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    This is so funny. First, many users are admonished to NOT use Notebooks -- use Tags. Now, we are being told that we use too many tags. What works for one user does not necessarily work for others. I have had many tags for years, and they all come in handy at various times. A good UI will help the user find and select the tags he/she wants to use. The EN Mac Tag Filter is a good example of this. Also, the Chrome Web Clipper does a great job of allowing the user to quickly find/select tags.
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    You guys are missing the point. For those of us, like me, that have many legitimate tags (>> 100), the current process to move a tag to a new Parent tag is ridiculous. We should be able to right-click on the tag ( in BOTH the left Sidebar, and in the Tags View), select "Move to Parent Tag", and be provided with a popup, auto-complete list like the Tag Filter uses. Reducing the number of tags is NOT an option for us.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Because someone is trying hard to be the next big "£+ck core features" fireball after Windows Phone
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    Same problem - unable to search for any item. Automatically updated from Google Play on two Android devices (Oneplus and Lenovo tablet). Both are on EN version 8.9(1082873). Prior to update, searching on both devices was working fine. Reported problem to EN support and sent them log files. To make the situation worse, I am unable to access EN from an Android browser - message "Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on Android browsers". So in essence, current EN on Android is not usable at all for anything but data entry.
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    March 2018 and I just lost 15min of my life trying to merge some notes on my iPad Pro... Now I read that - thank god - i am not to dumb to perform this, but ... what the heck... it is not possible?? So I want to renew the request for 2018! Developers, please listen...
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