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    Hi. It's not an Evernote process, but you can check Firefox help to export your bookmarks to an HTML file, then open that file in Evernote and use Clipper normally to clip the page. All your bookmarks in one searchable note.
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    No, three years ago I successfully used it. I traveled with iPad for 2 months, and it was a life saver, since I created many notes during each day and then merged them into one. Now my desktop computer is broken and unavailable until August, so I am back on iPad again, and it’s amazing how bad Evernote app for iOS is. Without other apps like MergeEver it’s almost unusable. Another thing I miss is the possibility to change creation date, but I can’t recall the name of the app that allowed me to do that.
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    This merging feature really needs to be implemented on iOS it is fundamental. I have been a dedicated Evernote paid user Since 2010, I have wanted this feature since I started. At first I thought I was just missing how to do it on iOS, I could not believe it was not possible. So I have been living with the situation. This is the first time I have been on this forum in a long time and I scanned this thread and just shaking my head. Please get this done, it’s clearly needed. Thanks, Dave
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    I love the 'Save as Template' option for notes that I have to repeatedly create. While I've found it to be a bit frustrating that you cannot edit a template once it's created, I've recently discovered another issue. Apparently there is a limit of 20 templates that we can create? What is the reason for the limit here? I'm sure there are others who regularly use more than 20 templates. I understand that I can have an entire notebook for templates (I already have that for ones that I don't use on a weekly basis). Thanks!
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    I was just going to chime in to stress the importance of this feature - especially with the upcoming features on iOS 13/iPadOS - so eloquently discussed in the quote above. The iPad is now (in beta - will be officially in September with the final release to the public) a desktop class piece of tech. And it desperately needs some of the desktop features over on iOS. I’m about to face a difficult decision. See, I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my only device now for 6 months. And, simultaneously, I’m trying to go “all in” with Evernote as my everything “online vault” for going completely paperless - including all my important scanned documents. But, without a few key features like merging notes, moving attachments from one note to another, etc, Evernote just isn’t usable on iOS as a primary note app/vault. This is a critical feature. Case in point, I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to scan directly to Evernote. I use their cloud scan feature so that I don’t have to use a desktop computer at all. The setup does a great job of scanning and applying OCR to the files then sending them to EN. However, they do 1 receipt/note or 1 doc/note. Sometimes, one needs to merge all of those receipts into a single note for simplicity and organization. But this isn’t currently possible on iOS. So, unless Evernote rectifies this, I find myself with a difficult decision: Do I keep a laptop around that I’m otherwise not using at all, simply to be able to organize Evernote notes for features that are missing in iOS, or do I look elsewhere for an online vault that will actually have feature parity between the versions? I’m about to put in a massive amount of work scanning in years and years of paper documents into Evernote but it makes it a much less enticing project with major features like this missing. And, it’s been requested since 2011 - for EIGHT YEARS! With all the growth that EN has experienced and with iPad/iPhone adoption skyrocketing over that time, this vital feature has not been added in all that time. Is this something that will, perhaps, be available with the advent of two instances of the same app open side by side on the iPad? Maybe drag and drop onto a note to merge? Without EN having to actually implement the feature? Surely, the Evernote team sees the frustration of not having almost any real features added in the last several years. I know you’re working on the stability of the product now, and I’ve watched the videos on that. It’s vital to do that. But, to be honest, that should have been in place the last few years. I know the team knows that and they’re trying to rectify that. But after innovating so much initially, there has been almost complete stagnation for new features (or existing features from desktop apps included in iOS/iPadOS) - save for a much hyped new logo that was apparently agonized over by those in the company. I’m honestly not trying to be a jerk saying these things. But as Premium/Pro paying customers, we’re just desperate to have everything work as it should. We shouldn’t have a lesser experience on Evernote because we choose to use an iPad. In fact, part of why I switched over to iPhone/iPad was because Evernote was so darn slow at adding features to their Android apps vs the EN apps on Apple products. And now, that’s not continued. Please, bring this feature (and moving attachments to another note) to iOS/iPadOS. Please! And some of the doc preview/PDF preview that is available in the desktop software. Basically, we desperately need more feature parity between iOS/iPadOS and the desktop products.
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    It’s a silly question to ask people to vote for! Merging notes is a standard feature on my Mac so why would I expect it to be absent from my iPad! I think Evernote should stop playing delaying tactics and introduce this feature immediately. I don’t expect to pay for premium membership to Evernote and then use third party apps for additional missing features absent on iOS devices
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    Merging notes on iOS is indeed not yet available, but I definitely understand why it would be a useful addition, especially on iPad/iPad Pro. I'm moving this to the 'Feedback' section to enable the voting feature.
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