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  1. So, I'm still running Evernote 6.12, since I've heard not very good things about the Evernote 7 UI. The above doesn't give me much confidence. Things I value in my current version include: Compact left sidebar with expandable/collapsible notebook tree AND expandable/collapsible tag tree Middle panel with a compact/dense list of notes, with just one line of text each ("side list view") that I can sort in diverse ways Does Evernote 7.7 retain those aspects while improving (or at least not degrading) functionality elsewhere?
  2. I'm tempted to downgrade from Premium to Plus before the option disappears. The only thing I might miss in downgrading is the expanded search capabilities. However, though I thought my Premium cost would go up when they changed the pricing, for some reason I've always only been charged $45 for Premium renewals. Thought then that it might have been a one-time thing, but my account states that renewal of my Premium subscription in July will charge $45 to my card. So, if I'm somehow grandfathered into $45/year Premium, I'm content to stay at that higher level. Anyone else seen theirs stay at the lower price?
  3. Just because one segment of Google mines data from search and from the contents of free accounts, doesn't mean they snoop through data that companies pay them to warehouse. Different divisions, different business models, different contracts and regulations. Think of it this way: just because batteries in Samsung's latest flagship phone are exploding left and right, doesn't mean the gantry cranes and cargo ships they also make are just as likely to sink or collapse. Different divisions, different business models, different contracts and regulations.
  4. Awesome! Surely now it'll get taken care of right away! Right...?
  5. A hearty "amen" to this! I'm not yet a power user, so I only have maybe a couple dozen tags, but I almost never use the Tag view because it currently adds little to no value for tag management. It's much, much faster to scan through the list of tags in the sidebar than to do the ol' "Where's Waldo?" search through the sea of tag names in the Tag view. For example: quick! Find the tags that start with "P"! Your eyes dart all over the place looking for where "P" is. A-ha, there it is. Then, two minutes later, oops! You resized the window, so "P" moved. Now you have to search all over again. So it goes with a horizontal list view. The tag list in the sidebar, on the other hand, is very easy and intuitive to use, with only one axis to search visually (just up/down) and a fully functional tree structure for showing nesting relationships. If only the iOS app had that functionality instead of the current "morass mode" like above!
  6. Out of curiosity, any updates on this issue? I found myself wondering about this today, since maintaining link consistency between notes after export could make or break the usefulness of the export if you've relied heavily on such links (as some Evernote gurus suggest).
  7. So are there plans to enable drag-and-drop to the menu bar icon as well? I know it's already supposed to work for the dock icon....
  8. I was thinking today that it sure would be handy if you could create a new note by dragging something (text, a photo, or a file of the right type) onto the Evernote menu bar icon on a Mac. I know you can do this with Evernote showing in the dock, but it would be great to not have to start up Evernote (and/or show the dock, if it's hidden) just to do that. I've got an app called Shovebox that has this functionality, and it comes in very handy for stashing random images or clips of text that have nowhere else to live. Now that I'm on Evernote, that sort of spur-of-the-moment, minimally-disruptive organizing process would be nice to keep—with all the added sync and search benefits Evernote's good at. If it behaved like a web-clipper and meant it wouldn't have to open the program to work, that would be even better!
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