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    hi, Recently, I noticed a strange behavior. When I move my mouse up/down over a note it scrolls up/down. This is good for reading, but horrible for editing - e.g. I want to move mouse towards toolbar to edit something, but at the same time note scrolls up and I loose context... I use the newest FF and Windows. This problem occurs only in Web Evernote. No problem with/inside Google docs or Office365 online. Any ideas?
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    Hi, thank you guys for verification! Yep, it only happens in FF. No problems with Chrome@MacBook. @Dave-in-Decatur Good idea, thanks. I have just reported this issue to support too. EDIT I also noticed some problems with using of Arrow keys to move cursor in Web Notes - only at FF.
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    A couple of people (including me) are discussing this in another thread. It would be helpful if you would join that too. In particular, so far three of us have experienced it in Firefox, but not in other browsers.
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    At any point in the "commentary", you can click the + icon to insert a photo To be honest, I use the Notability app on my iPad for note-taking; Pages app for word processing. I store the documents in Evernote as attachments
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    I found it's best to negate the crop and just do a full screen capture, then in evernote not you can right click the image, "annotate this image", and then crop it successfully. Not ideal, but it's something.
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    this is still a problem for me!! evernote support said they are aware no timeline for fix:(
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