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  1. setting it to offline searches solved my problem. However, I would prefer to download them on demand. I ran a speed test via my android in the place I was trying to download on demand and am getting 8.5Mb per second download speed, shouldn't this be sufficient to download a 230kb image? My android's camera took a picture that was 2.3Mb but in jpeg format, however that was already on my phone once I took it so there was no need to download and uploading is not an issue. For some reason I can't seem to download images even when I have an excellent download speed and internet connection. I tested by adding a small jpeg to a note on my desktop to a notebook that was not set as offline searchable and it wouldn't download that to my phone either. So my issue isn't limited to just png files. Also, uploading from my android is fine. I'm glad offline search setting works, it is a nice work around until I'm able to solve the issue with everyones generous help. Again, thank you.
  2. Thanks for the help. it's a .png image. My phone displays png images that are in websites. With evernote running I use the evernote menu bar shortcut to tell it I want to clip and then save it as a note using the evernote.app version 3.3.0 If the png is the problem is there a way to set it to something else? I couldn't find an option to change that in the preferences. Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, thank you in advance for your help. I'm not sure whether this should be posted in the mac section or here but, here it goes. When I clip a rectangle or window to Evernote and create a note I have no problem syncing to the web service. The image shows up as part of my note on my phone, but when I click on the image so I can try to see it the message "image cannot be loaded" appears. This happens even when I have an excellent data or wifi signal. However, when I take a photo with the evernote app via my phone it syncs and I have no problem seeing it on my mac or my phone. I'm using an HTC G2 phone. What can I do to open my images on my phone? Thank you so much!
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