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    Hi All, If you’ve updated your web browser to Safari 13 The recent Safari update removed Evernote’s Web Clipper from your list of extensions. To fix this, please install the latest version of Web Clipper today. This update restores Web Clipper to Safari 13, and is also backward-compatible with most previous versions of Safari. The update includes primary features such as saving screenshots, adding bookmarks, and clipping web pages. But in order to get a Safari 13-compatible version of Web Clipper to you as soon as possible, we’ve had to prioritize features, which means a few features aren’t yet ready. Below is a summary of upcoming releases to get you back to a fully-featured version of Web Clipper as soon as possible. Release 1 (current release, available Oct. 14) The following features are included in this release: Support for all primary clip formats: Article Simplified Article Full page Screenshot Bookmark YouTube (custom clip) Amazon (custom clip) Annotating clipped content Switching between dark mode and light mode Release 2: In addition to the features listed above, this release will also include: Clipping PDFs viewed in a browser Smart filing and tagging Using Web Clipper in the contextual menu (aka “right-click menu”) Logging out of Web Clipper Switching between multiple accounts Release 3: This release is targeted to go live before the end of October. This will be our full-featured Safari Web Clipper extension release and it will restore all functionality, including popular features such as: Web Clipper keyboard shortcuts “Custom clips” (specialized clipping on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, and more). You’ll be notified automatically (through the Mac App Store) as updates to the Safari Web Clipper extension are available. If you have NOT installed Safari 13 You can keep using Web Clipper in its present form and wait for the full-featured Web Clipper extension update. However, if you choose to update your extension now, you will ensure compatibility with macOS Catalina and past/future versions of Safari. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and appreciate your patience.
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    Just chiming in again to reiterate that I still regard this feature as a must-have. Accidental keystrokes while referring to old notes are a major concern for me. Evernote's familiarity, helpful support team, and convenient image editing features have been a barrier to switching, but OneNote is looking more tempting every day that I can't protect my notes by making them read-only.
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    Hello everyone, I found a solution to have a dark mode for evernote on windows and on the web. In Chrome install the " Midnight Lizard" extension which turns ALL websites into dark mode. Open Web Evernote then go to More tools -> create shortcut, tick open in new window. Drag shortcut into your launch bar. Enjoy!
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    Check the File menu, Page Setup.
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    On a phone press on the three dots and press Open In. Then select Evernote. If Evernote isn't visible add it using the more option. This will add the photo, or any file for that matter, as a note.
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    A little late, yes. 😁 The F7 spell checker was killed in v. 6.8, almost two years ago. A full and fully outraged discussion here: There may be others as well. This was part of the Chromium "update"=downgrade fiasco that the Evernote Windows editor is still recovering from. In that thread, a couple of then-current EN employees did chime in. From @Austin G, in this post: And from @dconnet/@dcon, in this post: But as we know, there has been no visible progress, and no updated information, about this worse-than-regrettable situation. As I understand it, this was a programming environment change that the Evernote developers simply had to adapt to, so not their initiative, although not handled or communicated particularly well by them. Now that they are working on a common editor for all platforms, perhaps they will be able to avoid some of the pulling-out-the-rug messes that each individual platform's developers inflict on the rest of the world.
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    Here is the PE phrase. The steps replicate what you would do manually - double click to highlight the word under the cursor, copy, find in note, paste, select next, close find in note. {#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON -count 2}{#CTRL -chars c}{#CTRL -chars f}{#CTRL -chars v}{#mouseposition -x 2755 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON}{#mouseposition -x 2510 -y 775}{#LEFTMOUSEBUTTON} The mouse positions at the end are specific to where you have the EN on your setup so the EN window needs to be in the same position for this to work. Since I always have EN open full screen on the right monitor of a two monitor set up, not an issue for me. For the demo attached I shrank the EN window and simply modified the locations. I use a tool called MousePos.exe to determine location. I use _ as a prefix so that the word is unique. Sounds and looks more complicated than it actually is. You could actually copy/paste the above into a new PE phrase and modify the positions and be good to go. Demo. I copied a bit of this page and added the jump link _Answer to it. Then executed the PE macro triggered by Shift+Alt+RightMouse. Hope it helps.
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    I create lists of things I need to do. I prioritize my time by reordering the list and removing items when they're done. I want to be able to reorder the list easily using buttons, hotkeys, or drag and drop. This seems like such an easy feature to add to both the web and Windows versions. Reordering lists as priority changes are crucial to my system. Having to copy out of EN into a text editor (notepad++ for me) just so I can CTRL+SHIFT a row up and down and then having to copy it back so that I can view the changes on my other devices leaves me at risk of losing my changes. I copy out, reorder and forget to copy back. For me, checkboxes don't work. If I'm done with a ToDo, I want it out of my view. CTRL+SHIFT+D should delete the current row in the list. If I'm scanning down through my list and I see items that need to be done before the one at the top of the list, I want to be able to move them to the top. Clicking on that line or highlighting any part of any line and pressing CTRL+SHIFT+UP should move the selected rows up one row, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+UP should move it up all the way. Alternatively, you could drag and drop them.
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    @DaJoLo, I appreciate your persistence and relatively calm approach (believe me, I have seen some REAL whinging around here!). WRT the above-quoted, are there other large or large-ish software companies that post such timelines on their updates, i.e., list specific features being worked on with specific expected arrival dates (if that's what you're requesting)? I tend to doubt it, because it simply would create more anguish than it would solve. E.g.: Timeline of coming updates posted. 5 minutes later, thousands of outcries about why particular features are not higher on the list, or are not on the list at all, because the software is completely useless without them. Timeline of coming updates posted. 5 minutes later, thousands of outcries about why some features are even on the list, since nobody wants them. Timeline of coming updates posted. A programmer gets the flu or goes on parental leave. The timeline of whatever they're working on is borked. Outcries ensue. Timeline of coming updates posted. Apple or Windows or Android issues an update of their own. Half the timeline is borked, the other half becomes completely impossible. Outcries ensue, since obviously this is all Evernote's fault. No, I don't blame Evernote a bit for not posting their internal timeline. I do agree that a feedback form for the desktop app, like the one for the beta Web interface, would be great. I'm not sure about frequent updates for minor fixes. That's kind of what's happening with Android. The release notes (which have gotten unbearably cutesy) say, "Whee! We flattened a bunch of bugs!" Maybe so, but still not the ones that, in my humble opinion, most need flattening. Frequent updates are more aggravating than helpful, psychologically, at least in my psychology, which could always be called into question itself.
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    The lack of ability to disable this annoying feature, which I commented about on 27-Aug-2018, has caused me to start looking for an alternative to Evernote. From what I can tell, the product works well on iOS and MacOS. Based on personal experience, it works just OK on Windows, though the editor has some quirks that take getting used to. But on Android, where I basically run my entire life, Evernote is VERY DISAPPOINTING! As others have commented, it's been over a year and we're still dealing with this issue. I understand and support the team not catering to free-level users. But as a paying user (Plus level subscription), I would think this issue would get more attention than it has. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas...
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    Thanks for the topic push! (BMXer_V, hit the upvote button please [top left].)This issue still annoys and messes me up ever time I make a note! Keep pushing people. Changing code in software (back to what it was) is really hard when you're a professional programmer...
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    Thanks for your helpful reply. I didn't quite make my tagging issue clear but I've got over it now and moved on! (I was really talking about add text tags to a document to give an indivdiual document unique tags ...) I surely appreciate the scale of the issue regarding tracking of forums posts but I guess I am griefing about (a) long delays between updates and (b) the question of how the user finds out what's in the timeline. That could be fairly simply handled by a regular sticky post at the top of the forum or maybe an opt-in newsletter. Such an approach would satisfy occasional moaners (but avid users) like me who just want to be made to feel that there are changes a-coming ... it's a psychology thing ... I note that the web app has a simple feedback form but there doesn't seem to be the equivalent for the desktop app (at least, I cant find it!). That might be useful. Yes I know how to manage my tags although what would be really good here is a search/replace tool for changing tags (I have a large tag list and so it's not a 5 minute job to edit them though I have done so from time to time). ... that's not a feature request! just thinking out loud. 😉 Yes, I'm a beta user for the web app and also for the desktop app. The desktop app had an update a while back but nothing for some time; perhaps this where a bit of psychology might work - more frequent updates, even for small relatively changes, can create an atmosphere of activity and responsiveness. Anyway must get back to work! ... Cheers.
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    Thanks. That's what I thought. I use that left panel extensively and it annoys me that real estate on it is taken up by something that should be configurable.
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    I'm also on Evernot v. 8.12.2 on Android, and the issue persists. Just like @Dave-in-Decatur, I also updated my note on Windows and ended up with a note conflict that won't go away. Adding more details: My "locked" note on Android was called "Sand Spirograph" I changed the same note on my Windows machine ( (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981)) I synced on both devices (first on Windows, then on Android) This caused a "note conflict" on Android I deleted the "note conflict" on Android (the one with the lock and red mark) Now I see the note correctly on my Android device (without the lock and without the red mark) YET, whenever I sync on Android, I get a notification saying "Note upload failed / Note conflict Sand Spirograph"! I opened the "Trash" folder on Android and saw the two notes there, "Sand Spirograph" and "Note conflict Sand Spirograph" (both with the lock and with the red mark) I tried to delete them, but got an "Error / Some notes were already restored on another device. Nothing was deleted."
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    A general rant has its place I suppose. But I will give you this, currently I am not sure which version is the "stable" version. The current version has a few bugs which run from slightly to very annoying, but the previous version had at least one nasty bug that is currently fixed (encryption corruption), so I'm sticking with the current one for the time being. If you find something that is truly better than Evernote, please let the rest of us know.
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    Sort the notebook oldest to newest by created date, You can do that somewhat when emailing something to EN, Otherwise Vulcan mind meld.
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    Any Form of Security Feature (Password/ Fingerprint Authentication / PinCode, etc) is MUCH NEEDED for Notebooks And Notes! A Huge number of E.Note users create shareable public links which MUST be protected for the privacy of the content (which is highly confidential or v.personal at times). Thnx! 😊
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    I have not tried that, so thank you for this tip. I'll try it right away and see if it makes a difference. What a nice easy fix THAT would be. The text is gone for good once it vanishes. It doesn't appear at all on my other devices. But if I enter text in EN on my phone, for instance, it will stick across all platforms. It's only in the web version where the problem exists. I'll try that beta and see if there's any difference. Thanks again. Update: Well, huh. Text seems to stick in the Beta version. That was ridiculously simple. Good call, D-in-D.
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    The Evernote servers? Notes are uploaded to the Evernote servers and undergo processing, for example OCR for search indexing
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    OK. Who's doing the magic? The search did not work on Thursday. I tried it on two tablets (S4 and S6) and tried it on my phone (S10+) and it did not find the text/word I entered. I read your replies this morning and was going to grab some screenshots to show the non-result and presto - it worked. I haven't done anything different in the last few days. Just routine PlayStore updates and the occasional Evernote sync on the tablets but now it works. Maybe I was searching too soon after adding the records to Evernote. I've been running EN on Android for years but never tried a search before, so perhaps it was just timing that foiled me. But, it's working so I'm happy. Thanks for the assistance.
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    You could do that but without an ability to manually organize notes within a notebook, it gets messy. You need workarounds like a numbering scheme to make sure that all the notes are in the right order vis-a-vis the separator.
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    I will try that gazumped and also keep the trash emptied . Thank you both!
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    Just for fun, I created a title with 911 characters, no error, then went over 1,000, still no error, then attempted to copy and paste it again (that's how I counted the characters), then the error appeared, and it truncated the title to 479 characters. So maybe 479 is the limit.
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    Not sure if it’s a the latest dev beta of iPados, or EN, but swiping away from the app and back to it the carrot/cursor is going to last position in the note. Thanks for that
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    Backupery is still working well for me - the important tweaks (in case they aren't mentioned elsewhere) is to set the options to 1) full backups, rather than incremental - purely because if you backup incrementally, you (currently) have to restore that way too... 2) keep a maximum of 10 or less backup sets - my full backups run to 25GB a time, so I chose 6! 3) daily backups at a specific time - preferably when you're not using the system. Again depending on your system and the size of the database, things can slow down while it's happening.
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    Hey @DTLow Thanks very much for your comments/questions, which motivated me to get straight on the subject of EN backup-restore. After reviewing all your comments here, and in another thread I had clipped Automating EN backups?, I agree the 'Print to PDF' format will not be as useful. I confess, I hadn't really applied any logical thought process to this. But believed I should do something, rather than trust/rely exclusively on EN. This is distinct from my PC backup, where I Do trust/rely on Microsoft via MS Onedrive to take care of things (which also includes the EN Db folder/files I occasionally copy to Onedrive synced folder). Your scenarios work for me also. The couple of minor-scenarios that have come up, resulted in me just using the notes-history to recover. But it's the 'Worst-Case' scenario, I want to make sure I have reliable, or functional backups for, that could work on their own, inside just a browser, should EN go dark as you say. I found the HTML 'export-as-multiple-pages' feature works great for that, and all the links, including the in-app links continue to work fine. So if EN never, never, never came back, I could rebuild into another app from there...so the Armageddon solution. I'm looking into getting Backupery as @gazumped recommended (in thread linked to above) as it looks like it can make the whole process simple and give me the peace of mind I'm looking for. Cheers agin
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    Thanks for the feedback and the link. Regarding which comments, I was referring to several comments I'd seen regarding the subject that came back after simply searching Forum for "special character" - https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q="special character". I'm new to the EN User Forum, but seems to be a lot of useful info posted out here. Thanks again for the info and link you shared.
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    Hi. You can check on Evernote's security here - https://evernote.com/security and message them direct if you have any special concerns. I'd imagine (but I'm not an employee, so I do not know) that web regulations require Evernote to inform you of everything that might be captured by Clipper if you select -forinstance- a web purchase receipt showing your credit card details. No reputable software would delve into your credit card (or any other) details buried in system files or browsing history. Evernote just needs to 'see' the page(s) it copies to your notes.
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    Just wondering how usefult this format is for "back-up process". What scenarios are you preparing for, and what is the recovery process? For example, my scenarios are: Minor - lost some note content and need to recover Worst-case - Evernote's gone dark and I need access to my notes My backup process uses the export feature in html format I have daily incremental and weekly full backups btw My in-app links are still functional Of course they point back to Evernote; which will be useless if Evernote is not functional
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    Formatting isn't a big deal for me for notes, but I've not noticed problems like this Editing seems quite straightforard Is this your own content, or copied content from elsewhere? Evernote's base format is enml/html. We can look at the underlying html code and see the formatting elements
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    Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum, so -mostly- not the Evernote team. Staffers do read these posts, but there are thousands of posts and AFAIK only a dozen or so likely readers, so it's unknown when or if any Evernote team will receive your comment. If you'd like some direct feedback, the best way is to connect here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new In any event it's unlikely the company will feel the need to justify its business decisions years after the fact, but given that mapping works differently on the various different operating systems supported by Evernote, I'd say that they decided that maintaining Atlas was far more expensive and labour intensive than was justified by its usage.
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    Cheers for that. I've never looked into this before, as never had need to print my notes, but your advice worked perfect, and I noticed the page setup margin adjustments made, also applied to PDF's, when using the 'Print to PDF' function, nice.
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    In the privacy settings of your Mac, enable evernote and Skitch for Screen Recording.
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    Thank you, you were both right, I was logging in with the wrong user id, it's all sorted now, phew!
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    I emailed myself the log file and did a search for "size". Found it! The title of the item was there, so I went back to my phone and searched. Sure enough it was in the trash and contained a bunch of photos I had taken. All the photos were related (subject-wise), but I don't recall trying to sync them to Evernote. In the future a better search term might be "refusing to upload"
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    I use the following AH scripts, so that shift left click and shift right click navigate back and forwards: ; 2 Evernote mouse cursor scripts #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~RButton & LButton:: KeyWait RButton, L Send !{Left} #IfWinActive return #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame ~LButton & RButton:: KeyWait LButton, L Send !{Right} #IfWinActive return
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    Hi Everyone - Following up on on my post from Tuesday... As you may have guessed by now, our first submission to the App Store was bounced back to us by Apple, as they identified a number of (non-bug) issues they wanted us to fix before they would approve it. We have fixed those issues, and have submitted an updated build for their review as of a few hours ago. This set of posts from me has been pretty extreme in terms of transparency with where we are in the process, but I think in the circumstances this is the right way for us to communicate with you. As before, I have to point out that the review process for App Store submissions is a bit of a black box, both in terms of how long it takes and whether a submission will get through successfully, but we are hopeful that this build will meet with Apple's approval. Finally, we will post again once this first version of the Safari 13-compatible Web Clipper is available in the App Store, including a complete list of the features in (and not yet in) this release. And we will follow up with additional posts as we proceed forward into the subsequent releases that fill in the gaps and fix any bugs we discover until we once again have a full implementation of the Web Clipper in Safari. ian
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    THIS! It bugs me to no end. Especially when I need to bring up notes in a hurry.
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Hallo, 1st read the link above that explains in general what the permission is used for, and why it is necessary. Examples from my experience are: - If you open a pdf in an EN note, you can open is in Mac Preview directly, use the editing tools of this app, and it will perfectly reflect on the note inside of EN, even while you are still drawing. No need to first export and then file it back. - Open an application related to an attachment in a note, like Office or a photo editor, from inside of EN. Because MacApps run pretty sandboxed, they need permission to influence each other over the apps boundaries. If you want something official, you can issue a support ticket.
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    I just posted something similar here and then saw this thread. Looking for something similar and preferably not able to be able to be read by the company serverside. Probably asking too much on the last part.
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    I want multi level options...cough cough I don't like tags...waste of time for my purposes...cough cough
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    The moh.io domain now appears to be ... DEAD. When will somebody rebuild a tool that allows you to mindmap with evernote? Please
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting RTL (right-to-left) support have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for RTL (right-to-left) support here!
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    Hi All, You may have noticed that all threads requesting the ability to lock notes and make them read only have been merged into this thread, regardless of platform specificity. This was done in order to better enable us to quantify and qualify user requests, and amplify their voice. While this does not mean this is a feature that will be coming, we certainly want to relay user feedback/sentiment to our various teams. Moving forward, please put all commentary and votes for the ability to lock notes and make them read only support here!
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    Dear Devs in Evernote. Evernote is the best note taking app out there hands down. But for anybody working in development one big issue is missing markdown support. Nowadays Markdown is: a standard, a convenient, fast and reliable method to write tech docs That's why any developer I know, including myself, is using some additional Markdown editor trying desperately to fit it somehow into Evernote workflow. There is plethora of such tools: Atom iA Writer Bear Writer Byword Day One Markdown Pro Marxico Quiver Ulysses etc. Which means that there are libraries if not the whole ready to plug-in text editors supporting markdown. All the above applications are great for note taking in markdown, writing tech documents, essays or even books. However they don't integrate with Evernote at all (with exception of Atom and Marxico) and they all lack (to a different degree): powerful image support not to mention stellar Evernote OCR advanced Evernote search easiness of sharing notes in Evernote Evernote notebook feature Please put some pressure on the product managers to prioritize this feature. Integrate Markdown editor into Evernote to make great product even better.
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    Yeah, I'm reaching the point where I might abandon Evernote in favor of something that DOES support markdown.
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    Feature Request: I dont know where to submit feaure requests, so i sent it through here. Evernote's notetaking capabilitites are amazing and versatile. Within the text note, users can create outlines with the bullet feature. I would like to see a new feature where after users create bullets, indented bullets, and sub-bullets, users are able to collapse and expand the indented bullets in order to create a more simplified view of the their created outline document.
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    tambling received this reply via Premium support, but I'll paste it here for future reference by anyone else interested in this: To remove all Evernote software and data from your computer: From the Evernote icon in the Menu Bar, select Quit Drag the Evernote application from the "Applications" folder to the Trash on your Mac If you added Evernote to the Dock on your Mac, then Control-click on the dock icon to remove it from the dock Open your "home" directory on your Mac in the Finder Go into: Library / Application Support Drag the "Evernote" folder there into the Trash Go back to the "home" directory in the Finder Go into: Library / Caches / Metadata If you see a folder there named "com.evernote.Evernote", drag it to the Trash Reboot your Mac Empty the Trash on your Mac This should delete all Evernote software and data from your system. Thanks, Evernote Support
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