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  1. I had this same thing happen to me last weekend, I've submitted a ticket, started a topic, and 3 days later nothing really has been done about it. I was given a temporary upgrade until my account was sorted out. I sent in my iTunes receipt and a screenshot of my iTunes account, basically everything asked for and still nothing... I wouldn't expect much from your ticket, since you are still listed as a "free user" your ticket will be answered "as time allows". Nevermind the fact you just forked over $50....
  2. And just to prevent the obvious questions: yes I included the ticket number in the subject line.
  3. So, I have sent in both a screen shot and the copy of my iTunes receipt when I received it, and I still have heard no word on what's going on with my account. My premium membership says I only have 4 days left. Should I resubmit my ticket as a premium member so that somebody actually gets back to me? I had really hoped that becoming a premium member would make Evernote easier to use, not more of a pain....
  4. oh, didn't read the update before I posted that, I will absolutely do that, but they haven't sent me one yet. Would a screenshot of my account activity page on itunes suffice, or should/can I wait until they send me the receipt to email you?
  5. Actually, I don't know what the hold-up, but literally 2 seconds ago, when my Evernote was doing it's regular auto sync, that my user-icon became a badge of premium honor. I've been using Evernote for a while, and I have to say that it is reinventing both my and my fiancé's study habits, as well as how we stay organized together. I'm looking forward to us both being able to edit notebooks. All's good, thanks for the help!
  6. I have synced every version of Evernote I have, and I have checked on the web-client and it still says I have a free account. I submitted a ticket before I posted on this board and it's #16051-134786. It really stinks though because I'm still listed as a free user so I'm afraid my ticket won't get answered very soon. I was really hoping there would be a way of getting a hold of somebody more quickly about this issue...
  7. I purchased a year-long premium membership as an in-app purchase in Evernote on my iPad, and an hour later, my applications on my phone, iPad and computer and through the webpage all still say I have a free membership! What is going on? How long should I expect it to take to affect my account? I've checked my iTunes store account, and I have definitely been charged for the premium account and there is an order number. I have submitted a ticket through the support page, but because my account is still showing up as free it says that I will "receive a response as time permits, within the order your request was received." I know that support isn't open on the weekend, but what can I do in the meantime to try and fix this issue?
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