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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    Hello dear developers, The current sharing features available for us are : **copied from standard documentation ** Feature request: Is it possible to have a fourth option "Can add new notes only" Reason: I have a lot of notes, technical and write-ups, and when I share notes, I never know if sometimes, the shared users make some changes that are not correct or some information is lost from the note, however I want to let them add their research, ideas, etc in new notes to this shared notebook. Tracking the history of all the notes and reverting changes would be a big pain. So I humbly request for this feature regards, Eugene
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    @PinkElephant Ok, good to know, I wasn’t sure what was the state of this issue since for some other users like @Don0819 the uninstall/reinstall only fixed the issue temporarily. I know my log files aren’t very useful here, just wanted to add my 2 cents because I saw log files almost like mines on another thread, so I guess there are many users facing the same issue. From what you say, I guess the dev team did not come back to you with a solution other than the uninstall/reinstall method, so I am gonna open a ticket.
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    Before this becomes a moderator action This is a discussion on Multi-Level Notebooks in Evernote You shouldn't be hijacking it for other purposes Find a more appropriate place for these posts Also, it's tacky to use Evernote's forums for these purposes
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    According to the EN article Jefito shared above, re EN Helper, the shortcut to 'Clip Screenshot' is: Win + Shift + S -or- just right click the tray icon and select menu option. The shortcut key does NOT work for me... as my MS default installed app 'Snip & Sketch' activates instead (perhaps this shortcut sequence is hijacked). Beyond this, I think you're comments refer to the 'EN Browser Web Clipper' extension for chrome/windows... My last question to Jefito was to distinguish between Browser web-clipper screen capture (just captures area of web browser window) & EN screen capture (captures anywhere on PC screen, including EN app-window). I just didnt know EN had such a thing. But when I tried it I realised it didn't work as well as my existing method, tis all. 😉 cheers mate
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    So, your source for your opinions is the opinions of other commenters, not from Evernote itself; which means you don't really know what Evernote's initial design architecture was, only that it didn't include stacks, which we knew already, hence these years of requests. The gist of your excuse for the company is, "It would be REALLY hard to do." But you don't know how hard, exactly, since you don't know the code's design except for what other commenters, also not from Evernote, have speculated. In short, you're talking through your hat. Which is your right. But your opinion, by your own admission, is not an informed one, except by the opinions of other non-informed commenters. So, I'm happy that you're happy with Evernote's refusal to implement nested stacks. Use it in good health. Bye. I know I should let @gazumped reply for himself. But the fact that you reject advice without trying it is too much. @gazumped was, I'm confident, referring to this post from June 17 in this thread: Evernote staff, it says, so not just a poor ignorant user like the rest of us. Evidently you joined the forums solely to issue these ill-tempered and ill-informed posts. You ought at least to read Scott's post before you go. You could then apologize for your gratuitous insult to a guy who spends his time here for free trying to help people. Or not, up to you.
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out. I'm working with our teams to get more information about this issue, and to determine how best to proceed. I'll follow-up once I know more, but feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions in the meantime.
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    Hi, I am a Premium subscriber to Evernote Business. Everything that BradGad said is true. Evernote has been my fav app forever. Now, paying hundreds of dollars of year, I can't get to any form of support, any where. This is a sad day, indeed. All I want to do is understand why my zap that sends email to a specified notebook humms merrily along, yet since a few weeks ago (at that time the icons for our accounts mysteriously changed to defaults) when I manually try to forward an email to Evernote - which I have done for years now without fail - rather than have it end up in the notebook of interest, it ends up on my personal side as if the @Notebook name in the subject line is related to a notebook that does not exist. Again, I've been forwarding email to EN for years. Zapier is working. Manual forward from Gmail is landing in the bit bucket of my personal side. Please help. Attached confirms our Premium subscription.
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    Hi, and welcome to the forums, and also Yikes. If your phone also pocket-synced the note, then the material is definitely lost. You can check this by going to https://www.evernote.com/client/web and logging in (being sure to use the same login credentials, otherwise you'll create a new account by accident). If the material is still present there, then you're good, the edit didn't sync from the phone to the Evernote servers (which are always reflected in the Web version). I'd suggest doing some minor edit in the Web version, which will probably create a conflicting changes version of the note on your phone. Compare that with the synced version and see which one has what you want. But if the data are also gone in the Web version, then your only solution would be to sign up for Premium for just one month. That will get you access to the note history that is maintained for all accounts (but is accessible only through Premium). If you're able to recover the lost material there, well and good, and you can switch back to the Basic subscription. BTW, which type of phone, Android or iPhone?
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    The Evernote Windows application, when installed, also includes the Evernote Helper (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-How-to-use-Evernote-Helper-for-quick-notes-and-screenshots), which includes a separate screen capture (or screen clipper) utility which can clip images from your Windows screen; that's what " Windows based EN Screen Clipper" refers to. It is super useful: you can clip to a new Evernote note, to the clipboard, or save the clip to a new image file on the Windows desktop. You can define an area to clip by drawing a box, or just click on a window to capture it. The screen clipper is wholly separate from the web-based clipper extension, which can only clip from web pages. It's configured in the main Evernote application: Tools / Options / Clipping, and the settings there don't have anything to do with configuring the web clipper.
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    If not being able to erase some files from an SD card is a big problem in your world, then life sounds pretty good in Hankville 😁 SD cards have a write protect switch. Check to see that you haven't accidentally switched that to lock. If not that, then what the others said, or just toss it and buy another. Unless you really need a large capacity, these things are pretty cheap now.
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    Here are the steps I use on my iPad 1. Select the list option 2. Start typing list items 3 For sub lists, select the indent button
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    Agreed - but if checking the Android clipper doesn't show the reason for clips going astray, it can't hurt to switch it to 'selected notebook' for a short while and choose the default... just to see if it makes a difference... Edit: Oops. Makes note: remember to read the whole thread history before posting next time... Sitting down now...
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    1) EN on the Watch has a reduced set of functions, as it is true for many watch apps. It depends on the connected iPhone to perform certain operations. So when the iPhone app is not active, a new note stays on the watch. 2) To Sync you just need to open the app on the iPhone. It makes contact with the watch and syncs. When I tried, the new note showed in a blink on the iPhone in the EN app, and a few seconds later it already appeared on my iPad. This transfer happened through the EN server, not by direct sync between devices. 3) You can take new notes whenever you want to - if you are for example in a training just with your watch, just grab what crosses your mind. To move it to the server, just open the EN app on your iPhone. Everything happens then automatically.
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    Please help me out on this! Evernote has been counting my single iPhone as if it were two different devices for a while now, as shown on the attached picture. Both “iPhone” and “(name)’s iPhone” are the exact same phone-they have the same log-in times, not to mention that I only have one iPhone and nobody else has access to my account. Up until recently, the unsync devices pop-up would come up, I’d de-select the “second” iPhone, and everything would work fine. However, with Evernote now limiting de-syncs, I’m afraid I’ll get locked out of my account if I don’t get this fixed urgently. Any advice? Anyone else had this bug?
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    I sent a request to the support team for this issue, cause I have the same problem in Windows 10 and be a kind of worried that it isn't fixed jet. In case I will receive an answer that helps, i'll let you know
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    @May L, yes, this is with the web client only and I'm using the beta editor. Correct, this issue is happening on view. No search was involved.
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    Thanks for the response. We generally try to go through official bug channels but I'm not sure what that channel is here. The issue for Colaboratory is that just having the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension installed breaks the website. Users are uninstalling the extension when they find the issue but Evernote should not be breaking other websites.
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    or a local notebook in EN and print the doc should anyone ever ask... .
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    Relative to search, if you haven't already, go to Tools - Options - Search and set Search as you type delay to something like 50. This will delay EN starting the search until there is a 50 millisecond delay in typing. Avoids intermediate search actions. Do you have On Demand Sync turned on? Find it at Tools - Option - Synchronization. This will slow down searches as the majority of the work happens at the servers. For me the one way to slow down EN is to back space in the search box. Don't know why but that is the one way to get EN to pause for me. Other than that, I pretty much have instantaneous response time all the time. If I mass edit tags I don't see a slow down in response time. It takes longer than it used to for the changes to sync, but I don't notice anything operationally as the sync occurs. Just FYI, I am probably over zealous in turning off all the Windows plumbing stuff that just eats up cycles, things like file indexing and any of the phone home monitoring stuff. That and most things other apps want to have running in the background. The fewer extraneous things running the better in my view.
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    No issues that I have seen, performance per normal for me. Not optimal, but one of the things that seems to help with EN responsiveness is an SSD drive. Could be a hardware solution to a software problem but it has worked very well for me.
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    As a student of Business Economics, it is necessary many times to write on my notes mathematical symbols and equations; it is not available now, however, wouldn't it be a great feature?
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    Hey everyone, issue resolved. I was actually able to find a ticket submission option through the Evernote website; I think my browser just failed to load this option the first time. I apologize for my arrogance - Evernote was actually quite available for me and helped out. As for the strange tech issue: It wasn’t a bug at all - my account was compromised by a third party apparently, so what I needed to do was reset my password.
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    Thanks for your feedback! Evernote has the searchability, which we need, and some organizational/layout things that make it very appealing for recipe collecting and sharing. Thanks this is very helpful! I have a question though - from what I can tell, you can't create Notebooks within Notebooks. Is this correct? It seems like a very useful function. We need to create a way to separate our groups of note recipes (soups, beef, breads, etc) and I don't want to have to go through the sharing Notebook process with my partner every time I create a new Notebook (unless I have to). We will have up to 20 shared notebooks eventually - is this even possible? THANK YOU!
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    Just a note to say I love the new search. I guess I'm in that Pareto band of users who can't be bothered with Boolean etc if the "standard" search experience gets me close enough, quick enough – which from a quick play around this certainly does!
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    Hi All, In one of the first episodes of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small and senior designer Mariano discussed our plan to improve search in Evernote Web. At the time, it was just that: a plan. Now Ian checks in with May, a senior product manager at Evernote, to see how that plan has become a reality. They put a working version of Evernote’s improved, soon-to-be-released search through its paces, showing how it really is “more interactive, more meaningful, and ever more useful."
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    Have same problem: The authorization window is constantly updated, but nothing appears.
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    O.K. Seems EN release management is a bit off the road at the moment. Since running into problems with the sandboxed execution when installing from the AppStore, I always take the direct install instead of the AppStore. @Shane D. Hello Shane, could you look into this matter. I would expect the EN website and the AppStore to be loaded simultaneously with the most recent release.
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    Not sure what this means. The Evernote for Windows screen clipper can be configured to use a different format by editing the string value "ScreenClipperFileName" string value in the registry at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote\TrayApplet. Default is "ScreenClip.png", but you can change it to "ScreenClip.jpg" to save in JPG, and other formats may be possible: ".tif" and ".bmp" also appear to work. The keyboard shortcut used to invoke the screen clipper can be configured off the Evernote taskbar notification icon's right-click menu using Options / Configure SHortcut Keys... or from the main Evernote application: Tools / Options / Clipping. Beyond that, this doesn't solve the OP's request. Obviously, Evernote for Windows has the ability to create images in various formats, and given that they can obviously read and display other formats (and having implemented similar functionality myself), it probably wouldn't be a stretch for them, technically speaking, to provide a Save As for various formats (it really seems that this would be a "Convert To..." operation, to convert a note image in place, rather than saving it to disk, but whatever). So it all then comes down to a prioritization issue, per usual. Evernote is not an image editor, and relies on external applications to do that, which is an entirely valid approach. Having never seen a request like this before and given, I'd guess that this wouldn't be terribly important for most users, and therefore a nice-to-have, lower priority item, but that's purely a guess on my part.
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    Hi. Have you seen that anywhere other than in these Forums? Because even our Admin doesn't seem to know whether it's policy or not. As to the general question, I'm not aware of any way to show Evernote that these are the same device. If you do get locked out while only using two devices we can escalate a support request here for you, but my advice at present would be to disconnect that device and see what happens...
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    I only have a laptop and a phone using Evernote, there is no third device on my account but Evernote randomly duplicates my phone sometimes so it shows up as two different devices. It happens repeatedly every few days after I unsync the duplicate. i don’t see any way to contact support without a premium membership (which also leads me closer to leaving Evernote at this point, that’s a terrible business practice...) so please let me know if this is the right place to post bugs or if this is a better point of contact.
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    I would love to see an integration or the possibility of Myscript Nebo in Evernote. I think Evernote is a note taking tool. I love to write with apple pencil. I dont want to use other Apps like penultimat. I wish i could open Evernote start a new note and write with pencil as good as myscript nebo it offers.
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    There is no "SUBMIT TICKET" option on evernote desktop application. I have a problem also connecting to server from my 2 of laptops. One of them is windows vista and the other one is windows 10 home. I try to fix by lots of clues from the web but no solution. My tablets and mobiles connects, they have no problem. Only windows base desktops have connection problem to the server over Evernote Application. The failure messafe is "CAN'T CONNECT TO SERVER. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER."
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    I don't think we can expect the users to understand the technical constraints of implementing dark mode. Plus the claim that it's almost impossible is not obvious as many other MS apps have the feature; Adobe, OneNote, Keep, etc. The fact is that this company has had 7 years to implement this most requested feature and they have chosen not to - which is a shame. But I think this forum is a fine place for feedback from users, no matter how ignorant we are and how "impossible" the features we request.
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    Does Evernote even have support? No way to get in touch... responses saying if you need immediate assistance open a live chat, but no way to do that... I researched options and decided to go all in with Evernote for my records and free form database, been a premium subscriber for a couple years and so have paid a few hundred dollars. It’s time for Evernote to hold up their end.
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    Hello Everyone, Web pages can be complex, and pasting or clipping their contents into notes can have unexpected results. In this installment of Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Chris, an engineer at Evernote, about the work he and his team are doing to improve the way content is copied from the web into Evernote. Customers will soon have more control over how information is presented, giving them the flexibility to edit or preserve it as needed. Subscribe to our channel to follow the journey, and join the conversation on the Evernote Forum.
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    I too rely on Nebo and would dearly love to be able to use the Nebo functionality in Evernote. I do much of my Nebo handwriting on my Microsoft Surface Book but also use Nebo handwriting on my iPad Mini. Please, please either find a way to sync Nebo notebooks with Evernote notebooks or, even better, incorporate the Nebo functionality directly into Evernote. Using Ink Notes in Evernote is a good start but it pales in comparison with the functionality of Nebo.
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    Hello I keep getting these tips about buying milk etc on iOS and can’t work out where to turn off the setting to make it stop. Any ideas? It’s REALLY annoying.
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    Hi All, We’re very excited to share the first installment of our new behind the scenes video series, lead by our CEO Ian Small. We hope to give you insight on the work we’ve been doing, and a peek at what’s to come. We’ll share more next week! Stay tuned.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting Markdown support have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for Markdown support here!
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    Good question - In my case... Reference PDFs can be quite large - full user guides or product manuals - and long (I have one that rocks 400 pages!) - and that's bumping up both the database size and slowing my searches down in two ways - more pages to search through, and hundreds of thousands more words to generate background noise for my searches. While I'll consult my car manual if I want to change something mechanical, I don't need to search it for possible references to the word 'bolt' when I'm looking at crossbows... It's enough to have a bookmark note to remind me where I stashed the manual when I need it. Big reference PDFs are much better in connected storage locations. Smaller ones - I have around 7,500 attached PDFs with one-page user guides and receipts, and I need to see the content. They're fine (in fact essential) to have as attachments, and I want to search the full content of all those notes each time. As long as you bear in mind that a remote file isn't indexed for searches (you'll need to add an 'exec summary' of the content anyway so you can find it again) it's easy to choose which way to treat individual documents. YMMV!
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    Sure slippery slope. But I want to use Evernote as a scratch pad to refer back to things and use as I speaking to clients. I need to SUM quickly and refer back to without creating a spreadsheet just for a quick calculation.
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    Another vote for Nebo integration. The handwriting recognition and gesture implementation (like scribbling to delete) is superb. If it’s not possible to add all this directly into Evernote, I’d settle for the kind of sync provided with Penultimate, direct to notebooks without changing the format. I don’t like storing notes as PDFs or Word documents unless I’m editing that document; I like to be able to see what I’ve written from the note preview.
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    Very frustrating as cannot merge notes in android app. Why force one to login to web for merging? Send to evernote creates new note which user need to merge with existing note in app. Please enhance app.
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    I use Penultimate on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. It syncs with the Evernote service and the iOS app just fine, but of course in the main Evernote app, the notes are read-only. That's OK, but why on earth can't that 'read only' message include a link using a standard URL scheme that takes me back to that particular note in Penultimate? "Click here to edit this note in Penultimate." Seems like only a few hours of coding to me, unless I'm missing something.
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    Nebo is by far the best at text recognition. It is at least 5 times better than anything else out there. Would love to see it integrated with Evernote.
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    I have given up and have now migrated fully to Bear. (http://www.bear-writer.com/) Highly recommended if your tech stack is macbook pro / ipad / iphone.
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    Dear Devs in Evernote. Evernote is the best note taking app out there hands down. But for anybody working in development one big issue is missing markdown support. Nowadays Markdown is: a standard, a convenient, fast and reliable method to write tech docs That's why any developer I know, including myself, is using some additional Markdown editor trying desperately to fit it somehow into Evernote workflow. There is plethora of such tools: Atom iA Writer Bear Writer Byword Day One Markdown Pro Marxico Quiver Ulysses etc. Which means that there are libraries if not the whole ready to plug-in text editors supporting markdown. All the above applications are great for note taking in markdown, writing tech documents, essays or even books. However they don't integrate with Evernote at all (with exception of Atom and Marxico) and they all lack (to a different degree): powerful image support not to mention stellar Evernote OCR advanced Evernote search easiness of sharing notes in Evernote Evernote notebook feature Please put some pressure on the product managers to prioritize this feature. Integrate Markdown editor into Evernote to make great product even better.
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    Yes, I've waiting for this feature for 3 years!
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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