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  1. What I'm looking to do: One of the ways I use Evernote is as a Delicious replacement. I clip using the Chrome web clipper and select "Save URL" and put it in to a notebook called "Links" with any appropriate tags and comments. What I could like to create is a version of the standard bookmarklet (or better, a custom one) that is already set to get just the URL and put in to the Links notebook and just lets me add tags. Thoughts? I'm using the following bookmarklet code but I don't know the parameters to add (if possible) to autoselect the options I want. javascript:(function()%7BEN_CLIP_HOST%3D%27http://www.evernote.com%27%3Btry%7Bvar%20x%3Ddocument.createElement(%27SCRIPT%27)%3Bx.type%3D%27text/javascript%27%3Bx.src%3DEN_CLIP_HOST%2B%27/public/bookmarkClipper.js%3F%27%2B(new%20Date().getTime()/100000)%3Bdocument.getElementsByTagName(%27head%27)%5B0%5D.appendChild(x)%3B%7Dcatch(e)%7Blocation.href%3DEN_CLIP_HOST%2B%27/clip.action%3Furl%3D%27%2BencodeURIComponent(location.href)%2B%27%26title%3D%27%2BencodeURIComponent(document.title)%3B%7D%7D)()%3B
  2. Well, if you store large files in Dropbox, like video or high resolution images, that's not a great use case for Evernote. More and more applications are also hooking in to Dropbox for functionality and storing their shared settings there, like 1Password, Adium, etc.
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