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  1. The backwards compatibility issues that I have noticed include. 1. As discussed above, block spacing issues from markdown notes and web clips. 2. When editing notes, font style and size changes would display properly after the initial edit but after navigating away from the note and coming back to it, it reverts back to its original display presentation. I even tried syncing the my style updates with the Evernote web service before navigating away but it doesn't seem to help. After the above two problems, I reverted Evernote back to 5.5.1 and re-downloaded all my notes so I have nothing else to report. Is there a tracking bug that I can monitor for these type of issues so that I can find out when to finally make the upgrade?
  2. Would it be possible to create a preference setting to switch to the pre-v6 editor behavior until the new v6 editor can create a more seamless transition between the two? After all these years, there are just too many notes that have been created and edited adjusting to and expecting the old behavior to just make such a drastic change without transition options. Thanks for actively looking into this problem. Looking forward to a resolution and expected release date.
  3. +1 Modifying the spacing of content from within the Evernote 6 rich text editor also does not fix the problem. After syncing with the Evernote web service to commit my changes, the display renderer overrides my block spacing changes. This seems to also be true for certain content styles such as font sizes. The Mac Evernote 6.0 display renderer simply does not respect some of the changes I am making. The rendered spacing makes everything unreadable. Luckily, the spacing and styles on my notes and web clippings still look ok on the Evernote web application. The only workaround I've found was to delete my local cached notebooks, downgrade my Mac client to Evernote 5.5.1, and resync in order to restore the readability of my content. I will not be upgrading Evernote until this formatting and display bug is fixed.
  4. I've been using Chrome Web Clipper for a while now and I always disable styles when clipping content. Under Chrome 21 and Web Clipper 5.6, it ignores my preference to disable clipping with styles. It no longer matters whether or not i have the "Preserve styles" box checked. Anyone else experience this?
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