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  1. thank you @qot. The script wasn't working here (win10). - added a coma after IfWinActive. - added send {tab} line between style & size to switch to the size field. - (!'ve commented the WinWait line as it seems ok without (at least here..) . #IfWinActive, ahk_exe evernote.exe ^1::SetFontStyle("bold", 18) ^2::SetFontStyle("italic", 16) ^3::SetFontStyle("bold", 14) ^Space::SetFontStyle("regular", 12) #IfWinActive SetFontStyle(weight, size) { currentSendMode := A_SendMode ; Get the current Send Mode SendMode Event ; Event mode works better in the Font dialog Send {Home}+{End} ; Select the current line Send ^d ; Open the Font dialog box ;WinWait Font, ,5 Sleep 200 Send !y%weight% ; Style Send {tab} Send !s%size% ; Size Send {Enter} SendMode %currentSendMode% }
  2. autohokey is great (I am using it also for evernote (Vim-like controls). Thank you for you script qot. However this is really a shame that we still need an external software to be able to work efficiently in Evernote. We are talking about basic content formatting (for years now...).. :x.
  3. for evernote windows: - a source code button. - a reset formatting button (really working..) - simple heading formatting (h1 to h6) - table formatting (spacing, padding..) - custom color for highlight (or just use another color ... because yellow is the same of the search results and this is really confusing)
  4. if it's too difficult to fix the formatting issue maybe there are others approach? ex: provide a "source code" button to allow the switch to the note source code (like we have in usual a wysiwyg). Doing this you let us a chance to try to fix the html issues..
  5. hi, I am wondering if you can think to change the background color for the highlight? For now the yellow color is used but this make the search function confused because the words highlighted by the search are also in yellow (at least on Evernote Windows) Either change the highlight during the search or change the highlight color for the body text. Thank your for your feedback.
  6. At the end the reinstall wasn't the solution. It was working for a day but after reboot the freeze was back. But I've finally found a simple solution.I've activated Readyboost on a usb key and now my Evernote is faster than never before. Readyboost is a windows service using the free space of your usb key as additional RAM. I am on Win7 64bits with 6Gb of ram.. so .. normally more than enough for evernote .. but .. hmm. Whatever.. I think that anyone with a slow/freeze issue should have a try. Quick and don't require IT skills.. Plug a usb key (with 1 or more Gb free) In the windows explorer, right click the usb device > properties Go on tab Readyboost and activate it. Enjoy your evernote.
  7. Reinstall also fix the reaction time. (win7 64b / evernote 1700notes +-) Evernote should really inform the community about that. A lot of people are just waiting the next release and don't think to make a clean reinstall...
  8. Hello, IHMO, we need this option. This is simply not a "nice to have". Here is my use case : I copied a password in the clipboard. By mistake I pasted it in the search field of Evernote. Now everytime I search a note that contains a letter of my password, the full password is displayed in the Recent search.Not be able to quickly and easily deleted it.. this is really frustrating (unsecure feeling).
  9. hi, what is the status of the issue ? if you do a new research, the sensitive results can easily reappear. So the workaround is just for the Karma.. ok you won't see your sensitive search requests directly in the popup.. but depending of your new research, the sensitive searchs will be still visible in the results list. ps: same problem on MAC or Windows (I am Windows user)
  10. hi, I'am using Evernote for windows. A week ago I decided to define the notes localization. By default, a click on 'location' (in the info tab) gives us the possiblity to write the city name or the coordinate but now I can only add the coordinates. How to reset this settings ? how to have back the possibility to write the city (eg Brussels) instead of the latitude, longitude ? Here is a screenshot : Thank you in advance.
  11. hello, Hello, I am a new premium user let me first thank you for the service ! (using also evernote on windows) I am agree with #13., I was expecting see the ping code option (in my little dream, event with 6 digits because 4 is too small for a great karma imho I like the idea to have a strong password for the account, but if I want leave my desk and be back quickly, re-logon is too loog. I will be also very happy to see a setting to allow the autolock if away from keywoard after a while Cheers, Xavier
  12. that's pitty to need another application to manage checklist. Especially that evernote has the minimal 'checklist style sheet'. just an option to allow the checked items to be strikethrough, italic or in grey will be enough for most of the user I guess..
  13. hello, request that the completed tasks moved out the list is maybe be to much requested. But just to have the checked items marked as italic or with a grey color will be already a really easy and a good step forward regards, Xavier
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