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  1. I have a premium account and two of my colleagues have free. I have shared a notebook with them and am allowing them to add notes. We discovered that unless a tag exists, they can't tag items with new tags. As I understand it, this is a long known deliberate limitation to prevent tag pollution. Is there a workaround to allow those participating in a shared folder to add tags? Would the business edition have the same problem?
  2. After successfully converting (and maintaining) our family's digital/analog recipe collection to Evernote (cross platform w/Android, Windows, Ubuntu, and iPad) I'm considering going after my old world filing cabinet. I use Ubuntu for my day-to-day and would love to connect with someone who is an Ubuntu user and went through the paper/scanning process to discuss workflow and pitfalls. Obviously I can use a Windows machine if I need to, or run Evernote on a virtual machine, or Wine... or use Everpad or Nixnote... If you are being successful at this, what scanner are you using (can be tricky in Ubuntu)? any other details about your success/failure are appreciated...
  3. Would like to use Evernote on my Nook Color to file scanned recipes that are stored as PDFs. Is there a way for the PDFs to not be displayed as attachments on an Android device?
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