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    Join me on Facebook Live and I'll share my top ten productivity hacks using Evernote! Hope you'll tune in! As an avid user for over 8 years and an Evernote Community Leader, I spend a good deal of time learning how to milk every ounce of productivity out of Evernote and teach others to do the same. I look forward to sharing how I use Evernote to stay organized while managing a family, work and volunteering. I hope you'll find some inspiration that will help you in your life too!Click here to RSVP
  2. until
    Stay organized and on top of everything with Evernote! This course will teach you tips and strategies on how to set up your Evernote workflow as a student, organize all of your work and assignments, as well as work collaboratively with other students using Evernote workchat and sharing features. This Free course will be taught by Evernote Community Leader, Tiffany Gephart, and is open to all international students from the Peralta Community College District. Click here to register
  3. until
    This course is for vuolunteer group leaders at the Bay Area Christian Church. Learn how to create and Evernote account, interface fundamentals, collaboration and organizing your notes and activities in Evernote.
  4. @Jon/t FYI you can vote on the feature request for embedded videos here:
  5. @Jon/t When you say audio doesn't play in the notes, are you referring to audio from another source? I often record audio notes in Evernote and I am able to play back within the note (I use this a lot at meetings when I need to transcribe minutes). This may be obvious but just wanted to clarify.
  6. Currently, Evernote Business does not allow you to share stacks. The reason, from what I have read, is that stacks are intended for individuals to organize their notebooks in a way that makes the most sense to them. I think it would be great to have a feature that performs this function. Even if its not a stack but a library of sorts in addition to your personal stacks.
  7. This worked GRREEEAAT! I have been trying to figure this out for two hours. Dont get me started on how hard it was to install the software/drivers for my used CanoScan Lide 60. But finally! Victory! Now I can eat dinner lol...what a nerd!
  8. I've seen a little discussion on the use of evernote for storing business card info. Is there any talk of adding a reader app to Evernote or merging with an existing app like CamCard? It would be great to add this feature, particularly to merge business card info with a particular note or notebook.
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