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  1. I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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  2. Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and somethi
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  3. I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a
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  4. Need to have the multi tab feature Please. like the last version
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  5. I think given the frustration of users from the preview, beta and now the general release about the removal of functions and sparse information about which may still be under development, I think it would be a good idea for Evernote to publish a full roadmap to show which features are coming and a list of those that have been removed for good. I don't think this would even need dates, just a list of features with a guide as to In Development | Coming Later | Removed Permanently and to show where the new client is going. I think this would give users a clear indication of what to expect
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  6. The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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  7. Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios
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  8. I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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  9. It's unbelievable how such a good product can turn into such a bad thing that it induces a customer from years of using the product and the platform to start a process of mass migration of their data to the competition. How can a company do not make a market research, a survey among its loyal customers about what they expect or not from a new version. To me, if Evernote continues like this, it really died. And there it is to look for alternatives to other products, which maybe don't have all the features of Evernote but at least they don't charge us for what they can't offer, different f
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  10. I`ve just installed the new v. 10 and I just couldn't believe my eyes: oh, no, they kept most of the horrible beta version they realeased a few weeks ago! I would't call it an upgrade. I see it as a new concept, a whole new design - and they turned the back to old customers, simple as that. I spend 90%> of my computer time at Evernote. It has been so for the past 11 years, my workflow is based on Evernote, I have thousands of notes. They messed everything up. My first shock (not yet recovered): they killed the local databases and syncing. Who asked me if I want to have a
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  11. Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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  12. Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
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  13. I regret to have downloaded the new version of evernote, as now my notebooks are all organized in a list. This does not give a good overview - one has to scroll down + it is an extremely boring layout. The old book form (the little squares) where better in both aspects (going from left to right, it was possible to see many more notebooks on the screen.) My request is to allow users to choose for themselves if they want list or books (just add an icon next to "your list" => sort by => books (instead of only number of notes, etc., names etc.) , and why in addition (later, afte
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  14. Hi all, Evernote is brilliant - could not navigate life without it!! A feature that I feel is dearly needed and would be tremendous to have is the ability to create an anchor point in notes. eg if I am working on a lengthy note and constantly referring to other notes at the same time I want the ability to specify a point where I am working in that note so I can go straight back to it. Also, when you open a note it goes straight to the start of the note. You always have to scroll down to the bottom of the note to add to it. Many thanks
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  15. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back tabs! I use the Mac version, and tabs are essential (as mentioned by another poster). I always have several tabs open. I have a Daily Work List that is my main tab and I click on other tabs for doing other work. As a Premium subscriber, I believe that EN should have taken a user survey before making the incredible decision to jerk tabs out.
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  16. It's unbelievable how such a good product can turn into such a bad thing that it induces a customer from years of using the product and the platform to start a process of mass migration of their data to the competition. How can a company do not make a market research, a survey among its loyal customers about what they expect or not from a new version. To me, if Evernote continues like this, it really died. And there it is to look for alternatives to other products, which maybe don't have all the features of Evernote but at least they don't charge us for what they can't offer, different f
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  17. You destroyed Evernote with this new version. Why don't you think twice about ***** people's lives? Everything that has changed has changed for the worse. I have been using it since 2012. The worst version ever. The slowest and dumbest.
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  18. I think it's obvious, at this point, that Evernote users want the ability to select the default thumbnail for notes. I agree that it seems ridiculous that this conversation started in 2013 and 4 years later this hasn't been added to the application. As a visual person, the thumbnail helps me quickly find what I'm looking for. For example, when I'm looking for a recipe for pancakes, an image of the video (pertaining to the recipe) of two cooks doesn't help me find what I'm looking for. I need to be able to select the pic of the stack of pancakes. The whole purpose for using Evernote is
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  19. Thanks for nothing. In one swoop you have completely destroyed my workflow and 7 years worth of an information database. Many moons ago with the idiotic limitation of 250 notebooks I was forced to go the tagging route. That took a whole weekend to re-organise 3000+ notes. BUT once set up it did work well and no longer a limit on a high level entity. Today that's all gone - colour coded tag tiles gone. AND when you go to a tag area and create a new note you are bounced to ALL notes - the new note is not kept with the tag set. OK so I thought I'd look at Notebooks again and movi
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  20. I've participated in the Preview and the Beta programmes for this release. I've noted bugs when I've seen them, responded to the feedback questionnaires and posted observations to the Preview and Beta forums. I'm really surprised to see this release go live when the most recent beta didn't seem nearly ready. It feels as if this release has been rushed rather too rapidly. Perhaps to catch up with the iOS release? It doesn't even feel like a robust Beta, let alone a full release. I appreciate this is a "journey" and improvements can still be made, etc. etc. but shouldn't the app at least
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  21. Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a gre
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  22. A recent update to Chrome seems to have broken Clipper completely. Evernote responded by diving in and fixing it with an emergency bypass, but the 'new' clipper lacks notebook selection and comments amongst other things. Evernote say they'll bring back missing features when they can (my wording - they may have been more definite and more urgent than that). If you want want Evernote to put fixing the Chrome clipper and bringing back all the original features to the top of the list and treat it as Priority 1, please vote here! Remember you can still use other browsers, or ch
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  23. This sadly doesn't seem to be a new version of Evernote. It is an entirely different product that has access to our Evernote data in the cloud, but bears little resemblance in functionality to the Windows version of Evernote. So many features missing. This is worse than the iOS version, which, after being in the beta for a few weeks, opted out, installed Evernote 8.x from the App Store, then turned off automatic updates. So much is broken. No import folders? No global note shortcut keys? This is unusable to anyone that has used Evernote for over a decade. ☹️
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  24. I use Evernote extensively on my Mac, iPad Pro, and iPhone. We use shared notebooks in my office and I have a ScanSnap Evernote Edition sitting on my desk. (I even have Evernote desk accessories sitting next to the scanner.) I'm pretty well immersed in the world of Evernote. However, I've found myself turning to other tools, most recently OneNote, with greater frequency. The main issue, and it is a big one for me, is the fragmented and inferior support for note taking and PDF editing in Evernote. I use my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil extensively. There are some great Pencil-compatible apps
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  25. I gave up trying v.10 and am back to previous v. (last stable version). I use Evernote for work, not for leisure. The poor design and missing features affect my workflow. I just can't afford it. The whole situation is a true lack of respect. This release is an unfinished project - and a poor one. I'll stick to the older version for now.
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  26. hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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  27. I totally agree with the previous post : I have been using the Evernote Mac version for the past 4 years, and tabs are an essential part of my workflow, tabs and the possibility to open multiple, fully fledged, Evernote windows. Having them disappear will have a negative impact on how I use Evernote on a daily, if not hourly, basis.
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  28. Evernote forces ALT-S shortcut for screenshot with no option to disable it. Alt-S is S-cedilla char in polish language on every single polish keyboard. Current Evernote 10 is NOT READY FOR POLISH MARKET. How to disable the shortcuts?
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  29. REQUEST – It would be amazing to have a feature where an image can be selected, and when you right-click (ie, the same way you rotate it, etc.) there could also be an option to override the "largest smallest-dimension" algorithm and set that image as the note's thumbnail. A little background –– One thing I use EN for very heavily is as an artist database for my job. I really like having both a photo of the artist and an example of their artwork at the top of their card. However, when I'm scrolling through snippet or card view, it would be really helpful to have the image of the
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  30. Why why why would you change a perfectly good user interface and totally complicate it? This new version does not make it easier to create a note or to change the notebook for the note. It makes it harder. It requires more touches. There’s also a massive White space in the main note View. Who made these decisions? Why don’t you consult your user community before you did this? Evernote used to be the easiest app on my phone to use and now it is one of the most complicated. I hate the new version. In addition to this, as I have stated before, it’s absolutely unacceptable that you allow foreign d
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  31. A thing that's been bothering me in this great service ever since I started using it 2 years ago, is that it is not possible to set a sorting order for a specific notebook. To me this seems very basic, so I was very disappointed that it's still not available in the new beta. I mean, am I the only one who wants my receipts ordered by date and my recipes ordered by title? My family photos ordered by date and my art photos ordered by title? I do sincerely hope this can be implemented!! Once again, thanks for the great software.
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  32. If you could add this feature, it would make my life complete!!!! So it would be a reminder/alarm at a regular period ie. every Monday at 10am, the last day of each month, every day at midday etc. etc.
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  33. Clugey, slow, and my colored tags are gone. Are there any alternatives that I can transfer my Evernotes into?
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  34. This is a very, very, long-standing HTML feature, and oh so very useful for long notes. Two features I see essential for long (more than one page/screen) notes: Anchors/bookmarks Collapsible sections Both have been available in web pages since the early days of the web (late 1990's). ATTN: Evernote/ @Jackolicious, @SoftwareMarcus, @Justin Street: Come on, this is the very definition of productivity!
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  35. Would it be possible for Evernote to provide a more comprehensive list of the features they have removed from the product in version 10? Are import folders coming back? Nowhere did it say that by upgrading, you would lose this important feature.
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  36. It would be great to support selectively sync notebooks. Thanks! Our notebook becomes bigger and bigger especial if you are a premium user. However, our Mac hard drive is usually just 256GB or 512GB. iOS, Android version Evernote all supports. Alternote also supports this feature. Some related requests: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21933-archived-howto-how-do-i-not-sync-certain-notebooks-apart-from-cancel-premium/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39658-selective-notebook-syncing/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61920-synchroniz
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  37. The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it w
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  38. The new version sucks. Evernote began to consume 3-4 times more memory (more than 1 GB with 4 notes open), which is why the application slows down. The old version consumes 200-300 MB for the same number of notes. Even in the worst of times, when everyone called Evernote "the slowed-down elephant," the notebook ran faster. Side panel! Seriously? I see only a few tags on the 13-inch display instead of 20 in the old version. Do you call this "making a spacious design"? The new panel was not created to work with information. Colored tags! They made it possible to work very quickly
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  39. I'm a happy Evernote user, but I miss a feature many people have asked for and will greatly appreciate - support for LaTeX formulas. If may sound complicated, but integration should be actually extremely simple. Here's how it could work: 1) Similarly to URL-to-hyperlink conversion, a LaTeX formula could be automatically generated by converting text surrounded by specific characters ($ in LaTeX). For example, I can type "Today we will discuss how equations of the form $ax^2 + bx + c = 0$ can be solved" 2) Finally, the formula text can be converted to an image. Luckily, there are many online ser
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  40. PLEASE bring back custom fonts!! This was one of the many reasons why I love EVERNOTE . I LOVE Evernote but the lack of being able to choose a custom font on the new 10.0 Mac Desktop App is highly disappointing and frustrating!! Only having 6 fonts to choose from is SO archaic!! I can understand this update on the WEB version and even on the IOS versions but NOT on the desktop version!! I am a graphic designer and this is CRITICAL to my business!! One of the reasons I chose Evernote is because I had the freedom to choose my own fonts, colors, styles, formatting, etc. and I was able to import
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  41. I articulated this in the beta forums and am re-adding here to allow for voting up of the feature for those who agree with me. I very much dislike the added step of having to click a note link, then click the link again in the menu that appears. Adds all kinds of extra clicks to my workflow. I'm aware that Command+Click will open the link in a new window (and bypass the click on the drop down URL that appears). This is an ok workaround for external note links (out to the web, for example) but not at all what I'm after for internal note links (I don't want them to open in a new window
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  42. I've been a loyal user of Evernote for many years now, eschewing the Microsoft behemoth for some more open source alternates. Evernote was a bit of a compromise, but at least it wasn't MS. So I await new developments with interest. This last one seems to be a disaster. So far I have found the following issues with Evernote 10 that render it unsuitable for my use. I use Evernote as my journal/to do lists/note taking application to pretty much manage my life, and as such ease of use is important, as is customisation and personalisation. It is the application in which I spend most of my time.
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  43. It's really sad. I started my migration plan. And I believe, I'm not alone on this.
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  44. Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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  45. I have lots of lists using the old checkbox feature and I especially like that the text does not change to strike-through after checking the checkbox. After upgrading to v10.4.4, Evernote for Windows keeps automatically switching my check box lists to checklists and changes all text to strike-through for checked items. This happens anytime I press enter anywhere in any of the items on any line. It is impossible to add a new line anywhere - in the middle, at the end, ANYWHERE, without the list getting switched to a checklist. PLEASE allow us to disable this new "feature". I can understand
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  46. I'd really like an option to just add a PDF as a note rather than as an attachment on the note. It's pretty trivial, but when I'm saving something that's just a PDF (like sheet music for example) it's a little inconvenient to have to open the note and then click the attachment. Thanks!
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  47. Hi All, The next video in our Behind the Scenes series is here! Ian Small chats with Sasha, a senior product designer at Evernote, about the work she and the team are doing to make the editing experience more flexible, consistent, and fun. We hope you’re enjoying the series and stay tuned for the the rest of the series! YouTube Link:
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  48. Hey, I would like to make a feature request for evernote to implement a text collapse, as seen in coding software such as Dreamweaver. The idea is to make it a little bit easier to organise long lists. Simply mark the desired text, collapse it and then you're able to toggle on and off and eventually remove the collapse when you don't need it anymore. Here's a picture I found: http://www.creativepro.com/files/story_images/20050926_expand.jpg It's a really simple feature, but it would make my Evernote life easier!
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  49. Dear Evernote Team, thank you for continuing to evolve my potentially most cherished piece of software. However, the new v10 I just installed is annoyingly hard to use, because all interactions are so slow: Clicking on anything is no longer snappy like in typical desktop apps, but rather a slow and laggy experience, and I see the dreaded spinning wheel everywhere, e.g., just by switching between notes. Luckily we can roll back to the v7 client for now, but I hope this can be solved and the UI made fluid and usable, as this version of Evernote is, I am sorry to say, 100% unusable to me. Looking
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  50. I'm as pissed as everyone else, and really angry at Evernote for putting out this version without FULL details (surely they must have expected this blow-back), BUT, now that they have their 2 years worth of work leveling out the playing field across all platforms, which is what they said their intention was, I'm still willing to hang around for a bit and wait for all the missing features to be implemented. I mean at the end of the day, their BIG mistake was to put this out now instead of waiting until all they implemented all the features. So I'll hang on the older version and give them a bit
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