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  1. I'd like to throw my two cents in to this as well. My biggest complaints are with the iOS app but I have complaints about the Mac app as well. Here are a few I can remember off the top of my head. I miss the favorites bar. The shortcuts section doesn't do it for me because I'd like to hide the sidebar because it's big and clunky Speaking of the sidebar. I want to be able to hide the 'Notes' section. I can hide everything else but that. I'd just hide the whole sidebar but see above. I miss the ability to customize the toolbar. I want smaller, simpler icons. The new styling is too heavy handed, especially in the sidebar. On the positive side, search is MUCH better in 5.x I guess to sum it up. The sidebar sucks and I want the favorites bar back, but search is better. Now, don't get my started on the iOS app...
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