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  1. Good news, it appears the problem was with GROWL. I've just updated everything, and we seem to be back in working order!
  2. Hello again community, I have to say that I find the veritrope applescript one of the most important things on how I use Evernote and can highly recommend. (If you find this topic and not seen it go here: http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote/). The problem is I updated GROWL notification last night and now it fails and I get an error message back from growl. The error is "Growl got an error: Can't continue notify". Anyone come across this and have a solution? Thanks
  3. I thought I'd post back. Evenote support good as ever but it was a problem with the script rather than the app. Fortunately I noticed that veritrope has now released a new version of the applescript and it now has resolved my issue. Hopefully this may help others out as well. Go to http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote/ to get the latest applescript. Hope it helps.
  4. Hello all, Back off after a Christmas break and see that most users are fixed. When I use the script I still get Failed to export Item" due to the following error: Can’t set «class EVdd» of missing value to date "Monday, 10 December 2012 16:24:20". (Notice UK time format). Does anyone else have this issue still? I'm now upgraded to 5.04 I should add. Thanks
  5. Hello all, Well it appears that although I couldn't narrow down the problem, it occurred during the upgrade process. So we tried a couple of things, but I had to completely remove evernote from my macbook air, and re-install it. Since then I've had no problems and I haven't looked back. Hope this helps for anyone else having problems. Karl
  6. Hi there, Has anyone else noticed a slow down in evernote on the Mac since the latest update? I used veritrope applescript to import emails into evernote and that really is slow and I evernote pauses significantly when doing this now. I also tried editing a note the other day and the rainbow coloured cursor kept coming up preventing me from typing. I have a mac book air so I know it's not the mac performance in question. Anyone else having a problem and managed to resolve this? Cheers Karl
  7. Hi there, Here is a post with the same discussion which works for me. Unfortunately it's not as pretty as the Windows PC version but it still works. Alternatively you can still continue to use the email to evernote functionality. http://discussion.ev...t-like-windows/ With a little technical know how you can install the script found here : http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote/ and away you go. Good luck!
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