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    Hey guys, Long-time employee, first time poster. I just wanted to say that this post struck a chord with me as someone who's been with Evernote since 2012 and I just wanted to assure you that there are still dedicated, loyal people behind the scenes working hard to deliver the amazing product you expect. Please feel free to DM me if you have a burning problem or existential life question. Personal OKR for the quarter: Stop by here weekly and lend a hand.
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    The issue (as I understand) is that the Foxit pdf viewer did not play nicely in the CEF3 (asynchronous) framework. In order to stay up-to-date with Chromium bug fixes, we had to update. Our common editor developers also greatly appreciated the upgrade - no more testing on the CEF1 platform. The problem, as you've seen, is it's not something that can be done overnight. There was something like 6-12 months of work before what we got to the point of the initial release - and we're obviously not done.
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    I am thrilled it's at least possible to drag/drop PDFs and images again. I am not thrilled I have to View As Attachment the PDF before I can drag/drop it. Doubles the steps necessary to get a PDF out of Evernote. However, it's doable, and with the state Evernote is in currently, I'll take what I can get. The new notebook view sucks. Scrap it and move on. Seriously, what a terrible idea! Being able to see the notes in Notebook view is A) redundant with the regular note view and a lag-infested mess. A notebook of 400 notes ground the app to a halt. I didn't even touch my main notebook of 6k. And who the heck asked for this? Who wants this? Can we get some refocusing with the Evernote team, please? Stop rolling out new C R A P and fix the good stuff EN has that you broke. Why on earth was this even made? Here's my list of priorities: Fix the ABYSMAL tag situation in Shared notes. It's a disaster. Whomever "owns" the notebook is the only one who can add new tags to notes. WTF? Solution: Have a base list of permissions for those with whom a notebook is shared. Boom, easy. View Only Add New Notes (current settings, not modify tags) Full Edit Permissions (same as notebook owner) Fix the duplication of tags in the Tag list from Shared notebooks. I reported this back in 2014 (FOUR years ago) and still no fix. I mean, seriously you guys. Come on. 3. Fix the appearance in Card View of notes with no text and just PDF content. This is awful to try and read. These are all items you have already built into Evernote that drastically need to be fixed. Stop rolling out new junk and fix the things you've already committed to. Sincerely, An actual user EDIT: I'm choosing not to comment on the fact that I can't get rid of that stupid emoji in the forums, right after the new "feature" was added to the client...
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    You know what I'd like to see for all new features? the thread that had at least 10 upvotes from users requesting said new feature. How much time was spent on this new Notebook view? How many users requested it? Could that time have been used to fix the mess that Tag View is? Could that time have been used to add a format painter? Would my version report total note count in the side bar had Notebook View not been added? Could that time have been used to fix the note toolbar that keeps deleting preferences? Could that time have been used to reduce the freeze EN does in just one area? Could that time have been used to fix the bug where you are typing on the first line of the note and you are magically transported to the subject line and have to delete some text, click back in the note where you were, and resume typing? Could that time have been used to reduce the time I spend looking at a blank white-space when I open a note while Evernote does whatever it does before showing me the body of the note? I am sure the emoji engine is looking for stuff to emojify before rendering the page.... I could go on.... this is just so frustrating. This used to be my favorite product. Now I grimace every time I use it and these annoying things get in the way of me taking/making notes
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    Bugs in this latest 7.1 Version of Chrome Clipper: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All of the above are bugs or missing features of the latest Ver 7.1. I'm with @snugla1, I'm still on 6.13.2 (downgraded same day I got upgraded, without my permission, to 7.0), and, like every other Evernote product, I'll stay on 6.13.2 until no adverse reports are made with the new, and not-so-improved, EN Chrome Clipper. If many of us are still running 6.13.2 on the latest version of Chrome, what was the urgency to push out a half-baked update?
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    I would not, being a people I thought I could vote. I can get by with 10 notebooks and 500 tags. So 250 and 100,000 seems to cover it. But should EN decide to add more notebooks, fine by me.
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    This is not true, and, like on many occasions before, you are posting wrong info. Old version of the clipper 6.13.0 worked with the newest version of Chrome, and didn't need to be changed because of the Chrome versions. I know this, because I have been using it in this settings. Your post is just confusing more people, why are you doing this, defending the Evernote when they are messing things up. Are you working for Evernote?
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    Here's the link to download 6.13.2 --->> https://discussion.evernote.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24236 Here's the link to my video showing how to install it --->> https://www.useloom.com/share/130d8624b40c4768922c19bc0fbd526f It takes like 2 minutes replace 7.0 (or7.1). Suggest you don't agree to Evernote updates until the community confirms the update is stable. I learned my lesson...
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    That's true enough, but people who have long experience with such systems can, in a real sense, be said to have altered their brains to be comfortable with those systems. That familiarity is pretty powerful too.
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    A "big number" version - I don't know about the rest of you guys, but given all the bugs in the recent "dot" versions, I'd be slightly terrified of 7.0. But y'all go first, and give the rest of us reports from the front.
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    Unless emoji support is critical to your workflow, I'd hold off. I cannot think of any new features in 6.11 or 6.12 that are worthwhile, and I don't know that many bugs have been fixed, and some new ones are certainly here.
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    I think the IAmDevloper account nailed one of the issues we are seeing here.
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    Forum thread posts default to sorting by vote. I can choose to select by date, but this selection isn't permanent. Is it possible to make sorting by date the default?
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    Another example of making a change no one requested that is buggy and/or feature incomplete instead of working on issues that users are complaining about. Tons of bugs just carry forward, or issues like inability to hide/remove the massive NEW NOTE button, or lack of a Format Painter icon in the note toolbar.
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    Really. That's fantastic job - as long as "made a lot of people very happy." This " Clipper Team" really deserves a lot of praise: busy removing widely useful function, busy participating user feedback, and finally busy bringing all back, and made a lot of people very happy. How precious is that! As much as I love using Evernote, often mutiple times a day, I won't be surprise this app will be gone or obsolete in a few years. So many fronts of Evernote are so incompetent and nobody is accountable for such moronic actions. And of course, nobody is able to read this - except for forum censors. Seriously? Need to be approved just for a forum post? I strongly suggest employees start looking for another job, if not yet - even YOU - forum censors.
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    After getting burned a while back because I upgraded to a virtually non-functional EN version, I now try to wait a few weeks for things to settle down & see how the new version has been received. After 6.10.x, the feedback was fairly horrible - easy version to skip. I'm now trying to evaluate feedback for 6.11.x & am getting a similar vibe. Although it appears to be 'better' than 6.10.x, what true advantages does it have over older versions? Since my current version ( is perfectly functional for everything I do, the risk/reward for upgrading doesn't appear to have a good return. Am I missing something? In reading various threads, I've learned a new term: rightgrading - one that I would have hoped 1) didn't exist & 2) that EN, the company, should abhor... Ron
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    Hi Folks - We wanted to let you know that we've released version 7.1 of the Web Clipper on Chrome. It returns much of the functionality from Clipper 6 users have provided feedback on including highlighting, remarks and creating and searching notebooks. Highlighting: you can highlight content from a clip by selecting text. Remarks: you can add a note about clipped content using the "Add remark" option in the clip screen Creating and Searching Notebooks: you can now search or create a new notebook to store content from the Notebooks list under the Organize section of the Clipper screen. Spaces: if you're an Evernote Business user you can now choose to clip content to a space. We've included many bug fixes including an issue where the Clipper was redirecting users to the evernote.com site on first launch You can download the latest Clipper from the Chrome Web Store here. Please let us know if you spot any other issues. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Clipper Team.
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    A search like: notebook:MyNotebook tag:TagA tag:TagB is supported (one notebook max, and the notebook: term mush precede any tag: or literal text terms). This translates into: find all notes in notebook "MyNotebook" that have tags "TagA" and "TagB" For more info: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
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    Have you spoken to your boss and made a business case for your use of Evernote? That might be worth a try.
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    Thanks, @TK0047. That's interesting info, and (instinctively, at least) seems right to me. I'm sure it's how my brain works. OTOH, as @jefito says, I've also trained it to think in terms of folders and hierarchical directories with one-to-one filing, to the extent that relying on tags alone feels scary and unfamiliar to it. I think I need to take some time and really create a tagging system for myself and try it out. I can't imagine not using notebooks; but I also recall the number of times I've had trouble figuring out in which notebook a note should reside. Thinking of folders as mere handy repositories and tags as the means of access to multi-relevance notes will probably help me make better use of Evernote. This thread has evolved into some interesting and useful conversation!
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    +1 People conflate how their brain works with limitations that exist in paper and older digital filing systems.
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    I am having big problems with this new Web Clipper. I use Windows 10 and Chrome 65.0.3325.181 I use Any.do task manager. It doesn't connect to Evernote but it is an extension and those tasks also appear on their web.any.do website. I noticed on my home computer that it started sending me from web.any.do to a different website. I asked Any.do why and they said, "Please note that if you're being automatically redirected this means that you have the Evernote Web Clipper installed on your Chrome browser. We've noticed that Evernote's last update made it incompatible with the Web app (and another page also). We're recommending users to contact them in order to request a fix." A second problem is that it is web clipping some sites I use with really huge text and non-white backgrounds. These are mostly subscription websites that I have clipped with Evernote for a long time. But now the titles are huge and the background isn't always white. And if I try to Simply Formatting in 6.11, it runs all the text together. In 6.7.4, it erases the whole note. First screen (Registration for Medical App Makers) is how it used to be, Second screen (Abbot) is now and I don't like this huge text and the fact that I can't fix it.
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    You may be wrong @jbenson2, but a great meme in any case.
  24. 2 points
    You keep making this statement. Evernote reads all the posts! Really? As I pointed out in a different thread, other than a few anecdotal examples, I don't see the evidence to support Evernote's 100% viewing participation in this forum.
  25. 2 points
    Actually... my bad... I just did an update to my Windows client... and the bug/ unexpected behavior has been sorted out. Hi ho, hi ho... it's [back] to work we go :-)
  26. 2 points
    I agree and would add that we also never see Evernote responding to these related posts about it. I would like to know if there is a petition or somewhere to try to make a difference.
  27. 2 points
    All this debate is making a simple thing sound really complicated. Like @DTLow I use Evernote as far as I can take it, but when I start to run into the limits of things like styles, or graphics, or pagination, or calculation, or relational links I'll copy and paste my Evernote content into another app and go on from there. As far as my colleagues and customers are concerned, being late to a deadline or failing to deliver a quality product is not excusable because "Evernote wouldn't do that" or "I'm waiting on a feature that should be available soon". If something doesn't work in one package, you go out and use (or find) something that does. Something like using a hammer for lots of things but still having a screwdriver set handy for appropriate situations. Sure it would be nice if Evernote did everything really well, but I want to see the showstopper bugs getting high priority. Freezing / syncing / reliable updates are showstoppers. IMHO Having to find a bullet list app or something to indent numbers is an inconvenience, not a stopper.
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    I've regretted installing most of the versions after tables were introduced. If tables were introduced before Paste and Match Style was broken, I'd stick with that version! Paste and Match Style was fixed ~2 'dot' versions later, but it came with new bugs as has every 'dot' version since. I'm trying to think of features introduced after tables (tables is very useful feature, IMHO) that more than offset the new bugs, and I'm coming up empty . . .
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    Ugh. Can confirm. Seeing it on my main monitor (laptop) and 2nd monitor when docked. Just horizontal lines, no shortcuts. It seems sporadic. When I clicked the Sync button (just to change focus) then back to the dropdown, it worked.
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    I see Spaces as a supercharged Stack. You will still be able to use Stacks to organize your notebooks.
  31. 2 points
    Folks seem to be happy with the last version in 6.5. You might upgrade there and continue watching to see what happens when 7.0 arrives. Don't know when but it is probably around the corner.
  32. 2 points
    That was the story, but it was never officially confirmed. A few users had the impression that this was an unforced error by Evernote.
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    Yes, it's a matter of prioritizing, and of deciding what Evernote is worth among the whole set of things one wishes to use. What I object to is the assertion sometimes made that Evernote Premium is overpriced absolutely. For many people it's not; for others it is. I do regret the loss of the Plus level, though. It does seem to me that it filled a need. Evernote says it is "less popular than we thought it would be," which suggests either that the need is not large, or that they overestimated it. The fact they're framing the move as a quest for "a better solution to meet your needs" may point toward the latter.
  34. 2 points
    You are right that the premium subscription is not that much if you take into account only Evernote. However, I am willing to bet that most folks have a few different monthly services at a premium level and the costs for all of them add up to a bit more than a couple of coffees. It is about prioritizing services and how much you are willing to pay for a service. Also putting Evernote on a credit card and paying it over time = paying interest charges and it makes it even more expensive......... If we are forced to migrate away from the Plus option in the future I will be going to the free account - the $70 is more than I am willing to pay. I still wished that they offered a consumer version only without trying to jam all of the business stuff down our accounts. I understand that BTB is where the $$ is at, but it would be nice to go back to the basic EN that was offered years ago.
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    The bug is in the old version - if that wasn't shut down in a way that flushed its data to the registry, the settings would be lost. Going forward, that should no longer be an issue.
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    Thanks God! Please ask the developers just to release functional code the next time they plan a new rewrite.
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    Therein lies the issue grasshopper. I guess the vote sort works if you are looking to solve a problem, get the most favored responses first as opposed to reading the entire thread. But if you are a frequent forum visitor a date sort would be better.
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    Gotcha CalS. He was referencing setting the default tagging option, which he found that the "fixed" 7.1 has a bug doing. He wasn't referencing creating NEW tags. 7.0 was generally buggy in several ways. When the update first applied, I could select existing tags, AND create new ones. Then that stopped. I could also do screenshots...then that stopped. Bottom line for me...I went back to 6.13.2 and have NONE of those problems any more. I will stay with 6.13.2, and won't update Evernote again until I see convincing reports from this community that they have fixed their programming issues. I'm still unclear as to why 7.0 was even released since clearly, a Chrome update did not "break" the previous version, as someone insinuated.
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    Yeah, this is a PITA. I sent a note to @Shane D. about this last week. She said she would take a look to see if anything could be done.
  40. 2 points
    Yes. Features wise, I have no idea why someone thought that emoji is more important to users than format painter, or some kind of font style feature. Something requested for ages, while emoji if requested I didn't remember reading about it.
  41. 2 points
    I get that. However, the feature was broken on day 1. The first day the Chromium PDF viewer rolled out in Evernote it couldn’t drag and drop. That was what, in November? Earlier? I know I’ve been posting about it since November. Why was the decision made to swap to it without having the, at the time, current PDF viewer’s feature set? We went from a competent and useful PDF viewer (Evernote’s native one) to one with a fraction of the features (Chromium). I cannot figure out why you guys didn’t wait to make the switch until you had those features built into the new Chromium-based viewer. What makes the Chromium PDF viewer worth this ridiculous cost for your users? Why was this switch so important? What was wrong with the old PDF viewer? And at this point it’s been 4+ months with no fix. I don’t have hope it will ever be fixed - the pessimist in me thinks EN staff are just riding out the complaints until us users forget we could ever even do this at all.
  42. 2 points
    I wonder if I would be an Evernote user if my only option was premium or basic. Basic is almost fatally limited as a cloud service (only two devices, no offline) while premium is prohibitively expensive for people who have to control their bills. I'm ok with paying for the ongoing cloud service, but that's it - I can't afford and don't need anything that premium offers over Plus. Plus is the sweet spot and most attractive subscription level to me, so naturally I imagine that most users go for Plus as well. And that far fewer EN users go for premium. So pushing new users to Premium is an obvious reason to eliminate the Plus option. I mean, keeping Plus on offer costs nothing- it's not like there's inventory taking up space on the shelf.. Nor is it extra work to get Plus into the subscription system, it's already there. It's actually cheaper for EN to leave Plus subscriptions on offer. Period. Unless they believe that revenue is being left on the table. That enough of us would pick Premium if it was our only option.. That's the gamble this marketing moves makes. Make more money off less clients? How many less? How many will be lost due to prohibitive cost versus how much gained in higher margin? Dropping Plus forces all new users to spend significant ongoing $ if they want into the ecosystem, or just go elsewhere. But fine, EN already has it's base. OK some new customers lost, but by also allowing existing Plus subscriptions to stay grandfathered in, that keeps the current (and I'd guess substantial) Plus base from fleeing. A strategy. I know Evernote is directly stating the opposite, so.... maybe I'm off the mark ....or maybe the original post is corporate speak. It's naive to discount that possibility. It would be interesting to see the true numbers for the three subscription levels.
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    You've posted in other discussions on this topic. So what is the purpose of starting a new discussion with the same points. To indicate your support for changing the new note button, switch to the request linked below and use the voting buttons in the top left corner.
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    Thanks for the update, Chantal. Understandably, there has been a lot of bad feelings about the previous, crippled release. Wondering if you can provide more details about the differenced between 7.1 and 6.13.2? Meaning, what 7.1 includes over 6.13.2...and also what 7.1 still lacks? Also, if you have any insights why logging into your account at evenote.com using Chrome Mac loads your desktop so sloooooow, and very often the page doesn't render at all. This does not happen when accessing an account via evernote.com using Safari, Firefox or Opera. Only when using Chrome. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey @Chantal Leonard - I think you just made a lot of people very happy to get this functionality back again. Thanks for fixing this. Evernote came in for quite a lot of criticism for replacing the previous stable version with a cut down, apparently temporary fill-in. Are you able to give any more background as to why that was necessary?
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    This is very true. We have 35 EN Business seats. We recently started using MS Teams; it integrates seamlessly with OneNote. I love Evernote, and I will probably always maintain a personal account. But ya'll need to take this seriously. WordPerfect is, in my opinion, a far better word processor than Word, but its market share is nearly non-existent because everybody already has Word. WP and Word are not the same thing, just like EN and ON are different. But to most people, they are the same and it makes no sense to pay twice. You can't afford to lose customers.
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    I am not upgrading any Evernote product, be it Windows client, Web clipper or Android client. Reason is simple: Each upgrade creates more issues than previous one, there are no improvements here, it is regression, stress and frustration. Evernote's focus is totally wrong, they should begin with bug fixing.
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    Are you serious? Every time someone has a complaint about EN, you jump to their defence, regardless of what it is. Just 2 comments above yours is the below. To simply downgrade does lock us out of everything and everything EN does from this point on. Including bug fixes, security patches, etc, everything. Simply downgrading is not an option!
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    Great idea! Also this is something that could be relevant for other platforms as well.
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    On this release I am finding that whilst I am entering text into a note the note is almost instantly syncing and when this occurs the note list jumps back to the very top note, I am then having to scroll down to the note to continue. It is making it impossible to do any continual text entries, at the moment I am having to open the note in another window. I can't find any way to turn off instant sync, but in any case the jumping about in the notes list shouldn't occur.