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  1. I'd love a keyboard short to change the notebook assigned to a note. A shortcut key to open the list of notebooks to choose from, perhaps.
  2. The problem is that with such a long list of tags, I can't always remember if I tag something "manual" or "handbook," so it's nice to filter by notebook, then by tag. Shift-Alt-T works, but there is an extra click. Instead of click notebook>scroll down tag list, it's click notebook>shift-alt-tag>scroll down notebook. Tag hierarchies are also handy, which you don't get in the flat pop-up list. The focus needs to be on the note or note list as well, so sometimes it's first click on the note, then shift-alt-t. The popup lists populate slowly, and with one of my notebooks, it brings up the wrong tag list.
  3. "Hide Unassigned Tags" is crucial for those of us with a long list of tags. Please may we have it back? :-)
  4. The tooltips for the items under the menu bar are wrong. Sync shows "browse your latest shared activity" and the arrows "synchronize notes."
  5. Some options under View cannot be deselected, e.g. "View unassigned tags" does not toggle off when you click on it.
  6. The scrollbars are very thin. I keep 'misclicking' them (Windows 7, 64bit)
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