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  1. Thanks gazumped. I am running Evernote 6.0.5 on OS 10.10.1. The problem is not an over-effective auto-correct, but an over-effective UNDO command in Evernote. I did try what you suggest - of course turning off text correction obviates the need for me to hit CMD-Z so often but that is not a functional solution for me as I rely on auto-correct very heavily in other applications. Unchecking smart quotes and dashes had no effect as well (although, I do thank you for pointing me to that as it solves another nagging problem I've been having over the years). So, in short, I'm still at a loss a
  2. I am having an annoying 'problem' with Evernote on both my home and work Mac's, and wanted to know if this was something there was a fix for. It happens frequently enough that I thought of asking for help here. When Evernote autocorrects something I've typed, the keystroke CMD-Z will not only undo the autocorrection, but will instead undo the last sentence or two of typing. This behaviour is not consistent with other Mac programs I used, including Textedit, Safari, or MS Word, where CMD-Z undoes the autocorrection only. It is annoying because when it tries to auto-'correct' some technical te
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