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  1. So you are using Evernote as a research tool only?
  2. I am learned about Evernote in March 2012 while searching for productivity tools that can be used by all my devices. I love the idea of streamlining my efforts. I'm working on how best to apply it to my high school science classes. I teach Oceanography & Earth Science. The school where I teach is adopting an 1:1 model this semester by leasing iPads for our students and for us with textbooks loaded on them. I have chosen Evernote paired with a Flipped Classroom technique to deliver content to my students. As far as I know, I am the only teacher at my school choosing to Flip my Classroom. I am a bit overwhelmed with options/choices. Recently, I saw LiveBinder. If you are using Evernote is there a need for LiverBinder? Do they work hand-in-hand? Or would it just complicate things overmuch? Since this is a pilot for me, I want it simple for me to maintain and simple for my students to learn how to use. I do see some features of LiveNote that would be nice such as the way it is visually in tabs within a binder. Can someone please clarify this for me? I love the idea of Evernote as a productivity tool and I've downloaded all of the Apps. I know it will be a transition for my kids (and me!) and parents. LiveBinder has a visual component that I feel will be comforting for all involved in the transition, including my administrators. Help?
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