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    Took a look as well. Notion seems stronger in building workflows and cockpits / dashboards. Looks nicer, GUI is more flexible. But I have not found the massive, reliable data silo with good-to-perfect retrieval I need for my usecase. So for me it is EN for the next future. This is plainly personal, others may evaluate features differently, and everybody has an own usecase to support.
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    It may be that some folks are looking so desperately for an Evernote replacement that they're rushing to judgement on something which looks shiny and new. The most important thing (IM - not exactly - HO) is that whatever solution you choose, whether it's Keep or Notion or Bear or Evernote, it has to work for you. That's the only test. If you're happy with a method of working, it's not my place to tell you that you could, or should, change it. I keep on getting asked questions elsewhere about "what's the best...way / app / method / etc" and my stock answer is: I don't know. I know what works for me - Evernote in my specific case, (plus - in no specific order - Airtable, Filterize, Freeplane, MSOffice, RightNote and Google). But for everyone else - why don't you try what's available and see which you get on with best? In my experience of changing between to-do apps on a regular basis, I can more or less guarantee that all the players in the 'note taking' field (that is such a limited description!) will be catching up with each other in various ways - feature A will shine at one app, and then the others will catch up and one of the competition will now have feature B! Evernote's competition do have an unfair advantage - they're able to poach the development that Evernote pioneered and jump in with an almost perfect first product; and they can develop from there. Evernote has 250M(??) users and a heck of a bandwidth issue as all their connected devices check back with Home Base on a regular basis. They have a huge operation that runs - relatively - smoothly. Changes (as windows Desktop users found out recently) can cause disruption. And Evernote users (you may have noticed) are not shy of sharing their opinions and derision when things go wrong. Evernote is rightfully cautious of upsetting any apple carts in their development work - and they're normally fairly good at succeeding. So. I'm staying in touch with developments - I subscribed to both Filterize and Rightnote this year thanks to the Forums - I watch the webinars on Notion and other solutions, and fantasise about the interactive database / spreadsheet / calendar / personal assistant that I could probably build... if I spent some time getting thoroughly familiar with the environment, and then converted 45K notes... or I could just get on with my work. My view thus far - if it works, really - don't fix it!
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    Well, all I can say is these forums are littered with posts of accidental secondary accounts causing notes to "disappear". It is the de facto way to start the debug.
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    It definitely wasn't that we weren't allowed to. I think it was a combination of things. People were too busy on other projects or it wasn't really prioritized. I also think most employees didn't take the time, as there wasn't really a "culture" of engaging our customers, as you put it. I can't really say for sure. What I can say now is that the CEO is trying to change that. We've got a senior leader whose title is basically "Voice of the Customer." The CEO is also pushing everybody to think about the customer as we work on initiatives. I think it will take time to get people more engaged, but I'm seeing it a little more already.
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    Thanks for your answers! Sad that different windows only work with a mac, but good to know there's really no other way except opening Evernote several times in different browsers. So I will stop looking for an other way to try it now... And using tags as an addition to different notebooks might be a solution, I will definitely try it out. Thanks a lot! 🙂
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    Recommendation: Downgrade to Beta2. Seriously. (We're working on rolling back all the CEF changes that went into Beta3. I'll need a substance abuse program when this is done.)
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    I merged your two posts. The Portuguese title was lost; you can edit the post and add it. The content is stored in the Evernote database; master version on the server with copies on our devices. Yes, it's possible to "download" content. On my Mac, for specific content I right click > Save As For a note, I right click > Save Atachments To Folder My weekly full backup uses the export feature to "download" a full copy of all my content
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    I just need to thank the developers here for providing the best note taking service ever, for free. It is absolutely mindboggling how I can access all my notes from around the world without lugging around 5 pounds of booklets with me. Thank you SOO MUCH!! I LOVE YOU EVERNOTE! THANK YOU EVERNOTE MODERATORS AND DEVELOPERS!!
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    Well, well, you're right; I thought that San Francisco could only be used by apps for UI elements, and couldn't be "installed" as a regular font. But I was wrong. I could just install it and then select it from the Evernote preferences. Thank you for the hint! ‑Alex
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    I want to thank JohanDahlberg for starting this topic. I've been an Evernote user for so long that I've gotten stale and repetitive in my usage of it. I use The Brain a lot more now than I use Evernote but reading through these ideas is making me realize how powerful and useful Evernote is. I am 4 notes short of 20,000 and I'm sure I'll get there just by clipping four of the above ideas. I wish we had more topics like this as opposed to the "Why I'm leaving Evernote", etc. Whenever I start using new software (Notion, The Brain, task managers), I often try to figure out ways to get some of my Evernote data into those programs. It's just easier to keep it in Evernote and expand my use of it. I had forgotten about IdeaPlaces, for example - a great tool. Thanks for the kick in the butt, Johan, and all of the above contributors.
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    Just a general note on pc problems I'd been living with a pc that seemed to be stuck on 100% disk usage most of time for ages. I googled it and tried the suggestions on a couple of sites about altering this and that but nothing seemed to work. The other day out of desperation, I trawled through task scheduler and and my start up folders and just chucked a bunch of stuff out. I could not believe the difference it made, it's been like having a new pc To view the the 2 startup folders, hold down the windows key and press the "R" key to open the Run box, then type shell:common startup for one and shell:startup for the other. To view what's in your task scheduler , hold down the windows key and press the "R" key to open the Run box, then type taskschd.msc If your situation is anything like mine there'll be a load of stuff that you don't need. For example I don't need my printer software doing some task every few minutes, forever.
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    Sometimes you are the bug, and sometimes you are the windshield.
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    Thanks. If that works, it's outstanding. And thanks to CalS on the Inbox tip
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    BTW, since Evernote is a customer of Google's (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/226885427-Google-Cloud-Platform-FAQ.,) I'd say that this is pretty unlikely. Beyond that, I can't comment. LVL 5 Deep State stuff, you know...
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    Moderators, Gurus where are you if needed.!!!!! The Android v 8.9 is not working now for almost a month. EN it is a BS. Your are forcing us to update to a non-working versions, what a BS. All the time I was careful not to automatically update, one time I skip it and here you go, I got infected with EN, What a BS. And as usual EN is silent, no response. Go to hell. I am a paid subscriber and I want my money back. It happened before, enough of the BS.
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    I (try to) use EN as a distraction-free text editor. problem is, when i copy-paste the text to <anywhere_else> there are extra line breaks added. I click format > plain text but note still shows options for fonts, sizes, styles, which means it's not plain text. copy-paste to anywhere else, still get 2-for-the-price-of-1 line breaks, eg an extra line break for every one i entered in EN. I've been a pro paid user for YEARS, Evernote, any chance you can provide something as simple as a PLAINTEXT note ? Thanks.
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    That's expected. See my post (a couple) above. Edit: Our upgrade path doesn't play nicely with MSI (Microsoft Installer).
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    Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement around our logic here. I'll forward this feedback to our product managers to see what can be done. If I have any updates soon, I'll post here. Thanks!
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    Actually its not, you need a whole new email for it, and when you do it, this will pop up( I just made a new account for example ) :
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    So, when you try to delete a notebook, this comes up, it doesn't say it will delete all the notes, but you know that it will. ( Common Sense ) : You press delete, then when you look at the notebooks, it says trash right below it: Click that, then you can just hold your cursor on "Restore" and keep on clicking until they are all restored: Or, you could just make a new Notebook, and move the notes from one to the other, then delete one, or just rename the notebook: You have no Idea how long it takes me to edit these pics to help you. 😊
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    @MatS14 To unblock someone just start a new WorkChat thread with the email of the user you blocked at first. After you submit the message a splash screen asking you to unblock the user will appear. Hope this helps.
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    It's less a matter of leaving snippet view, which I do occasionally for other purposes (it's not as though lists are some kind of rough neighborhood, after all) -- it's just that I don't delete things all that often, so not much need to go trawling around in the dank basement of my castoff notes. No feat, though -- I retreated to the safety and comfort of my beloved snippet view in short order...
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    The -resource:image/* is indeed a usable workaround. Thanks for all your replies, everyone. Cheers
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    @Jeshi It definitely sounds like you're hitting the issue that our devs are looking into with regards to large notes and often with pasting in of large images. One of our support staff commented about this in the other thread. @Ashley Gittins I'm glad you aren't running into the issue too much. We'll hopefully fix it soon. With regards to the bulleted list issue, I noted in another thread that the issue comes up with using the older client that we won't be fixing since we're focused on the new client and editor. I think you'll really like the new editor when it's ready. We're using it internally. It shows a lot of promise for addressing many feature requests (and bug requests) with the existing editor. Also, I'm happy to be more engaged with the community. It's not actually my main job, but since part of my job is around product quality, I think it's important I understand the issues the customers are encountering. It's already helped identify numerous bugs and usability issues that I've reported to our development teams.
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    Tags. For the clothing images, I tag by season, by fabric type, by print type, by color, by technique, by design detail, by depth of interest (***). I sometimes wish I could assign a note to more than one notebook but make up for it with copious tags. Still, if I had to choose between notebooks and tags I would select notebooks.
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    If you haven't found it yet, you can click on your avatar in the upper right and there's a link to switch back to the "old" editor which is the current stable version.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    And that's great, and this post isn't a problem solving post from the start. But you're literally the first person on this post responding. You give factual information about the forums, but your help with exporting the notes is Now maybe I'm a crazy millennial, but help doesn't start with your opinion. Who cares if you haven't found a better service? And easy is relative to what you know about the service right? I've read a ton of your posts, and I appreciate your knowledge about this product. I have learned a lot and have been inspired by you, but to be quite frank, the way you give help comes off pretty condescending sometimes. And as I said earlier, without regular company interaction here, you are the de facto customer service rep.
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    You know the problem is that for so many people who visit this forum, the LVL 5's (whose posts are highlighted and are important right?) are the ones representing the company because there really seems to be no interaction from the company to its forum users. Now that's fine, but like it or not, in a way they become de facto customer support, which is probably why some people say you should probably think of the common man. When someone who appears to be relatively new comes in here posting with a problem they get jumped on by some frequent posters with "there is nothing better than Evernote." It's very similar to the famous "you're holding it wrong" iPhone antenna fiasco. Maybe we can all just listen more and whine less, I mean we're all grown adults right?
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    The documentation is corrent for the current version You are using the beta version
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    Thanks for bringing these up. We filed bugs for each of them and will be investigating a fix.
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    Done. 5 minutes was about right. I liked the survey interface.
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    Hi @aaronnuetzman. I checked and our Android team is aware of the issues with the Q beta and are actively investigating.
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    I do a lot, hmm almost everything based on Evernote. You asked for „special“ use cases, rigt? hm, this depends to individuals of course, maybe that one, it‘s simple, but I really love it: while traveling, hiking, biking, cycling, riding, etc., I just take a photo wihin EN to collect special places (nice view, car parking, nice trail for Mountain Bikes, special environment for Horses). Since the GPS location is attached automatically to the note it‘s easy to find those locations later - unfortunately you need a 3rd party App to browse your Notes using a Map (e. g. ideaplaces)
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    The automatic conversion of ":)" to and other text-into-emojis is annoying, but that you CANNOT TURN IT OFF is INEXPLICABLE. I do a lot of writing in Evernote and then pasting to another medium, and 99% of the time EverNote's emojis aren't supported by the other medium, to add insult to the injury that I didn't want an emoji in the first place. Ctrl-Z "undoes" the conversion to emoji, but as soon as you type anything else it just converts right back, so you have to jump through ridiculous hoops just to get EverNote to SHOW THE THING YOU TYPED. I shouldn't have to write my sentence, go back to where I wanted ":)" and then cut-and-paste it in from Notepad, or put a space in the middle and then delete the space and oh heaven forbid you realize you want to put a space after it because BAM IT'S AN EMOJI AGAIN. In conclusion: please either add an option to let the user disable the emojis or just turn it off entirely.
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    this is not just an Android problem; I have logged a help request for my iphone XR ; I used to depend on my EN reminders to pop up on my computer, iphone, laptop to keep me productive. This seems to have gone see my help request below Elias Nasser Feb 23, 13:35 PST I have previously used EN to be my primary reminder tool (across computers, phone etc). For some reason the iPhone notifications are no longer happening. I previously had an iPhone 6 and recently purchased an iPhone XR. When I navigate to Notifications in the iPhone settings there is no option for EN notifications to turn on I really want to keep EN as my reminder tool but at the moment its not working
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    (Second post!) I concur. As a newbie I searched for this ability only to find it does not exist. I copied in an Excel spreadsheet that had the correct row height but found EN made the rows way too high. OneNote copied it in correctly. I found that OneNote does not allow the adjustment of row height either.
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    Hi. Evernote don't usually comment on upcoming fixes and in this instance may be (or have been) waiting on Fujitsu to update their application. Best advice would be to raise a support ticket to at least register your concerns...
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    First, I AM NOT EMPLOYED by Evernote. Just a fellow user letting you know what I think. Evernote requests this in order to allow you to use all the features. I can't tell you exactly what items it enabled as I didn't think twice about it when I installed it so I really didn't look. I do know that it is legitimate though. Here's an article that explains why this pops up and what it means. I didn't read the whole thing and I don't think that it mentioned Evernote specifically but might help shed some light on it. https://www.howtogeek.com/297083/why-do-some-mac-apps-need-to-control-this-computer-using-accessibility-features/ I agree that for Evernote specific questions on this a support ticket or Twitter would be your best option.
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    Me too, and U2F Keys cost about 8 Euro, other Yubikeys (FIDO2 etc.) about 60. I own one and would be glad, if Evernote added U2F. U2F already supported by: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Bitwarden, LastPass, and more ... See: http://www.dongleauth.info/ Evernote stands for security and has a lot of sensitive data stored. I'd appreciate if there is even further improvement by adding hardware authentication. Thanks in advance! Michael
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    OK, I tried the reinstall. No difference. I did start another attempt at exporting all notes as HTML, and the usual 100 or so files in it stalled. The errant note had a jpeg attachment (like many others that it hadn't stalled on). I went to that note, did a save as, cancelled, came back, and the next attempt went a little further. And so on, laboriously, back and forth through another 20 or 30 errant files, whereupon it got stuck on one that kept stalling it, no matter how many save as's or other things I could think of to jerk it into passing by that one. No luck. I swore quite a lot, and I gave up. I find this infuriatingly poor performance from an app I rely on so heavily and which costs me quite a bit to subscribe to. The reason I wanted the export/backup was because I figured it would be a good idea to have a set of HTML files that could be transferred to another app, should the rumours of Evernote's imminent demise prove correct. Now I can't even do that. I can't imagine this is the case, but it's almost as if Evernote were making sure you can't migrate.
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    Hey All, I can assure you that we do look at user feedback in the forums, and we do our best to package that information and relay it to the development teams. As @gazumped mentioned, we don't provide definitive roadmaps for our future planned releases, functions, features, etc. That being said, we certainly believe we could do a better job with providing transparency/context when we do make changes, updates, etc, as well as how we capture and respond to users' sentiment/feedback. To elaborate, this is something we've been working on behind the scenes, and we are hopeful that you will start to see the fruits of that labor. Specifically for the forums, we've been in the process of adding customer support agents and resources to give us more eyes and ears within the forums. These agents and resources should better enable us to answer users' questions, provide context, and capture and respond to user feedback. Another challenge we face, and are working to address, is the sheer amount of data/content within the forums at present. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of old content within the forums that can make data aggregation and collection difficult, as well as impede a user's ability to find more relevant/updated content, threads, and answers. However, with more resources at our disposal, we will be better able to curate/organize forum posts and topics, remove irrelevant or outdated information, and enforce the Code of Conduct. That curation/organization involves relocating posts to more appropriate locations and merging similar threads/posts. As a byproduct, this should help to centralize the users' voice so that it is amplified and easier for us to quantify, as well as better enable users to find what they're looking for. I hope this helps, and certainly feel free to reach out to me directly if you have more questions!
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    Thanks for this report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select File > Exit to close Evernote Open the task manager to confirm Evernote is not running as a background process (select "Evernote and End task") Open 'regedit' (Windows key + R, then type regedit) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder Expand the "Software" folder Expand the Evernote Folder Click on the second "Evernote folder" so that a list of Values displays on the right Right-Click "EnableHardwareAcceleration" Select "Modify" Set Hexidecimal Value to "0" Select File>Exit to exit the Registry Editor Reopen Evernote Please let me know if the issue continues after completing the steps above. Thanks!
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    I'm also interested in this. I would prefer U2F over an TOTP key from an authenticator app.
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    NEW DEVELOPMENT - TICKET 870125: FROM EVERNOTE: We have identified this issue as a Bug and I have reported it to our product team for resolution. While we are working to address the issue, I do not have specifics as to when the issue will be fixed. At this time, I’m going to close your ticket. However, if you would like, I can notify you when your issue has been fixed and scheduled for release. Additionally, I have gone ahead and added 20 Evernote Points to your Account to try and help compensate for the lost functionality. (10 Points is equivalent to 1-Month of Premium) ------------ So lets hope they get this fixed! K-nut
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    Why can I not change the line spacing in notes? I've just wasted about an hour googling, messing about with stupid macros & nonsense just so I can see more text on the screen... very frustrating. The inability to change line spacing makes me less productive (and cross).
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    Sigh... the problem is not wanting to change the text to double-spacing... the problem is REMOVING the auto-imbedded double-spacing that EN inserts. And yes, it IS a bug, b/c the program inserts it randomly and against the intention of the user.
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    any: tag:hardware tag:software
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