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  1. Apparently after a recent update, the Web Clipper displays a nag dialog EVERY time I copy a text on a new page. I don't have enough words to express how annoying and distracting that is. If you have any conscience at all, REMOVE that feature ASAP. I understand you want your product to be used more frequently, but this is way too much. I will uninstall Web Clipper if it keeps nagging me every time I try to copy anything.
  2. Please look into this issue, it's still there and annoys me EVERY time I clip a webpage! Think about your users!
  3. Now it's been quite a while and looks like the issue hasn't received any attention at all. Please work on it, it's a major accessibility problem! It's very inconvenient to select the clipping area when you can't see where it ends!
  4. I just tried the old 5.4 extension, the scroll doesn't work with it either. Running Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 under Ubuntu 12.04
  5. I didn't have a chance yet to install the new build, but just got this notification via email and figured I'd check it quick as I remember having to manually change my clock recently. Changed my "Internet Time Zone" from 'time.windows.com' to 'time.nist.gov' and back. Clicked Update. Problem seems to have solved instantly! Much thanks jbignert, I'll update this thread if the issue continues. This helped me too! Thanks @jbignert as well for identifying the cause!
  6. I have this problem too. Chrome v24 beta, Windows XP, never installed desktop client. This started happening relatively recently, maybe a month ago. Now I have to log in everytime I want to clip a webpage, VERY annoying! Please fix. I'm happy to provide any debugging information necessary, just tell me where to start.
  7. Any update on this? I noticed that currently scrolling the page while clipping *does* work in Chrome under Windows (so it's possible to do) but *does not* work in Chrome under Linux. Please fix this, it's really important to see the clipped area!
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