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  1. I was able to get "Print to Evernote" working on macOS 10.12.5, EN 6.11 (from the browser or wherever) "Print" (If in Chrome, "Print Using System Dialog") Tap "PDF" in the bottom left corner (assuming "Evernote" isn't on the menu) "Edit Menu..." Tap the + sign Select the "Evernote" application from the Applications folder "OK" Now select "Evernote" from the "PDF" drop down menu Voila! Now you can print directly into Evernote. Or at least it works for me... -- Ken Chin-Purcell
  2. It might be a mix - Apple demanding sandboxed apps, and Evernote not working out the kinks. Either way, it's broken - I also get the sandbox read error in my Mountain Lion system console, all software up to date. I wonder: Are there folders on the system where Evernote does have sandbox permission to read from? If so then I could have ScanSnap write there... UPDATE: Yes! This works: have ScanSnap save the PDF file to: [your home directory]/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Documents/FileDrawer (Or replace "FileDrawer" with whatever folder name you want) Evernote seems to have read access to this area. ScanSnap isn't sandboxed - it can stomp on files anywhere. It's an out of the way place to store files, but it works...
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