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  1. Mhiggi02

    paperless Doxie Go Scanner

    What a brilliant product! Because it is so small I even take it to work when commuting on my bike and in the rucksack. It is also with me when I am travelling around, as now, being Father Christmas to my customers. Just in case I am passed a useful document! It only scans one side as opposed to the ScanSnap I have at home which scans both sides in one go. But as a portable unit I would most certainly recommend the Doxie. Best regards Chris Glad it is working out for you - thanks for the input!
  2. Mhiggi02

    paperless Trimming down your wallet with Evernote and NFC

    I have an iphone so no NFC but appreciated your idea about scanning all of those rarely needed cards and things in my wallet. Thanks!
  3. Mhiggi02

    paperless Doxie Go Scanner

    How has your Doxie worked for you?
  4. Thank you, I appreciate the reply! Is text searchable in an image like it is in a pdf?
  5. Hi, I'm working on being paperless and am curious when you use PDF vs jpeg? Thanks.
  6. Mhiggi02

    Mac Saved searches list

    Would you mind sharing your searches?
  7. Success! I closed the app and reopened it and it is working perfectly. Thanks!
  8. Hello, would you be willing to do a short how to video on youtube? I'm having difficult executing a search. Thanks for your consideration.
  9. Hi. I am trying to set up my HP printer to email into my evernote email address. The software is asking for evernote email's SMTP server and port. I am not able to find this information anywhere...I did try a search on this forum and generally in google. Can you help me please? Many thanks!!