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    I use iOS so I didn't know that dragging a checklist was already enabled on Android - thanks for mentioning that! The changes to Evernote Web are progressing VERY NICELY and I can't wait for the mobile apps to mimic the web interface! An update to the desktop app will be appreciated as well, but I'm starting to move away from the desktop app due to how good the web app has become!
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    I'm an idiot is what I am. I had the document already open in Acrobat, so when I opened it again through Evernote, the password box was displayed over top the existing open note in Acrobat which happened to be the same note, so that made me think it was displaying the note while asking for the password. Yup. 4 espresso is obviously not enough for this gal. .
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    In the version I'm using, 8.12.4, I can select a notebook from the Notebooks list in the slideout panel, and that shows me all of the notes in that notebook. If I then tap on the Search magnifying glass, search terms entered there only apply to the scope of the current notebook, at least as far as I can tell. Does that not work for you?
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    Ok, that's it. I'll be telling the evernote folks. Some things trigger Evernote web to include a "HTML Content" notice in the notes on the web. If you were to save that note as a template and then use it, you would get html code (so far just the spaces ( )) everywhere in the note. Your best bet is to re-create the note from scratch, avoiding the things that cause that notice to appear. What causes it? The one thing I know is that if you have text in one cell where you are using two different formats (maybe a different colour, a different font size) in the same cell you will get the notice (when you look at the note on the web). That's what triggered it for me. Once it got triggered, even deleting the row of the table in which the cell appears will not fix it; the space codes appear elsewhere in the table the minute you have a space in a cell (or perhaps only a formatted cell?). My guess is that other things might trigger this, but I don't have time to spend another 5 + hours troubleshooting.
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    Hello folks, In the meantime I had switched around the server settings of getting reminder via email off and on again ... And look ... today I indeed have received a reminder email ... so, it seems to work again ... Thanks for your help. Yours, Stanley
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    Thanks. Saving the attachments from the resource:application/pdf notes was quicker than I expected. Using dir *.pdf /S /B >list.txt gave me the lists I was able to manipulate in Excel to find the difference. It also found some duplicates.
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    For some reason that doesn't work on my computer (Windows 10), but I can temporarily enlarge or reduce the font size of any note by using control-plus or control-minus.
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    @RavBoy I don't use Windows personally, but if I understand what your issue is, I think we have this addressed in the new editor which we're working hard to release across all platforms. It will be available in the new Windows client we're working on (see the earlier link to our blog post for 2020). If you take a look at this screen capture, you can see we allow you to manipulate captured content and also select how to display content in the editor. clips.mp4
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    @eric_treelight Thanks for the info. I took a look at your account and the last time an iPhone device was connected to it (Nov 07, 2019). Unfortunately, I'm able to confirm that the access was part of the security incident we've mentioned before where hackers are using passwords from other site compromises to log into accounts and search them for important data like Bitcoin wallets. If you haven't recently, I suggest you change your password to something unique to your Evernote account and enable two-factor authentication. This is the best way a user can secure their account.
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    Thanks very much Pink Elephant, have been trying to solve this for days. 😊
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    Yes, @Dave-in-Decatur, exactly! Pleeese provide this fix.
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    Not quite my definition of "sensitive information" I have faith in Evernote's security and my personal data security, but I have a small list of encrypted items examples: Scan of my passport, password list (backup) >>Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉 It just works (Apple slogan)
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    ...Possibly weirdly, in the real world I do shred a lot of what I scan - after a decent wait so I'm sure it doesn't need re-scanning - especially the bits with my address and most of the receipts with obfuscated account and card numbers. My theory is that anyone with a grudge against me personally is going to start as close to my base as possible: but any stalker dumpster diving is only going to turn up hamster bedding, not evidence of anything... and anyway those floor plans of the Bank of England could belong to anyone...
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    I can confirm that in my case the problem disappeared as soon as I disabled Browsing protection by F-Secure extension from my browser (Firefox, MacOS).
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    YAY! Just found another workaround to clipping web-pages, that result in the newly clipped EN-Notes having a pseudo Dark Mode. It's not exactly a complete perfect solution but might help some. How it Works: Need to have/use Google Chrome browser. Download and Install Chrome Extension 'Dark Reader'. Configure first-time setup of Dark Reader adjusting colour scheme via extensions slider adjusters. Make sure its turned on when wanting to clip web-pages. NOTES:- only EN 'Article' clip-mode works (Simplified article clip option won't work). When viewing the newly clipped note on another dark-mode enabled EN platform e.g. EN-Android ...the app will inverse the colours back..booooo, but I can live with this as I use EN-Windows 95%+ of the time. Your notes may look different if using different colour settings in the chrome extn. Example NO Chrome Extension | webpage clipped using article view and (how it looks on my EN-Windows Note) Example WITH Chrome Extension on | webpage clipped using article view My Extn config settings
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    Picture me doing the can-can
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    You all might be interested in this blog post https://evernote.com/blog/2020-update-progress-road-ahead/ The re-engineered web client (in limited release), the new mobile clients (in first preview), and the (as yet unreleased) new clients for Windows, Mac, and (yes!) Linux
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    I use Evernote for everything! One thing I use for a lot is capturing recipes I see online. The problem is that when I open Evernote on my iOS devices and I’m cooking, everytime the screen locks and I open the device back up, Evernote refreshes and I have to go looking for that note/recipe again. You guys sunset’d the AWESOME recipes app you had and I’ve continued to use Evernote standard for recipes but it’s unusable like this. I see other people in discussions on this forum who use Evernote for note taking in class and experience this same issue. And turning off background app refresh doesn’t solve the issue.
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    How is this not fixed yet? It must be the most annoying bug we have seen in a while.
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    Thanks for this summary, some of them I had forgotten. Nonetheless, I have found it just too tedious to do serious writing on my iPad, particularly getting specific text selected. While, in theory, you can just drag on the markers, in practice, they seem to have a mind of their own, with strongly preferred locations favored, such as the spot immediately before a word rather than in the word. I've decided it's time to get back on my iMac where I have complete control. I guess I was just being lazy anyway :).
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    @Jeshi, I asked somebody in our support team to reach out to you. You should hear something from them tomorrow. They'll help you sort it out and make sure you don't get locked out of your account.
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    I'm on Basic. When I launch Evernote, it opens to the All Notes page. I'd like to open to Notebooks. Is this possible?
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    I just tested it/had a go for you, on my EN-Windows v6.18.4, and I did not experience this issue. I saved a note with text and table, text separated by spaces, then saved as template, then applied template...but again nothing. Annoying when these bugs come up...maybe you used copy and paste from another doc!? If yay try creating from scratch in EN.
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    Hi @CAVOK. Since you are a paid member, you are not required to use an authenticator app. There's a skip link on the authenticator download page. Please see the attached screenshot.
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    Phew - I keep getting the image too, but assumed I'd just delete it if I clicked! I'll stop worrying now... 🤭
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    You could try using Word. Found this Searching for remove hyperlinks with word. How do i remove hyperlinks in a word document? To remove a single hyperlink without losing the display text or image, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove Hyperlink. To remove all hyperlinks in a document, press CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.Nov 3, 2019
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    If it is plain text, maybe you could copy it to a text-only editor, save it and copy it back into a new note. I am not sure if EN detects the strings and reattaches Hyperlinks again. But you could give it a try.
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    Yesterday I tried it out before posting: Taking a HEIC from the Photos App on my MacBook Pro / Catalina and drag & drop it into an EN note. The picture was transferred and showed, but I think it was converted into a JPEG on the transfer (no way to look this up in EN, at least I could not see it). When I exported it out of EN it showed as a JPEG. So I think this background conversion happened on the OS level, not by EN. 1st as as user of nearly exclusively Apple-devices for sure I would like to have HEIC supported in EN. 2nd EN is not alone in the club of those programs that doesn’t - among them dedicated Photo editing programs. Maybe the iPhone camera was not regarded as a source for real photography - which probably changed now with the iPhone 11, that has a fantastic set of cameras. I often take pictures in RAW using Halide, which allows for post processing an iPhone picture like one from a DSLR. HEIC would make this easier, avoiding RAW. About what to support everybody can make his own priority list. For me getting a better iOS app (more like desktop) would be number one, with features like merging notes, selecting and modifying several notes at once (tagging, table of content, presentation mode etc.), plus split mode to have 2 EN sessions open. The course of management to cut back on having multiple UIs, different functionality and to get a more unified engine to drive EN on the different platforms for me sounds good. With to many peeks and perks you probably get a platform that will be very hard to support on the long run. Most of the OSes run an update cycle of one major update per year. This makes 4 OS updates every year, plus the permanent browser updates. This alone is enough to keep a lot of software engineers busy. Sometimes keeping it simple is doing it better.
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    Usually when I save a TIFF, it is because I want / need an uncompressed picture file. But then I save it to a disk drive, because handling of file this large is not always practical over an ISP connection. It is even slow using my Gigabit LAN at home. Once I finished working on the TIFF, it will be saved in something like JPG or PNG, shrinking it by as much as 9/10th. But everybody has his own workflow, and needs. P.S. 200 MB is even huge when saved as a TIFF. I sometimes stitch several pictures together to a panorama. You need several pictures to take the combined file north of 200MB. But the new Sony has a 61MPix Sensor, maybe it is time for a change then.
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    Good bye, good luck I recommend the Notability app; a great improvement on "handwriting" I still like Evernote for storage and organization; I store the Notability documents as note attachments
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Or Opera, which is not well known in the U.S. but I think used fairly widely in Europe. Clipping PDFs in Evernote does work there.
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    This feature request is valid for much more uses than recipes. Here's a list of where I have trouble because it doesn't re-open at the exact same location: - Compiling a list out of the internet, e.g. possible fashion, furniture, plants to buy. Each time I want to paste a new item after some more searching, I have to call up the note/position again. - Using a todo list on evernote, in my case gardening chores. Each time I've finished one chore and come back to check the next, I have to search for the note again... - Using a packing list for a destination I go regularly, e.g. for skiing or the beach. Again, each minute you come back to check the next thing on the list, you have to search for the note again... Anything used as a reference several times, requiring switching in and out of the app, proves the same problem. As far as I recall, in an older version re-visiting Evernote did lead you back to the exact place you were on before. This may be very helpful indeed. Better still: make it time dependent: any return to the app within less than say 5 min. points you to the same cursor location, after 5 min it points you to the start screen.
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    Hi. AFAIK you do need to keep the browser tab open on the page you're clipping until Evernote pops up with a confirmation that the clip is done, but there's nothing (again AFAIK) that stops you switching tabs or opening a new one to look elsewhere while you wait... Most of my clips seem to complete fairly expeditiously anyways so I don't recall any need to find something to do in the interim...
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    I would love to see a format painter to be able to quickly matching font, size, etc. from one area of a note to another.
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    Hello I keep getting these tips about buying milk etc on iOS and can’t work out where to turn off the setting to make it stop. Any ideas? It’s REALLY annoying.
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    Yes that suits your particular use of Evernote. That’s not my use of Evernote. Not everyone has this implementation of Evernote, my implementation is that I make a lot of long notes on a variety of subjects and have to switch between them. Obviously the issue that I described has no impact on you because that’s not your iteration of how you use the application . However no one should assume that anyone else’s use of the application is similar to theirs, and therefore some of it does not bother you, obviously can bother someone else. I appreciate your response but it’s not a solution to a problem, it’s within the application, if there’s a problem within the application in this highly competitive market then Evernote should by now have fix this problem so that they can address the concerns of all of its people, this is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. The note market has become extremely fierce and many great offerings, why would Evernote not choose to live by the highest possible standard, and be competing for the top and best quality in both existing product as well as product roadmap as well as innovation ? The challenge here is there is a problem when you switch between applications in Evernote that causes a certain range of customers to have a serious problem , that has caused a number of us to reconsider options as it does not help us, it is a constant point of aggravation. It’s like saying my front door is broken, but I don’t go out the front door, go out the back door, so I’m gonna leave the front door broken.
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    Please, Please, Please - I will pay a premium please give me format painter in the editor, why is it not there?
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    When annotating a PDF that is embedded in a note, the highlight option only provides access to free-hand highlighting. This results in messy highlights and doesn't really fulfill the needs of the tool. Is there any way to simply highlight text that has been selected?
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    Dear all, I plan to migrate from OneNote to EN for my daily planning and for my private content and notes, I have upgraded to Premium.... but Password lack is a show stopper for me ! I do not need encryption, I'm not trying to protect from Hackers or terrible cyber criminals !!!! I just want to avoid that my private thoughts and ideas pops up on my desktop or mobile while I am browsing my daily planning. Same I do not want that my kids or other eyes gets access on my private things when they browse on my pc or mobile! So a password protection (not encryption, encryption is not needed, just simple password!!!!) for notebook or sections or notes is what I am asking for. I know I will limit search function, I know I will probably limit integration from other sources (like sending from Outlook to a password protected area), probably also more nice function will be restricted ...... but please, add the function !!! I will decide whether to use it or not, why you decide for me? You are such great developers, why are you so reluctant to include this function... if someone does not want the password, he just have to avoid to use it, isnt' that easy? Hope you will change your mind soon Cheers Richard
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    A New feature request! I generally open more then one tab, sometimes 5, 10 tabs and I want to be able to "bookmark" them all at once in Evernote! Now if there a way to do this already let me know! If not, then please can we get this feature added????
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    I have been looking at Nimbus for a few months as either a backup to, or a replacement of, EN. I still haven't made the jump, but every time I read about the great new features of Evernote for Business, get a pop-up on the Web app about an EN for Biz feature, or have to remember how to share a note in Android via Email rather than work chat , I get a little closer. To clarify and add to some of gesshoom's post. You can import EN Enex file, but it does a much better job importing the native EXB file. Attachments, tags, etc. all work perfectly. Of course, if you use nested folders, you will have to renest those as EN folders aren't physically connected. As he said, syncing is virtually instant. The Android Widget is much more robust There are offline folders on Android. The default is to download headers and grab Notes as needed, but you can sync everything local and have it all offline if you want. Unlike EN, the app doesn't have the ability to move to External Storage I think the web clipper is as good or better than EN, and the company also has a separate Windows clipper that works very well when outside the browser. The main feature it is lacking that I use frequently is a default import folder, but depending on what I am doing, there are easy workarounds. The tags vs folders argument becomes moot as Nimbus supports both equally well. In response to the "mostly unresponsive support team," I just sent them a feature request. The reply came back within 2 minutes. This is not unusual per my experience. Of the dozen or so emails I have sent them, half came back within minutes, and all but one of the rest were within an hour. The outlier took 6 hours. As far a the pricing is concerned, I have been Premium at EN for years and never touch more than a fraction of the data usage. So, I bought a $5 on month plan at NN to handle the initial import, then I will likely go to the free plan. At this point, the data import per month is the only significant restriction on the free plan. From what I can determine, Nimbus Notes was launched in 2014, but the parent company, Everhelper began about a year before Evernote. EN is still my primary, go-to database, but when my sub comes up in May, I will almost certainly downgrade to Plus if not Free. In the months of testing, NN hasn't been non-responsive at any time, and I find myself going there more and more when I'm waiting for the Not Responding to go away on EN.
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    I've never had this problem before, but in the last two days I've noticed it on multiple notes. I've checked both the desktop and web versions, and in note history on the affected notes. In no cases are the missing images (copy/paste from clipboard) there. They are just gone - no broken image icon or anything. I even repasted all the images back into my latest note today, and then noticed they were gone AGAIN an hour or so later. Interestingly, not all the images are gone - but about 80% of them are. These are work-related technical documentation, so having them saved in the note is critical ... I still have them in my screenshot program history (SnagIt), but that's not sufficient. And yes, I'm already a premium member - have been for years. Please help me get back to Evernote being my favorite thing ever!
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    Yes, for something to help keep you organized, it sure is a chaotic mess upon opening. Opening to a list of notebooks seems like such a better default. Or at least give the option to choose how it opens.
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    I am new to using Evernote, and am trying to learn using a Premium subscription on a MacBook Pro under OS X Sierra (as well as an iPad and iPhone). With the Mac, I have figured out how to save a PDF into a note on the desktop version of Evernote, and have it entirely open first and every time I use that note within the desktop version only. However, whenever I either try to download a PDF first into the web version of Evernote, or open a note with a PDF file that I had previously saved under the desktop version, all I get is a PDF icon that when clicked, allows me only to download the entire PDF to the computer and use the PDF within Adobe Acrobat. I have not yet tried to annotate PDFs within notes, but this would imply that I will only be able to annotate PDFs within either the desktop version of Evernote or within Adobe Acrobat. This is not how i thought Evernote Premium would work. From write-ups, I had understood that I should be able to attach a PDF to a note within my Evernote Premium account on one computer and be able to open it and have it appear intact within the note on another computer. What am I not understanding or doing wrong? If I am describing accurately the way that Evernote works with PDFs, then what is the advantage to using Evernote for PDFs instead of another cloud service, such as, say Dropbox? For example, if I download a large number of professional journals within Evernote, will Evernote's OCR in fact be able to index all of that; or are there not-well-documented limitations to that feature as well?
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