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  1. Thanks for these comments. I understand sharing one notebook in the 2 accounts is not really practicable. Yes, preserving the TAG structure would be nice.
  2. Hi there, My database is growing and I am experiencing slow response time, longer searches etc. (WIN desktop). I am thinking of separating my database in 2, creating another EN account. The 2nd account will be for archive purposes where I keep old bills, receipts, doucments for long term storage etc. This will approx cut my database in half. It should be lean and trim again afterwards. I want to do it right from the beginning. What is the best practice for doing this? I know how to create another account. But how do I get the "old" documents from the first account into the new account without too much hassle? Thanks for any suggestions. Sani
  3. Hi Kindle and Grumpy, thanks for your tips. I will try what you suggested. Sanishh
  4. I'd like to know how EN syncing works. I have 2 scenarios in mind: 1. I have deleted a few notes which I don't need anymore (on my PC). I am syncing and EN gets updated and deletes the notes in the Web version as well. That seems to be correct. 2. I have deleted notes by accident and want these notes back (let's assume they are gone from the trash on my PC as well). If I sync, then EN will do the same as in scenario 1) and my notes are gone??? Obviously those 2 scenarios can happen and how does EN "decide" what I want when I sync??
  5. Thanks. I have not found a convenient way to convert pdf files into text yet. I am on Windows. I have Foxit Reader but that does not convert to text. I understand EN cannot do the trick either. Any recommendations?
  6. Gazumped, thanks for your answer. 10 GB wow! Mine is now about 1 GB but I've always made it a habit to save disk space (or bandwidth) and keep files small if possible. I do not store photos in my database for that reason. I just found out that I can sort notes for file size. That is handy to look at BIG files and possible candidates for text converting.
  7. Hi, I am keeping a lot of pdfs in my EN database and noticed some "swelling" of the size of the EN database. What I would like to do is to convert the pdf document into text and then save the document into EN. I think this will save me a lot of space. How do you do that and is that a useful strategy? Thanks.
  8. Solved! I had accidentally unticked "Show notelist" (View). Ticked again and all notes were there.
  9. Hi there, I just synced from my Windows client and it said "Sync complete". Exited EN and restarted. After this all my notes disappeared. Notebooks and Tags are still visible on the left. I synced again and again it said "Sync complete". Still no notes. Fortunately, all my notes are visible on the Web Version. But it seems, I cannot sync them down??? Any idea what is going on? Thanks.
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