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  1. Works very well. Thanks. My years old problem has been solved.
  2. I ran the terminal command and so far what I have seen is that the problem has reduced. Not gone completely, but definitely educed a lot. It still does crashes sometimes. Mostly when I am typing fast and immediately after a regular key press do something like Cmd + Tab or Cmd + S. PS - Some1, please remove all these crash logs posted on this thread. It makes the entire thread very difficult to read and I am sure the logs have been noted by the people who matter by now.
  3. In Evernote, I like using a font which probably doesn't come pre-packaged with Evernote, i.e. Menlo font. So if I copy-paste from a Menlo source it comes as Menlo. But if I do not copy from a Menlo source how to paste it with Menlo font. Even 'Paste Without Formatting' option pastes it in Arial even if the note already had Menlo.
  4. Something is wrong. It still happens for me, and the trouble is that there is no pattern to it. Sometimes it doesn't and some times it crashes every minute. It is getting frustrating now. PS - I have the latest version (v 3.3.0) Is the tech team doing something about it? Can we have a word.
  5. Macbook Pro. Was crashing on Version 3.1.2 (257203). Have just now upgraded to Version 3.3.0 (300201) and seems to be working fine currently. Will post back if the issue resurfaces.
  6. Evernote has crashed something like 15 times for me today, whenever I type even moderately fast. I am probably using it for the first time in Mountain Lion and have made sure that i have the latest version of Evernote installed. Just not sure why, I have typed faster before and have used Evernote since a long time now. Besides, this issue of crashing if typed quick seems to be happening only with Evernote (certainly not with TextEdit or Notes). I have sent the crash report almost everytime.
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