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  1. I have used Evernote nearly five months and truly getting the hang of it. But need some advice on Notebooks and tags. Living with me is my 87 year old mother, handicap sister, husband and me. We have lots of medical visits and having medical records on EN and current medicine is a God sent. Recording the doctors discharge notes is great too. Right now I have a notebook for each family member and sub notebooks for medical records, current medicine, X-rays, MRI. under each family member. I have a vacation folder, home improvement folders. I'm afraid once reading all the past forum notes on on tags and notebooks; that I should have only a few notebooks. I generally don't do a lot of searches when visiting with doctors. I just pull up which ever family members is in the hospital and look into that folder for whatever the doctor needs from me. Presto. Question. If you have a family, home, hobbies, warranties..recipes.. that needs organized. How would you do it?... my time has greatly improved since EN and would appreciate any help.
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