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  1. Anyone, this must be a common task for a designer.
  2. When I clip a website, Evernote clps the sites using HTML and CSS, the results are varied. What is would like is for the website to be taken as a screenshot. To achieve this manually at the minute, I have to take a screenshot, then drag it into Evernote, add the tags and weblinks, ideally the clipper would do all this. Appreciate any help. Thanks Lee
  3. This happens on both my macs (mountain lion) and my iPad and iPhone, I am guessing it is one if my causing it, not sure. Most of my notes come from the safari web clipper. On a sort of related note, when I save the full page, it's saves it as HTML, is there an easy way to capture a screenshot along with the URL etc, when l view HTML rendered Evernote captures, they tend to sometimes look odd, as a designer looking for inspiration, a screenshot is much better but I don't want to manually create one. Thanks
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