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  1. Thanks Mr. Explorer. I'm a newbie with Evernote and this really helps. I'm learning a lot on the forums. So, I spent the day uploading and in only one day I've reached my storage limit. So, I employed the advice above and I downloaded a little program called iresize (that's i-resize) from CNET. While it does add an extra, and frankly, unwanted step, reszizing images is a snap. One can even drag a whole folder of images and they are processed easily and quickly. The interface is simple as well and the compression that is done really looks great. Now, I'm going back to my EN learning curve and will try to figure out how to upload these images to EN directly from the Mac. Tomorrow I shall look into the iphone apps that Explorer mentions. I'll report back on my progress in case there are other newbies who might be interested. Thanks everyone for helping me out. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hello, I'm considering a premium account, but nowhere in the Evernote documentation can I determine what happens if I exceed the advertised 1 GB per month data allowance for uploads. Does anyone know how this is billed by Evernote? Also, a related question: I have an iphone 4. The pictures that this phone takes are huge. Does anyone know how I might quickly and easily reduce file size of the pics so that I might reduce Evernote storage needs? Perhaps a quick and easy application that integrates with Evernote? I do know how to reduce file size in photoshop individually , but this is cumbersome if I just want to upload pics to Evernote from my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Nancy
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