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  1. Hi, I'm running 5.2.0 Beta 2 and finally have been able to complete an initial sync. However, I've noticed that when I launch EN it will take upwards to 2-3 hours to snyc--this after maybe 2 days of not running and only 100-200 notes added. Normal time on my PC is measured in minutes to sync up when starting. Activity log show many (thousands++) of these messages: INFO: Server sent updated resource with guid 'fe1b6a4e-xxxx-xxxx-9c4d-45975178b3d3' which we don't have. Ignoring. I've noticed this since getting my rMBP last year and am curious if others running multiplatform see the same issue (i.e., slow on OS X, fast under WIndows)? I'm just trying to find some way to speed up the process because right now it's impossible to quickly start EN and then start taking notes. The delay kills the editor response time. Running OS X 10.8.4, Retina Macbook Pro (mid-2012) and EN Version 5.2.0 Beta 2 (401409)
  2. I think what you are looking for is this service called Inqloud! It meets my needs of forwarding emails from gmail to particular evernote notebooks, along with the tags.... I have been using it for months now and havn't had the need to look anywhere else again (IFTTT/Zapier/Blah Blah Blah)! It is simply flawless Incloud has a cost associated with it (assuming from the "Free 30 day trail"). For general archiving, the free solutions described above work 99.999% of the time. The flexibility of Google Apps is compelling for a variety of workflows between PaaS's. Always good to see other solutions, especially for people that don't wish to mess with scripting on the back end.
  3. **Update: Scripting appears to be available to regular non-Google Apps accounts. I logged into my old gmail account and have the option to create scripts. Simply goto Google Docs or Drive, then select Create -> Script. Select "Blank Project", then copy/paste the script above. I love other features of IFTTT, but this made my email archive to Evernote so much easier and complete. Once the script is created, select the Resources -> Current script's triggers... Then select the function to run and the time to run it. I've set it at 15 minutes, but you can select pretty much anything from every minute to once weekly. Let me figure out to upload a couple screen shots.... (this forum software seems a bit buggy right now). Here you go. And the function and trigger times:
  4. There is another option if you are setup for Google Apps. You can create a script to check for certain labels and act upon them. For instance, you may setup a filter to apply the label 'Process' to all new emails. Then have the script run, append information to the subject line (e.g., notebook and/or tags), send the email to evernote, and finally remove the 'Process' label and apply another label (maybe like 'Archived'). New scripts can be created from Google Drive, Create -> More -> Script Here's my script. Make sure that the labels are created prior to running: // Set up multiple labels/sub-labels and add one or more email addresses function forwardEmails() { // @xxx is notebook, #tag is the tag, or multiple tags forwardThreads("Process", "evernote-email@m.evernote.com", "@Filtered Email Archive #archived"); // Additional forwards can be placed here. Need to ensure source label exists, the email will // have the source label removed and "Archived" added } function forwardThreads(label, addr, subjSuffix) { var maxSubjLength = 250; var applylabel = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName("Archived"); // Send individual and threaded emails. var msgs, msg, i, j, subject, options, labels, page; labels = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName(label) var threads = labels.getThreads() for (i=0; i < threads.length; i++) { msgs = threads[i].getMessages(); for (j=0; j < msgs.length; j++) { msg = msgs[j]; subject = msg.getSubject(); if (subject.length + subjSuffix.length > maxSubjLength) { subject = subject.substring(0, maxSubjLength - subjSuffix.length); } options = { htmlBody: msg.getBody(), attachments : msg.getAttachments() }; GmailApp.sendEmail(addr, subject +" "+ subjSuffix, msg.getBody(), options); } } while(!page || page.length == 100) { page = labels.getThreads(0, 100); // Apply new label; move the thread out of other label applylabel.addToThreads(page); labels.removeFromThreads(page); } } I found out that IFTTT's recipe doesn't work if you turn off IMAP. Since I archive everything, this was doubling my local message store under OS X's Mail.app. Also, the Google script method will preserve formatting, unsure about attachments. I don't know if this will work on non-Google Apps accounts or not. However, a Google App account for up to 10 10GB accounts is free. Hope this helps out those looking for more flexibility with Gmail (especially to Evernote)!
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