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  1. I hardly touched my Evernote account this month, yet my monthly allotment is gone in 10 days. Or maybe I didn't get my allotment for this month. What gives?
  2. Tried several times in the last few days to update to 6.1.1 but keep getting this message... An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later. On Yosemite 10.10.5
  3. Is it possible in Evernote Clipper to switch quickly between accounts. I have a personal account and a web account, and it's annoying to have to sign out of one then sign into the other. Does the functionality exist to be signed into two accounts at once, then just select if I want a note to go to my personal or my work account? I know I can be signed into different accounts on different browsers, but I often find both signed into my work account. This is also a Safari question too.
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