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    A contrarian view. I don't think EN is the place for things like grocery lists, particularly if you share the list with someone. Just not as easy as a standalone app. Our household started with Wunderlist and morphed to Microsoft To Do. One shared list, maintainable from about any platform, press the square box and the item drops off the list. EN works fine for single item purchase stuff. And I do use EN for all my to do items using the reminder functionality. Over 2,000 notes have had or currently have a reminder at this point. That bit works well for my use case, but not grocery lists.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    This thread from a few years back references putting a limit on download amount, at least temporarily. Might be worth a go. Otherwise, it may be time to contact support.
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    @eric_treelight @annies If you go to access history (Evernote Web), you’ll probably see devices and IP address from a country different than you. These are hackers accessing your account. Once I changed my password to a strong, unique one and revoked access to ALL DEVICES simultaneously, I haven’t had weird devices locking me out. I know you’re extremely frustrated — I was — this should resolve the issue.
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    Find existing templates here.
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    Hi All, In the new Evernote Web, you can now use filters to help you find what you need faster. You can apply one or more filters by clicking the filters button at the top right of your “All Notes” list, in individual notebooks, and in search results (after executing a search). The following filters are available: Tags - Select from a list of tags in your account Contains - Select from a list of specific content types, such as images or PDFs Created - Select a specific date or date range when the note was created Updated - Select a specific date or date range when the note was most recently updated To remove filters from your note list, click Clear All in the upper right corner of the "Add Filters" box.
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    It does seem like this ought to exist, maybe as a pinned note in this forum. Although the release notes on the Android app are so pathetic they might was well not exist, so I wouldn't be too hopeful of something useful. They seem to be putting out minor updates pretty frequently these days (it's up to 6.14 in Opera for me), always without notification, here or elsewhere.
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    Ahh yes, that's it. I tried a note with a multi-page PDF attached, and the browser's print preview shows only the first page of the PDF. That's with the PDF viewed as "Page-Through Preview." If it is viewed only as an attachment, of course only the attachment icon will be printed. But if I select "Full Preview", then the first two pages are printed, while the following pages show only a frame, even though they are fully visible in the note. This is with Opera; other browsers may work differently. So, @Jennifer McCarty Charette: if you click on the gray border at the top of the PDF in the note, there's a 3-dot menu, and clicking that should offer the option of "Full Preview." Depending on the length of the PDF and perhaps on your browser, you may get it to be printable, along with the rest of the note, using that.
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    On the off-chance that product management read this thread then I'd like to add my support for the text toggling (text collapsing) feature. Long term Premium user and I love Evernote but some long notes with different sections of information are impractical to visualize or navigate without this feature. For some of my technical notes, I have to use Notion because it makes the information so easy to consume & navigate (isn't this one of the main objectives of a note-taking app ?). This feature has clearly got a lot of interest and requests so please include it so we don't have to use additional tools which fragment our workflow. Thanks
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    I didn't think about browser vs installed app! Thank you! I'll try doing that next time.
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    https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests says that chat hours are Sunday 2:00 PM to Friday 5:00 PM CST. Does that mean 1) 3 hours each day from Sun-Fri ? or 2) continuously from Sun 2 pm thru Friday 5 pm? If the former, that would typically be written Sun–Fri 2–5 pm CST. Oh, … just saw the 'Due to limited holiday staffing, chat will be unavailable from Thursday, July 2 at 5:30 PM (CDT) to Monday, July 13 at 8 AM (CDT).' notice at the top.
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    Hi All, is anyone with me that this functionality would be really powerful. I have a number of apps in iOS that would share these links but I cannily create the web enabled versions and this just slows down my workflow. Any thoughts?
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    Uh, use PhraseExpress? It is available on Windows. I use PE hot keys all day long.
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    The latest update (v. 6.25.1) fixes this problem. Each previous version of a note imported from history goes into a new Imported Notes folder with a sequential number (Imported Notes [2], Imported Notes [3], etc.). Not sure this seems necessary, but the function is definitely working again.
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    I have not been following this forum regularly. However, when I had this problem a year or more ago, I solved it by changing my Evernote login password. The problem has not re-occured for me since then. Good luck! Bob
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    Thank you, I have resolved the issue (with the help of PowerPoint support). Once I disabled hardware graphics acceleration in the advanced options of PowerPoint, the presentation (included zooming in and out) ran smoothly. All is well now. I will re-install beta Evernote and hopefully all will continue to work properly. Thanks again for your reply.
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    Yes, see this thread in the other Web client forum:
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    I tried Filterize and didn't like it, so I wrote my own. This solution depends on Mac Automation. Mobile users with a Mac can benefit if you leave it running. This script accepts natural language tags in a variety of formats that begin with "repeat". Yes, these are actual tag names. "repeat every 3 days" "repeat Tuesday" "repeat monthly" "repeat daily at 5pm" "repeat 2 weeks" "repeat every Wed" "repeat yearly" "repeat every 3 months 8AM" "repeat July 4" "repeat Feb 17th at 8:30pm" When it detects a note with a repeat tag and a completed reminder, it automatically resets the reminder time to the date specified. EDIT: I updated script to support multiple recurrences. It picks the earliest one found. You could use ["repeat Mon", "repeat Wed", "repeat Fri"] to make a M/W/F repeating schedule. Or you could use ["repeat 1st", "repeat 16th"] to setup a bi-monthly schedule. I set mine up to run via cron every minute. It acts similar to Filterize, but this is FREE. crontab -e * * * * * osascript $HOME/Library/Scripts/Evernote-recurring.scpt Feedback welcome. Evernote-recurring.scpt
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    Ironically as the original poster of this solution I have since moved on from Evernote (and believe me I’ve tried them all – including Keep). I’ve finally settled on a good compromise in the form of Joplin (https://joplinapp.org/). Joplin is an open source Evernote replacement that does indeed support Markdown. It doesn’t do everything that Evernote does (for example you can have nested Notebooks but not nested tag hierarchies) however it can be installed or run standalone (off a usb stick etc.), can sync to a simple folder location (I use google drive to sync between computer) and supports client side encryption (so google can’t see what’s inside your notes) – oh and its free 😊 May not work for your individual needs but definitely worth giving it a try. Rob
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    With apologies to Evernote, I'd probably say 'Google Docs' off the bat. Sharing there is pretty transparent and updates are saved back to the server immediately. With Evernote you have the complication that if you edit a note, your changes will sync back to the server over the next several minutes (depending on how your account is set up) and if someone else changes that note in the meantime you could wind up with one set of changes being overwritten or both sets being saved as 'conflicting changes'. It's not usually much of a problem, but if you're dealing with others, it helps not to create any potential traps to fall into. Evernote has a connection with Google - How to attach Google Drive files to notes - so it should be fairly easy to create a note listing all the files for a project. If you copy the public share link for that page and send it to your contacts, they'll always have the most up to date list of files available to them. There's a slight security hole there - anyone with that URL can see the page. You may want to password-protect your files individually to avoid mischief. Evernote notes are not searchable by public search engines unless you actively promote them as such, so the note won't be found by casual searching, but the access is there for anyone with the URL. Hope that helps...
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    Web clipper is the same. Really doesn’t make a difference what EN client you are using. Relative to the little blue x’s can you share a screen shot?
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    Thanks gazumped and CalS ! I guess I will contact @EvernoteHelps .
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    My Chrome is now ALSO suddenly working!! It must have updated itself in the last couple of hours although not sure how as I have not restarted my system). The interesting thing that has come out of this though is that I now agree with CalS in that the new Edge seems to use a lot less resources than Chrome or Brave. So I think I may continue to use Edge until Brave becomes less resource-hungry
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    That would be my opinion; the forum is designed to discuss the Evernote product/service We should stay on topic
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    Hello! I tried this way, but it's not work. Do you have other solution? Thanks a lot!
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    I very much like the video but the majority of the folks over at reddit/r/Evernote/ seem to be impatient and don't understand the delays at all: https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/hfd6yv/behind_the_scenes_at_en_at_home/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/Evernote/comments/hdwnfn/video_latest_ceo_product_update/ Evernote might want to address these things in an upcoming video.
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    My experience with Space/Stack/Notebook hierarchy requests is that users are attempting to implement folder methodology Personally, I roll with minimal Space/Stack/Notebook structure Just what is needed to share notes (there's also offline and local notebooks) My project identification is specified using tags
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out! We have confirmed the issue you have described, and are working to get it fixed as soon as we are able. In the meantime, you can export the previous version from Evernote Web and then use the desktop app to import it. I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!
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    I hope you are right.. but almost exactly one year ago I grabbed a similar deal, with exactly the same expectation. A year later, still no new version and still the same bugs in the existing apps.
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    Yeah, waiting forever. Rewriting from scratch is always a big mistake. Never seen an example that was successful. Don't be surprised if the new Electron client isn't finished this year. Maybe they release a half-finished product. The current state of the Preview doesn't give much hope ....
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    Probably yes - you should do a bit of research to see whether it fits your factual and formal needs. Basically the idea behind Scrivener is to collect sources and write in parallel, reorganizing stuff as you go and the project develops. So I think that organizing sources is one of the strong features behind Scrivener. Probably it rests with your own thoroughness to document each source in the moment you clip it, to have a valid reference when writing it up.
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    I have specifically logged in to this form as a first time poster just to respond to this. HTML 1.0, released in 1993 had 42 TOTAL tags supported in the language. PRE was one of those. How the heck hard can it be to create a button to create a code snippit section in Evernote that does not: * Spell Correct * Replace Quotes with stupid MS Word Style Quotes * Replace Double Dashes with Em Dashes * Etc. This is a CODE BLOCK for Christ's sake. This isn't about syntax highlighting, or turning Evernote into an IDE. It's about simply storing what I want it to store in the format I asked it to store it in. If I put the word "ansible" into Evernote it should not AUTOMATICALLY change it to "sensible" for me, it should NOT do it AGAIN after I CORRECT it, and it should not take me adding the word to the bloody dictionary before it will finally stop trying to auto-correct it in EVERY LINE. I'm not sure who you think your audience is? Almost every white collar job these days has it's hand in Big Data, Cloud or Web in some way, meaning the VAST MAJORITY of your customer base has SOME NEED to store SOMETHING that looks like an unformatted text string, likely containing words, phrases or symbols that do not translate into a dictionary word. Again the VAST MAJORITY of these text strings have an importance to be stored AS IS, as copied into the program without ANY modification AT ALL. 1993 we had that capability on web pages. Every WIKI, IDE, Forums Software and Text Editor in existence has AT MINIMUM this feature functionality. I notice the box I am CURRENTLY TYING IN did not auto-correct any of the words i've put in, making EVEN IT be SIGNIFICANTLY more useful to the standard/average user of your software THAN YOUR ACTUAL SOFTWARE IS. I am now ACTIVELY looking to get off your platform. There are posts i've run across in the last 3 top hits on google dating back to 2016, I don't know how it's even possible after 4 years of customers complaining and in 2020 to have a text editor without basic functionality like "in this block of text, please don't change what I type" let alone "please recognize this block of text for what it is and highlight it appropriately". Why do I get the feeling Evernote is a company of two people in a house somewhere who spend all day checking their monthly income statements.
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    Hello everyone... Just popping in on this discussion, if only because I don't really want @VisionCasting to carry out his friendly "threat". First of all, I'm sorry that this issue has been outstanding for so long. Second, I want to assure you that many things that may seem on the surface to be easy fixes can in fact be far from it. Sometimes, when we're not very responsive, it's simply because we have no good way to actually accomplish the fix, not because we think it's a bad idea. This is one such area. The way in which Evernote implemented sharing notes some years back was not, shall we say, as elegant an approach as one might wish for. There are numerous long-standing problems that result directly from the constraints of that design. This is one. Problems searching shared notes is another. The list goes on. The way to fix this is not to hack on top of a hack on top of a hack. It is to fundamentally redesign and reimplement the way in which notes are shared deep within the Evernote architecture, and to migrate all existing shared notes to that architecture. Doing that puts us on a path to fix all sorts of different problems, including performance issues with the current design which can get progressively worse as more notes are shared with you. We are going to focus on fixing the root cause of the problem. It's a non-trivial undertaking, as you might expect. But by going down that path, we will be much better placed to work on all the symptoms, as well as be able to move forward to new functionality in this area on a much better foundation. At some point in the coming months, I expect we'll have a Behind the Scenes video that details what we've done in this regard. In the meantime, I apologize for how long it's taken, and assure you that we are working on the root cause for this and related problems. Back to lurking, ian
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    If you cant a row for list item the only way I know to do this is to copy/paste the list into Excel and then copy/paste into a table in EN. FWIW.
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    Hello, I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue with Evernote. I have hundreds of notes with long PDF slide decks, in combination with longform typed notes. I type these notes in Evernote while viewing/annotating the PDF in a different app. I have these PDFs "view as attachment" because otherwise I would have 70 pages of slides to scroll through before I reach my actual notes. My problem is that these PDFs pop open to "view inline" ALL THE TIME!!! It happens whenever the note refreshes, whenever I hit Ctrl-Z, whenever the attachment "updates", and at seemingly many other random times. Incredibly frustrating! I have the overall app setting default to "View Inline", because my primary use for Evernote is a paperless workflow, and in those settings I do need the attachments to view inline. PLEASE HELP!! This has happened for all of the most recent versions of Evernote for macOS (from at least 7.0 onwards).
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    I've been using Dark Mode on my MBP since installing Mojave. It has worked well until Evernote introduced it because in Dark Mode it is nearly impossible to see highlighted text. I'd like to keep Dark Mode on in System Preferences, but not use it in Evernote.
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    Greetings, I've searched through the forums here and I'm still confused. And, I don't see the functionality in any windows version of the program. Can I make ink notes directly into an Evernote note - or not? Yes, I know i can import my OneNote notes, and that's close to fine. But I just want to open a note and start writing with the pen INSIDE the note. I do not want to use the input bar at the bottom of the screen - on an 8 inch table this takes up way too much space. I don't need handwriting recognition - I just want to write a note using the pen. TL;DR = is there an ability to write with ink inside a note, or not? thank you very much.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting an Evernote integration with Grammarly have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for an Evernote/Grammarly integration here!
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    @dustynrobotsThanks for the report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select: Tools > Options > General Uncheck "Enable Hardware Acceleration" Let us know if the issue continues after disabling the option. Thanks!
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    Open terminal and type following: defaults write com.evernote.Evernote NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool yes and reopen evernote app.
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting Markdown support have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for Markdown support here!
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    I would also just like to add here that a functionality similar to that of Google Docs would be great (see attached image). In that case, if you add a link (ctrl-k) you can just start typing and it searches other google drive documents as well as the web. This would be great for Evernote: search existing notes (based on titles and tags?) and the web. Of course, different users have different needs, but I think that the reactions here show that an improved implementation of linking notes in Evernote would be very welcome. The current method sooms to be too cumbersome for most users, and for me it distracts from my actual work while taking notes.
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    Yes, linking to files/folders is possible; and recommended for larger files The first step is to copy the pathname for the file In Finder, rignt click on the file/folder Hold down the option key Click on copy pathname In the note, select the text for the link, Right-Click Select Link > Add Paste the copied pathname Prefix with file:// Click OK
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    As a confluence user I strongly agree with A and B. I often work with a Project Master Note from where I link to other notes. What I'd like to see is a "Create and Link note from here." I.E.: Select text. Right click. Hyperlink. Create and link new note here.
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    An interesting feature I use on my Mac is to simply drag a note title into another note. It creates the link. I understand it also works in Windows
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    Hello; I want to work "directly" in Evernote on my images like I could do it before: Open image with preview in Evernote, crop it (work on it in general), save it (command + s) and voilà, it's done and syncs with Evernote. Now it wants to create a copy??? Much more work to do! Export image by saving the copy to insert it again later? Can anybody please help me with that? Thank you so much!
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    Add my voice to those who would really the option of being able to sort notes and stacks manually. It's a feature that has been missing for years, and I say this as an Evernote Premium users of many years with 10,021 notes and counting. Yes, I know about the various workarounds using reminders, title names, tags, one-note-as-TOC, etc. I periodically come to the forums to learn about new things in Evernote and people's clever ways of using it, and I also often search for how to do manual sorting. There are plenty of postings where people discuss one technique or another, but none are the same thing as being able to order one's notes and notebooks directly by putting them into the desired order in the note views and notebook views. The fact that people have to resort to various hacks should be enough to indicate that manual sorting is a desirable but missing feature. Judging from some past forum discussions about this topic, some people will feel compelled to reply asking me why I want this feature, or lecture me that it's unnecessary, or helpfully point out one hack or another to achieve it. That won't be necessary. I would like this feature in Evernote because I believe it would make it easier and more intuitive for me to organize my notes, based on my experiences. I know workarounds exist but I find them unsuitable. If they work for you, great! But they don't for me. There does not seem to be a way to request features from Evernote directly anymore, and based on what I've read in the forums, it seems like posting to the forums is the way to make our requests heard. That is my only purpose here. I know the company that makes Evernote is not obligated to implement every snowflake feature that people request. I'm not complaining that the situation is a deal-breaker for me. I'm only trying to say "I'm another long-time user who would like this feature because it would address a long-standing problem for me".
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    The current web beta doesn't appear to support multi-select in the note list, however, if you revert to the actual release web client, you can do multi-select via Ctrl+Click, and it makes tagging, moving a bunch of notes to a new notebook, or merging notes pretty easy. No Shift+Click however. Account / Settings / Beta : Go back to old version
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