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  1. Hi @Shadow9, it looks like if you use Evernote a lot for organizing and storing information, a big bump in your monthly upload limit (from 60MB to 1GB) would be really beneficial if you upgraded to Plus. You will also have access to offline notebooks, which I find handy when I don't have an internet connection.

    Keep in mind also that you can always access Evernote Web for Free. So if you download on one mobile device and one computer, you can access web on other computers. So if the other features aren't super tantalizing, it may be worthwhile to stick with Basic.

  2. Hi @Volodymyr, you may want to submit a support ticket. Have you looked at your account settings? Under 'manage subscription' does it reflect the correct subscription period? The only way you would be ineligible for the offer is if you already had a premium account for more than 30 days, or if you purchased a Plus or Premium account within the last 30 days and attempted upgrade again using the current offer through Google Play or iTunes (the offer is only good through direct download from Evernote).

    If the latter, you may be able to get a refund (through iTunes or Google Play) and get access to the offer via direct download (no promises though, you would need to get the OK from Evernote on that one).


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  3. It looks like the promotion you were asking about already expired. But I think that promotion would have still been good if you were premium for less than 30 days. Did you forward a ticket? I think its worthwhile to look into it. Also, to your benefit, I don't know if a month of complimentary premium would count as a premium membership (for eligibility purposes) if you didn't pay for it.

  4. Hi there! so when you access your account summary here: https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action your account level is still showing Plus even though you already upgraded to premium? Were you ever billed for basic? Where did you purchase your subscription initially?

    I would try a few things (if I were you):

    1) Verify account subscription in your account summary on web (sounds like you have but just in case)

    2) If it hasn't changed, choose the correct subscription plan

    3) If you are indeed charged again, I would submit another ticket for a refund. They should honor that with no problem.

  5. HI there, although this article doesn't address downgrading your plan from premium to plus, I imagine this should be possible. More on the steps here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314118-How-to-purchase-manage-or-cancel-your-Evernote-subscription

    I tested this out on my Mac and when I accessed my account information and 'manage subscription' i saw an option to choose basic, plus or premium, so this should work for you. It looks like you can only make these changes on Evernote Web. When I access from Desktop I am automatically routed to Evernote web.

    You shouldnt lose any data when you change your account. The only services that will change are your monthly upload limits (1 GB for Plus) and the maximum note size (50MB for Plus). More on that here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-

    Hope this helps!

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