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  1. I'll start this off by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERNOTE... I definitely agree with the OP here. While a lot of my data on Evernote isn't "super" confidential, it would ease my mind knowing that my info was protected by another layer of security with 2 factor authentication (2fa). I currently use it w/ various other services and its extremely easy. This post on wired.com talks about a writer who was recently hacked. Yes, he could of done more to protect himself (for starters, he didn't have 2fa enabled on his google accounts). If you read it, you'd agree that apple & amazon were both at fault as well with their lack security measures. The hacker (he was only 19) hacked him because he wanted his twitter handle. That is all it took to be targeted. Dropbox recently decided they're adding 2fa as a result of their security blunder. Evernote adding 2fa is a step in the right direction and tells me they take securing my private data extremely serious. I hope Evernote considers this as it is extremely important that our data is protected. Its more important than any new feature they are in the process of developing. What good is this new feature if I'm not protected?
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