear Evernote team, this is a major bug/issue, please fix asap. Editing notes in the app is a core functionality, it's very difficult to understand how this kind of bug could pass the quality control why there is no immediate fix for it ! Regards
  2. Doesn't seem to work for me. Very astonishing, since it is THE feature EN insist on in their annoncements on the new version. Disappointing, again. @EN : what's going on?
  3. Thx. But it didn't do it. I installed the extension folowing your link, same behavior. BTW, I ran CCCleaner an hour before. Any link ?
  4. Very unusual behaviour: by clicking the "save" button after selection of an article, it simply doesn't save but opens a new tab in the chrome window, linked to an Avira website!!!! Dis anyone observed this as well???
  5. OK. I've seen all the discussions on V5 in the last months. Let's say, to be positive, that there is room for improvement in the release policy of EN at least in the Windows/MS world. Today, my V4 client pushed the official notification that V5 is available to download. Even if I know that some changes may be subject to discussion with regard to usability, I'm ready to download it. Because I assume that the push notification means that EN and dlu are confident enough in the product quality i.e. no bugs anymore. And I need quality, because I partially set up some of the processes of my company around EN, we are several Premium users here. So dlu and EN, I trust you and will upgrade to V5. Hoping for the best. CU soon here for some feedback. EDIT I did it an updated. Technically speaking, everything ist running smooth, that's for the positive part, and that's good news. On the othe side, I agree with many of the comments here: some smart changes but the UI has to be improved. Not enough contrast, too flat. and a hige amount of space simply lost. And that's a big problem if you use EN on a laptop, like I do.
  6. Bonjour Xavier :-) Nice update, thx to you and the team. Same comment than @indrex: horizontal strech of the widget would be great (Galaxy Tab2 10.1). Hoping to get the Windows Update incl. Reminders to use the Evernote power ;-)
  7. Hi Xavier, thx for this feature, at last you/we got it. I ran the update and it seems to work well so far. EDIT: Galaxy S3 work well. Now need to update on my Galaxy Tab2. Can't wait for the windows version to come with the reminder functionality. Kind regards
  8. Same problem on one of our PCs here. Dear Evernote support, please answer. Thx
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