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  1. Hi Robert, First off all, I want to compliment you for this fine tool. You asking for extra functionality like hits the rose, so to speak.Mixing with other search criteria would be great. It could replace soms saved searches for me. I do have several lists with todo-items. I am realy excited on your production with extra searches/mix posibility's. So pleas, keep on the good work. Regards, Har
  2. Hi Robert, I downloaded and installed and was checking for update. I got this result: Version info : The latest version of Robodance is You are running version Please upgrade now. I think that this is not right. Regards, Har
  3. Hi Roschler, Downloaded and works great, Just like i wanted it. Do you have an twitteraccount where we can follow you? regards, Har
  4. Hi Roschler, I agree. AWESOME. I use TagHunter constantly. The last version with copying all tags en notebooks to the clipboard is perfect. I do have one request for you. We work with several users on Evernote on the same machine and therefor there are several Evernote accounts. When i leave the pc i allways logout Evernote. Can you make a logout-button in Taghunter. I know that Evernote does not open if i am not logged in and the button "Show notes in Evernote" is pushed, but TagHunter has its own credentials to login my Evernote-account. I want to prevent any access to my Evernote-account when i am not behind the machine. I find this a mayour security risk. Regards and keep on the good work. Har
  5. Hi Roschler, Whoow. I totaly agree with NurgersNFries. Let me give you a beer. Thanks for your update. Har
  6. Hello Roschler, What a fast reaction. I do have a few hundred tags. One of them is !Wie.MaH,Brainpartner. My search in TagHunter was for brainpartner. This is the only tag with the word brainpartner i have. I welcome your fix. Keep on the good work. Har
  7. Hi, What a super tool. I like the idea, I like your solution and the way it works. I'll work with it for a few day and than make it a blog-topic on my blog on www.workactive.nl.. For now i got one remark. While testing i got the next error: (TCalcEntropicSphere3DPoints.Create) The number of items is less than 2. When i repeat the search i get the error The number of elements in the tag cloud array does not match the number..... Then TagHunter freezes. Please advice me what to do. Regard, Har Geraets www.workactive.nl www.mindandhand.nl
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