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  1. 3 points
    I disabled my adblocker for Evernote and then my notes showed up. Hope this helps someone.
  2. 3 points
    Recently Evernote has been painfully slow when changing a selection of a note and when editing a note. My workaround that improved performance was to uncheck "Automatically format text elements". The painful performance seems to have come with V6.8. I have a few very long notes (daily journal/log), but it happened with short notes too. I have 5600 notes. Windows 10. Running on SSD. Did an "Optimise Database", but did not improve performance. I am 80% sure unchecking "Automatically format text elements" improved performance for me. Your mileage may vary.
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    Yes, if you click in the note editor first and then click and drag to select the image it will turn completely blue, and when you drag and drop to the desktop you'll get the untitled clipping. This is something the developers are investigating, but I don't have an estimate on a fix. However, if you click once on the image and get the blue border outline, you can then successfully drag the image to the desktop. Definitely not the most intuitive for all workflows, but you should be able to get the image out of Evernote without having to enter into image gallery. Here's an example:
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    I posted a solution in another thread. If you have an ad blocker, try whitelisting Evernote.com.
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    Yes, I can see where the automatic OS detection might be a problem, especially for Linux users. My experience was the same as @jefito's. But the page does have an "If your download didn’t start, click here", and the "click here" has this link: https://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/public/Evernote_6.8.7.6387.exe.
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    You don't mention which platform, but on Windows uncheck Search when note is updated in Tools - Options - Search to prevent the search results from updating after a change to a note in the search results. You can double click the note in trash to open it in its own window and make your changes there.
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    Hi. There are forward and back buttons already built into the toolbar, though you may have to right-click customize it and drag them on board.
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    Allowing Evernote to rebuild a database will clear lots of problems, but deleting the original is risky until you've tested out the new version. Better to rename the original EXB file or the databases folder first. Good to have a backup anyway. If you have any Local Notebooks it's necessary to export the notes from the old database and import them into the new one. What is a local notebook?
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    I have the same issue. I notice that there is a checkbox related to this issue: This simply makes no difference.... and all my clipped items move to the beginning.
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    I have the same issue. I have contacted Evernote Support and they took note of the issue. But they have no timeline for this resolce. They completely give up on the clipper which works terribly. Beside the issue with the order, it also doesn't work for me when the app is closed (clipping will disappear after I press Save to Evernote) and the keyboard shortcut won't work unless I open the clipper menu once. Loosy. Evernote won't care much about their paying consumers. Now their priority are B2B users.
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    Historically, Evernote's stance on notebooks has seemed to be that notebooks are good for gross organization of your notes, as well as being the main unit for sharing groups of notes, defining a group of notes to be available only locally ("local notebook") on desktop devices, or being always available even when offline ("offline notebooks") for mobile devices. The idea that is that for more fine-grained organization, you should use tags. That's bolstered by the posts from @engberg in the following, somewhat related, feature request for nested notebooks here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96180-nesting-multiple-notebooks-creating-sub-notebooks/. Since Evernote provides minimal hierarchical facilities for organizing notebooks, they've kept the total notebook count low, and as you say, it's the same for everyone. So the 250 limit is somewhat arbitrary. Is there a particular reason that you need more than 250 notebooks? I myself find it grossly unfair that free users can use tables, boldface and bullet points, just the same as paying customers. They should be limited to just text. All lower case, maybe. And no punctuation...
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    still much to narrow, lot of unused space (grey colored area) - hopefully improved soon, e. g. I miss the nice Tab selector in the iOS App on my Mac.
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    I would really appreciate it if I can change the formatting for my notes on my Android app. Or more importantly, set the default text format and size for my mobile app. At the moment my android and pc apps use different default fonts and sizes. See attached. This is only visible on the desktop app. And I have tried changing the font on the desktop App. At the moment I need to "simplify formatting" on almost every note.
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    I'll vote for that. I seem to recall one of the Employees around here saying something recently about font styles being under development...
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    Ohhh guys thank you so much!!! Now it worked with the Display Settings and the 100 % resolution ! I had to restart the laptop first. Last time I didn't. Have a perfect sharp screenshot now :). Yeah!
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    Couldn’t hurt for sure though I find a 5 minute Windows screen saver time out adequate, and it protects all open apps.
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  18. 1 point
    Thanks for that. I meant to add it, but I got distracted by a thing...
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    It's me, who should have told! Yeah, Sync stopped when one large Note was about to sync which would have exceeded the volume. Good idea! Thanks again. Cheers Marc
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    Of course! The information I was referring to is based on process and organization - not company data...I get questions about how I personally did things or responded to requests - for the sake of precedent). I wasn't given the opportunity to train a replacement, so coworkers had come to me several times for that idiosyncratic information. I understand the various workarounds provided through this thread, and I am investigating whether any of them would work for me - including the process of exporting my data and establishing another account (which is a genuine user flight risk, I could just as easily start using OneNote since I already have a Skype/MS account). As someone who works in the technology sector (formerly as specialist support personnel), I am surprised that such a request - which has been rolling around for nearly four years (two-thirds of the time I've been paying for EN features) - has not received any response from an EN representative, even to say "this is not a feature request we can foresee adding based on a fundamental piece of code/fundamental part of our mission" My use-case is the same as others who have posted, my reason for posting is to add that the lack of this feature is actually having a crippling impact on the Web Clipper component of EN.
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    Use Evernote in Chrome. Not 100% bug free, but insanely stable and fast. Shame.
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    You should also be aware of the matching keyboard shortcuts: Alt+LeftArrow (go back in history) and Alt+RIghtArrow (go forward in history).
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    Your Windows machine appears not to be syncing with the web server. Have a look at these help pages for some basic guidance... How does sync work within Evernote? How to troubleshoot syncing issues
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    I’ll investigate more later today and report. I did report the related issue that the nav pane keeps collapsing
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    Normally, I've updated Evernote each time a new version has come out, not always right away, but within a couple of weeks. Last year, however, before I could update I began seeing all these complaints here about formatting issues. I think some of them have gotten resolved in further updates, but then new problems get introduced, like the crippled PDF reader from Google. I haven't been using beta versions--I do some other beta testing, and it gets time consuming, since I tend to get obsessive about it. IAC, the current version of EN for Windows is working more than adequately for me, despite its issues. (I rarely use tables, so I haven't wanted to update for that.) I do update EN for Android each time a new version is issued.
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    Haven't heard anything from EN on when a fix will be available, hopefully before the next public release, but who knows at this point.
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    I like the family descriptions, and am taking no chances with my digital legacy. They may not be the sharpest crayons in the box, but I'm trusting my family can handle a web url. On my demise, the family will receive a web link to an Evernote document that outlines my digital setup and passwords. It identifies key documents (also Evernote web links) in a well ordered outline layout I have this set up on a digital deadman switch. It triggers if I haven't updated my daily journal (in Evernote) for 5 days.
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    Evernote v6.8.7 is the worst version I have ever used. Freezes all the time, and worst of all, there is a bug that overrides a note's content by another one. For example, I had one note that its content was replaced by the content of a different note and I have no idea why. I had to open Evernote database which is in SQLITE format, and searched in the notes history until I found the old note there, but it was not formatted, everything was in one line. It was basically a big pain to deal with. Seriously, you don't test your product for a defect that causes data corruption? The main reason we use Evernote is to save our data, and if it gets corrupted then what's the point of using Evernote? Here is how to reproduce one freezing bug: Create a new note. Click on the note's body to add content, then change the language using SHIFT+ALT. The note field will freeze for many seconds. There are some serious bugs and an update has to be provided ASAP.
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    Hi, I am a user of Evernote Premium and I love the core Evernote ideology of having the best search around. However, I am very interested in using evernote for digital note taking via handwriting on a Samsung tablet with s-pen. The following are a few features that would make this functionality much more useful to me: 1. More stroke width options - The smallest stroke width is still way too big for me. I want to be able to write small. 2. Ability to set background to lined paper 3. Support for pressure sensitive input from s-pen, asus pen, etc. 4. Ability to zoom in/out and pan - Currently it just lets me add pages. I do not like writing close to the edges of the tablet because it is not comfortable when I am writing on the couch. 5. More pen colors and highlighting. Upvote if you also want one or more of these features. Thank you for making my experience the best it can be. Please let me know if any of this functionality is in the works or when I could expect to see these.
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    First hit on Google. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313608-How-to-connect-to-Evernote-through-a-firewall-or-proxy-server
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    I moved the discussion to the Mac forum Be aware " and other special characters are dropped in the search indexing Quotes are used in the search box to indicate exact phrase searches I created a "The Last" Poetry note The search worked for me "The Last" Poetry gave me 9 hits "The Last Poetry" gave me 1 hit You could try re-indexing your database Hold down the option key when selecting Help to see the Troubleshooting menu
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    Hello to all EN folks here and have a happy new year! I would like to mention some focal points that giving me a hard time while using EN on iOS. 1) App still doesn't load as fast as it should. I am not expecting to load like Apple Notes but it still takes 2-3 seconds on my iPhone 7. On my iPhone 6 it can take up to 7seconds...(!) 2) I while I have no complaints about the design of the app, I would appreciate to be able to change the default font size. 3) Dark Theme option. This thread is hanging on the community forums like... forever. I saw that CEO C. O'Neil replied to someone on Twitter by saying "working on it" but this has been almost 2 months ago. 4) As a great -maybe the greatest- research tool, it offers and amazing web clipper but I still cannot understand why there is no append to note option. Bear notes app offers an awesome solution to this problem by letting you even choose if you want to append just the url or even the whole webpage. That's something that I would really appreciate since I don't find it handy to create table of contents to link notes all the time. 5) Last but not least: tables for iOS. It is not that I want to do excel stuff but there are some occasions that 2-3 lines could solve my problem. That's all. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Have a happy 2018!
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    I also would like to comment on the time it takes for the app to open! For an app which many use to quickly jot down thoughts on the go, having to wait such a long time is a problem. In fact, it has become such a problem (on my iPhone 6) that I purchased a separate app to capture my thoughts quickly (that app is Drafts). Using Drafts, I can quickly enter what's on my mind, then easily export it to Evernote for storage.
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    ...on my 6S Plus, it can, and normally takes, around 15 seconds just to load. I would like to see the priorities being speed and PDF manipulation (OCR and edit PDF functions) as the present system is sad and cumbersome.
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    I'm so curious who at Evernote decides to invent this new 'New note button'. There's already a New Note button in the toolbar. In all those years I see this pointless 'improvements' to the UI. What a shame for once such a great product.
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    +1 Please add this. I really like Evernote Premium, but this one feature is a reason for me to consider OneNote and I'd like to be able to make a comfortabel, hassle-free and complete transition to Evernote.
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    OK, I think I can say that: THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED! (at least for now) It turned out that newest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (year 2017) introduced some malware prevention software called "Control flow guard" (CFG) . Once it's turned off, Evernote gets fast again! Instruction to turn this off: https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/96792-fall-creators-update-poor-performance-lagginess-fix.html After computer reboot it should be much faster.
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    I have Evernote Premium. Sometimes I hit the send button and realize after the fact that my work chat has mistakes in it. I'd love to see a feature where we could edit it. The ability to archive work chats would be wonderful, too. Thanks for any consideration!
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    removing features = removing paying customers
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    So, please, consider upvoting ;).
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    Yes, please replace the Atlas feature. As another photographer who uses Evernote to geotag notes about specific locations, this was a critical part of my workflow. At the very least, allow geotagged notes to link to Google Maps. The location information is already stored, creating a simple link should be straightforward. Although why remove it in the first place? That's hard to understand.
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    How nice of you to reply. Except that apart from the flowery words and the obviously carefully treaded wordings to avoid any responsibilities or liabilities, you have shown two things essentially. 1. This forum, the ticket system, that was designed and managed by your department, does not communicate with the Engineering dept. Communication implies 2 ways communication, but from your flowery language, such is not the case. You are nothing but a pretty faced receptionists who takes messages and relay them to their mailboxes, who may or may not read them. 2. Due to the typographical difference of your departments, your department is essentially unable to speak for the brand in any developmental capacity, nor speaking for the Engineering department, nor authorized in answering any technical questions, nor providing time tables toward any particular developmental goals. Thus explaining the robotic polite response template as we have read over the past few years. (English isn't my first language, is it true that Americans call this as "blowing off someone", or "jerking someone off"?) Furthermore, through my observations/: 3. The issue has been raised from this thread since August 2013, which is over 4 years ago. And during this time, we have seen many changes in EverNote, both minor cosmetic changes, and major architectural changes alike. But it has been ignored or continued to be considered a lower priority. Then it would be quite fair to assume that any thing is considered higher priority than fulfilling this feature request, for an indefinite future. Which is another way of saying, it is unlikely that it will ever happen. 4. The complexity of EverNote is minuscule compared to Quantum Mechanics or engineering marvels like the LHC, I hope you have at least the sincerity to admitting to that. Despite such simplicity, a company with nearly 200 staff, owning a building tower of your own, owning as much resources as you have had yet in 4 years, you are incapable of fulfilling this feature request? Not even to acknowledge EverNote has this deficiency? Not even to provide a time table of when it will happen? When any one have come to realise this fact, one must dawn upon the truth by seeing the true colors of the company and culture you represent. It was never about developing a useful tool to meet the user's needs, but rather about how users and the naive are used to fuel the elephantine ego and to serve every whims of the white elephant god. Conclusion: I have subscribed to membership with Ulysses today, somehow I find the butterfly cult more accommodating and loving.
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    Yes, i would love to see this too! Dropbox Paper has this feature, but in Evernote, this has been requested and discussed in the Evernote forum since 5 years now - with the result that we still don't have headings. But i'm not giving up hope.
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    As much as I appreciate flat design and stylish grey-in-grey colors, humans orientate themselves on colors. We're not animals who can only see the world in black and white. We happen to live in a wonderful world made of millions of colors and even designer's are using them in fashion, UX and UI. Imagine the Evernote website in 256 shades of grey! Would that be appealing to new customers? I don't think so. Giving us loyal customers the possibility to shade our folders (or even the paper we're writing down our notes) couldn't be so difficult at all. Thank you in advance!
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    There is no way to set the default Note to be either ToDO or bullet lists. But it is easy enough to create either format once you have a new note, using keyboard shortcuts: ToDo: ⌘⇧T Bullet List (unordered List): ⌘⇧U
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    Apple Script version: This worked great, but as a first time user of apple script, I had to figure out a few things. 1. Open up the application "Apple Script Editor." 2. Paste in the text from the post above. 3. Open Mail application. Control-click on "inbox" and make a "New Mailbox..." and name it "NoteMigrate." 4. Select all your notes and move them into the new folder "NoteMigrate." 5. Open Evernote app on your Mac. (not sure this is necessary, but I did it) 6. Go back to Apple Script Editor. Hit Compile. (not sure compile is necessary, but I did it) 7. Click the icon "Run." 8. Wait. 9. Go back to Evernote, and see the result. 10. Dance. (not sure this is necessary, but I did it)
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    I wish Evernote had an option to use just plain text in a note, and support Markdown or Textile syntax coloring like in TextMate.
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    This is very easy in Ruby using appscript. The main point is, the notes have to be dragged into a new mailbox. For whatever reason, the Notes "folder" doesn't exist where Mail's scripting is concerned. In this example, I made a new mailbox called "NoteMigrate" so it appeared under "On My Mac." The script will create a notebook called "ImportedMessages" if you don't have one already, and it will tag each note with "imported_note." The first line of a given note is the 'subject.' All the lines of a note, including the first, are the content. #!/usr/bin/ruby require 'rubygems' require 'appscript' include Appscript en = app("Evernote") mail = app("Mail") notes_folder = mail.mailboxes["NoteMigrate"] messages = notes_folder.messages.get messages.each do |m| en.create_note(:title => m.subject.get, :notebook => "ImportedNotes", :with_text => m.content.get, :tags => "imported_note") end I don't do much scripting with Applescript directly because I got more fluent with Ruby using rb-appscript much more quickly. The logic is so straightforward I'm sure an adept Applescripter will be able to translate it. If nobody shows how in a day or two, I'll do it.