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  1. I can observe this happening as well, in numerous cases, but which are hard for me to reproduce or find at all. Actually, I thought, using Evernote always made a copy of an image being clipped and then saved that copy as a file, not just a link to the image residing on the server. With much dissatisfaction I realized that some of the images I clipped over time were appearing as broken, as the originally posting victim describes above. I was using Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox.. different browsers, and different versions of Evernote, usually always the latest and greatest, and the issue seems to be present across different versions of Evernote. Is there something I miss in the way I need to clip the image? Are image URLs clipped differently than a HTML page with embedded images? I thought every browser content was clipped in much the same way, and the purpose of clipping it is - of course - to review it at a later date, even though the server might have changed its contents or the content or the server have disappeared at all. How can I easily prevent the image files I save to Evernote of going stale.. or.. in other words.. how can I actually use Evernote to clip images in a way that a copy of the image is made and attached to the note in a way that it does not disappear or break anymore, even when the image is replaced or deleted on the server? As this phenomenon of broken clipped images seems to be independent from the versions of the components of this Evernote scenario (Evernote itself, the Evernote Web Clipper, the browser, ...), I think I might just be clipping it wrong or somehow else 'doing it wrong'. What could that be?
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