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  1. hello, I've just updated to and have the same issue with the copy/paste in plain text. This make Evernote useless for me. How to reinstall previous version, please ? A fix will be release soon or are you still investigating.. ? - I copy/paste a lot from Google Chrome to Evernote. Now it's impossible to paste in plain text. - I don't understand all the work done on the tables formatting. Is it still possible to insert a simple table without all the fancy options ? It's so hard to write long data in two column and keep something readable at the first try...
  2. thank you @qot. The script wasn't working here (win10). - added a coma after IfWinActive. - added send {tab} line between style & size to switch to the size field. - (!'ve commented the WinWait line as it seems ok without (at least here..) . #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^1::SetFontStyle("bold", 18) ^2::SetFontStyle("italic", 16) ^3::SetFontStyle("bold", 14) ^Space::SetFontStyle("regular", 12) #IfWinActive SetFontStyle(weight, size) { currentSendMode := A_SendMode ; Get the current Send Mode SendMode Event ; Event mode works better in the Font
  3. autohokey is great (I am using it also for evernote (Vim-like controls). Thank you for you script qot. However this is really a shame that we still need an external software to be able to work efficiently in Evernote. We are talking about basic content formatting (for years now...).. :x.
  4. for evernote windows: - a source code button. - a reset formatting button (really working..) - simple heading formatting (h1 to h6) - table formatting (spacing, padding..) - custom color for highlight (or just use another color ... because yellow is the same of the search results and this is really confusing)
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