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  1. Hi, When I am editing notes, I dont see increase/decrease indent and the bullets button in the tool bar. Is there a way to add them in the toolbar. I have attached the screen shot of what I see. I am using version 3.3.0 in mac as an app, since I have heard/realized that the web version is limiting. Any pointers ? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I was looking for a editing existing notes without clicking the pencil each time. I have an iphone but would checkout the voice controls. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Hi, I am a evernote newbie switching form one note . I take multiple notes on evernote but each time I have to write to a new note I have to click on the pencil icon which beats the purpose of quickly pasting somethign in it . Is there a way to just have each note in edit mode like word, oneNote, notepad, etc ? Thanks!
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