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  1. I have 2 MBP sync'ed with Evernote Business The 1st MBP shows the Note Date in the format YYYYMM/DD/ (2185 Notes) the 2nd as Day, MM DD, YYYY @ Time (2248 Notes). I guess I have 2 questions, - how can I change the format of the 2nd machine to YYYYMM-DD? - why is there a different number of Notes on the 2 machines. I have been using the 1st MBP for about 12 months and just starting to use the 2nd one on a routine basis. This is an older machine I had not used much since buying the "1st" machine. Both are running OS X 10.9 and Evernote Business. Thanks, Bill
  2. thanks BurgersNFries. This should work. Thanks for the suggestion. Bill
  3. Is there a way to search for a range of numbers contained in the Note Title? Many of my notes have no relevance after a period of time. If I included in the Note Title "DELETE ON 140501" when it was created, could I search for notes at some time in July of 2014 for all notes that contain the Delete ON dates from say 130101 to 140630 and then delete them? I don't see the need to keep useless data on file. Bill
  4. Thanks C6REW I'm running a MacBookPro with Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8.2) Bill
  5. Thanks Grumpy, when I Right-Clicked on the Notebook in Question, I got a message saying "Notebook Settings". I clicked on this and got a screen that gave me the following info: Linked Notebook - NAME Shared by - Author of Linked NB You Can - View Notes Check Box to select whether or not this Notebook will Sync with the Notebook in question Drop down to choose how often my computer Sync's with Notebook. Choices are from 5 min to 1 Hr or each time EN Syncs Option to CANX or SAVE I unchecked the Box to deselect the option to Sync the Notebook with the Computer and left everything else as is I then Closed EN and reopened it (OSX 10.8.2) and tried to delete some of the Notes. When a Note was Right Clicked, the DELETE option was greyed out. Neither the DELETE Key or COMMAND DELETE deleted the notes. Did I miss something? Bill
  6. A while back I accepted an offer to "share" a notebook. I would like to discontinue doing so. I have tried to delete the Notebook and erase the shared notes but I cannot. How do I turn this spigot off?? Thanks, Bill
  7. Is it possible to change the date format to "2012-08-11"? EVN > Preferences > Formatting gives me a choice of either 8/11/12, Aug 11, 2012, August 11,2012 or Saturday, August 11, 2012 but does not allow a custom format. I am using OS X 10.8
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