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  1. I can print the document to paper and then scan back in as a pdf and it has no encryption but there has got to be an easier way!
  2. I want to write on the pdf to show corrections to documents/pictures/contracts.
  3. I would like to write on my pdf's in Evernote. Of course the ones I need are encrypted and it asks for a password to unencrypt it and I didn't create the pdf so I don't have the password. I work on a Mac. Suggestions? What other options/apps/help is out there?
  4. REALLY appreciate the help. Here is the support ticket - 646643 I will read your advice and would LOVE anything you can offer. I can sell ANYTHING but making this program work for my team has been a challenge. I am not the only one on the team that is having synch issues. I'm just the one responsible for it all.
  5. I have tried the online help but still don't have the issue resolved. Using EN Business with 5 users, (I am also the admin) online I show 1372 Personal Notes and 2652 Business Notes. On my Macbook version I show I have 1393 Personal Notes and 2702 Business Notes. I do not know which ones did not synch nor how to fix it. I was told to delete my online files and reinstall EN and let it download all the notes again. This is a great idea except I don't know which ones I will lose (and do not want to lose ANY!). EN is running SO SLOW on my top of the line Macbook too. I tried to get EN support to log in remotely and fix it but no help. I either have to fix this for my business or find something else. This is not working - Any ideas?
  6. Was getting ready to convert my business to EN Business - After this thread I will find another option. I MUST be able to name, rename and stack folders for Employees as the Admin. I have a specific work flow and way I want things handled - It is not their business....
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