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  1. This cannot be explained away. It is broken and needs to be fixed.
  2. I've made that suggestion in every ticket I've opened. Maybe they'll pay attention some day.
  3. If this was only an unsuccessful attempt to log into my account, then Evernote should change the text of the email notification to be more accurate and informative and less inflammatory.
  4. About once a month I get an email from Evernote with the subject "New login to Evernote". The latest (today) is below. They all have the same format, just different locations and IPs. I am in the US and never use Android to access Evernote. We noticed a new login to Evernote and wanted to make sure it was you. When: February 05, 2021 08:20:08 AM GMT+07:00 Where: Jakarta Raya, IndonesiaIP Address: Evernote for Android Each time this occurs I have opened a support ticket and always get boilerplate, useless responses. I already have a strong password that is changed regularly. I have two-factor auth turned on. I check the Access History in my Evernote account and it never shows any access related to what is identified in the emails. I wish Evernote would do something about this. It's needless notification if it's not accurate. And if it is accurate, then why is it not showing up in the Access History? Any one else experience this?
  5. Same here. Safari 7.0 on Mavericks is just fine before installing the new web clipper extension. After installation, Safari is completely unusable. Turn off the web clipping extension, Safari is fine.
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