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    Hi everyone - Dropping back out of lurking mode to provide some additional insight and to reflect on some of the threads above…. There is lots of valuable feedback in this discussion - thank you! I’m sorry if we have disappointed some of you with a perceived lack of responsiveness in the comment threads on these videos. As you would probably expect, our top priority is listening for input and watching for new insights that emerge from these forums and also from all the other community and social mechanisms through which these videos are distributed. During initial design, we focus on talking to and learning from individual users. When we move into preview releases, we engage one-on-one with tens and hundreds of users. As we ramp tests to thousands, tens of thousands and ultimately into millions of users, we start looking increasingly to quantitative data to inform how successful we are being because the conversation doesn't scale otherwise. That’s just the simple mechanics of how things need to work at the scale of Evernote. Concretely, the new note editor has been out in preview release with select Evernote web users for the last 75 days, ramping from a few hundred users trialing very early builds to now thousands of users kicking the tires in a larger-scale (but still early) beta. In the private discussion attached to that original preview program, the conversation around some of the same topics raised here has been intense, resulting not just in bug fixes but also in changes in design and implementation that we are still continuing to work on as I type this. Understandably, we have focussed our energy on going back and forth with and supporting users who are evaluating this build for us in the wild. (Some of you on this discussion are also involved in the private preview program discussion; thank you for your feedback and contributions there!) This is not to say that we don’t value your responses to these videos. As I said above, we read every one to look for new insights and observations. In general, I think that the early response to the first few Behind the Scenes videos has proven that our decision to start communicating with the community through this video mechanism has been a good one. However, I recognize that as we increase this style of communication out to you, it naturally bumps up your expectation of our ability to be able to engage both interactively and on a lot of fronts at the same time. We’ll do our best to engage as we are able, but our priorities internally are clear: First and foremost, we need to focus on shipping quality software that delivers the more coherent and consistent Evernote experience that I blogged about earlier this year. We are still relatively early in that process; we have a long way to go. When we are able to engage, we try to prioritize interactions that inform us of how to refine the software in flight, or to identify and eliminate bugs. That means we won’t necessarily be able to circle around to catch everyone up across all the different communication channels and all the threads. Apologies. And finally, I want to get us out of the habit of making promises we don’t meet. I am not a fan of making commitments we're not 100% sure we can deliver on. So unfortunately that means most of your questions about additional feature X, anticipated delivery date Y, and what about Z - no matter how reasonable! - are likely going to go unanswered until we can back up an answer with facts, or better yet, software. I truly appreciate your ongoing patience with us while we focus as much energy as we are able to muster on building a better Evernote for you. We are trying to test everything we are doing early and often. And we continue to listen to the feedback from those tests and to evolve in response to that feedback. Finally, for those of you who have stuck with this post this far… we know tags are super important to a significant percentage of our user base. (As an aside, we’re trying to improve support for them on Evernote implementations where tags are currently and inexplicably somewhat second-class citizens.). Tags in the modern Evernote web environment aren’t hidden behind a click. They have always been shown at the bottom of the note editor screen (a particularly observant s2sailor noticed this in the video - full points!), which is different than where they are on the Windows build or on the Mac build. There are advantages to this, and as has been observed in this thread, there are also clearly some disadvantages as well. This continues to be a source of ongoing discussion internally. Going back to lurking now. And probably shooting another video in my copious spare time... ian
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    Hi All, An app is only as good as the infrastructure it’s built upon. And we’re doing our best to make sure Evernote’s foundation remains solid. In this installment of Evernote Behind the Scenes, CEO Ian Small chats with Ankur, a senior engineer at Evernote, about the work he and his team are doing to manage the vast network of servers underpinning Evernote. By improving how data is stored and retrieved, they’re ensuring a more stable and reliable service for everyone!
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    I think Ian's trying to strike a balance between providing details of our work and not going above the heads of our non-technical users. I was personally impressed with their ability in this specific video to explain in layman's terms the issues we're trying to address. Overall, we're taking a system that has scaling issues and making it more robust. We're moving from a monolithic/sharded architecture to a microservice design to allow for scaling individual pieces of the system and getting rid of all single points of failure. For syncing, there's definitely work being done there to make it much more reliable and real-time.
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    @JMichaelTX As of this moment, Evernote has its fair share of experienced engineers along with more junior engineers. For the multiple re-architecture initiatives that are currently in process, we have experienced engineers actively leading and contributing to these projects. We also have a team of the more senior/experienced engineers in the company that meet to review and discuss any new architecture projects. This has really helped to work through potential problems with designs or technologies earlier in the process.
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    Hi All, I do my best to limit any censoring of content, but unfortunately, this thread seems to have run off the rails from it's original topic quite a bit. In this case, I'm going to lock the thread. I'll leave it open to still be viewed as I am sure there is some good, relevant information here. I'm not going to point any fingers, but please refrain from taking a thread off-topic, and keep any personal discussions in the direct messages. I'd prefer to not have to take any restrictive actions. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!
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    Hi all, We were recently advised by LinkedIn that they are making changes to their infrastructure. Unfortunately, this means that after June 30, 2019, third-party apps like Evernote and Scannable will no longer have any access to LinkedIn data. What does this mean? Any LinkedIn profile information you’ve already added to a note will remain. But you won’t be able to see a LinkedIn user’s details, or connect with them, when you scan a new business card in Evernote. You’ll also lose the ability to add content from your own LinkedIn profile to your Evernote account, or see LinkedIn information using our Context feature. What will happen? Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out updates for iOS and Android that will remove the LinkedIn connection. You don’t need to take any specific action other than keeping your app up to date. Mac and Windows updates should be available by mid-July. If you haven’t updated your mobile app by June 30 (or if you’re using a desktop app) you’ll still see the option to connect to LinkedIn when you scan a business card, but nothing will happen. Despite these changes, we want to be clear about one thing: business card scanning is not going away. You’ll still be able to: Take a picture of a business card and save it in Evernote Add the person to contacts on your mobile device Email your own info to the person Find the business card later using Evernote’s text recognition feature The LinkedIn integration was an awesome feature and we’re sorry to see it go. But we’re still committed to helping you work smarter and keep your life organized. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me directly!
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    Hey Folks, I am Jesse Lesperance and am the Head of Security at Evernote. Jumping in with a couple of observations: Here’s another piece of coverage [https://www.cyberscoop.com/evernote-patches-flaw-google-chrome-extension/] with more accurate and specific information. The original Guardio press release is here:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/guardio-discovers-major-vulnerability-in-evernotes-chrome- extension-300866322.html As mentioned in the CyberScoop coverage above, Guardio does not believe that anyone took advantage of the bug. At Evernote, we have not found any evidence that the vulnerability reported by Guardio has been exploited.. We have a robust security program which includes working with many external security researchers; when we or a third-party discover vulnerabilities, we have a formal triage process that ensures that we appropriately prioritize and resolve/mitigate the vulnerability. In this case, due to the potential impact, we had patched the vulnerability and distributed a new release within 3 days of Guardio’s contacting us. Chrome Extensions are by default set to auto-upgrade precisely for these sorts of situations; consequently our patch was automatically applied to the vast majority of installed Chrome WebClippers. If you are a user of the WebClipper Extension for Google Chrome, and you have changed the defaults on how your Chrome Extensions upgrade, you should ensure that you have v7.11.1 (or better) of the Chrome WebClipper Extension installed.
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    I'll ask around if anybody is interesting in reviving the blog and contributing.
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    I think if you ask him a fifth time, he will finally succumb to your superior debate skills and give you what you seek. OTH, he may not give a $#!+
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    We've got an employee internally who really likes the Rocketbook Everlast. It's a reusable notebook that you can use to automatically send to specific services when you take a picture of it. Kind of similar to the Moleskine. https://getrocketbook.com/products/everlast-rocketbook
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    Nice presentation. And good to give some of the applause to the guys who oil the wheels behind the scene.
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    Well, for the last 5 days I'm testing the process to import the Evernote notes into Microsoft OneNote. For those that are interested in discover the process, I will list the positive and negative points, that I discovered among this time: Pros: The OneNote importer works only with the Evernote Win32 version: the Metro version is not supported. In case of Metro Version is not available you can export the notes and import them, as the same Way. Notes format are almost the same as Evernote Original Cons: OneNote Sync Mechanism are VERY slow compared to Evernote: even with an fast and reliable internet connection the sync process to just one Notebook could take a lot of time to sync to the device. Sometimes OneNote just stop to try sync the note and you'll need to start over again, sometimes 2, 3 times depending on the Notebook size There is no oficial tool that allow you to export notes from OneNote There is no tag system like Evernote: Tags are on very preliminar version You can't sort notes inside the notebook like you do in Evernote: you can just drag them to the position that you want to. If you use an outdated OneNote version, you can install a third-party tool that make this, but these outdated versions will not receive any improvement from Microsoft since they are treated as "depreciated" products. Mobile OneNote version has the same poor sync speed. So, I'm keeping the Evernote and not shifting anymore to OneNote, so, my hope is in Evernote 7.0 version
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    It is used in shared notes. When sharing you can select edit or just read capability. The read only ones are locked. I agree it would be nice if this function was exposed for all notes.
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    We're pushing them to include outstanding items on the release notices
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    .. here are my thoughts/experiences. My first note was made 10 years ago June 2009. I've used it entirely for all my personal stuff - travel, finances, kids report cards, music, web clips and on and off I've used it for work stuff - reference materials, meeting notes and even GTD. However, with all the talk and rumors about EN sustainability, I decided to try out alternatives. Here's what I found. 1. Bear. I am an amateur musician (not a very good one). In music a common notation for a sharp is a #. Bear treats this as a tag. So storing your music in bear is a non-starter. You could use other symbols, but why? Also Bear is another company, with a subscription plan that's just younger than EN. Why should Bear last any more than EN? 2. Apple Notes. Pretty good and free. But web clipping is non existent. Scanning is hard. Sync can be slow over icloud. You can't tag easily. Search is limited. 3. Notebooks.app. I really thought this one might be good. Idea is you store your notes in dropbox and then Notebooks creates a little file with meta data (tag, due date etc) for the note. Your notes are in a native format - rtf , pdf, html etc so no proprietary system. People seem to rave about it and it has nice IOS apps. But - no web clipper. There's a script you can use, but it's not great. And the big issue - I imported 1000 notes from EN and while it worked OK ish on the mac, my ipad froze. Suggestion from the developer was - don't put all your notes in one folder. Not helpful. Oh and sync is very very slow because you're layering the app's work on top of dropbox's sync. 4. Devonthink. DT is great if you are writing your manifesto/dissertation/research project and you've got 100s of reference docs (pdfs, clips, notes). DT has OCR and advanced AI to search and find links in all these files. But if you just want to organize some travel details, it is complete overkill. Plus, it's clunky and the learning curve is awful. It's expensive, but there are no ongoing fees. DT is a research grade program. 5. Google Keep. Is a bit of a joke really. 6. Notion. If you like spending a lot of time arranging things on a desktop then it's great. But it's still a proprietary system (unlike notebooks and devonthink where your content is stored in open files). And again - how do you know Notion will be around tomorrow. 7. OneNote. On the Mac it is pretty bad. They finally added search for to-dos, but you can't really create tags. On windows it's pretty good. Exporting from Onenote is not good. For example pdfs get exported as multi page image files. So I am 100% back to evernote. It has issues, sure, it's not perfect, but it's a lot better (at least for me) than the alternatives. Here are a few of my most fave things about Evernote. 1. Drag a note onto another note to create an instant link in that note. This is so awesome - I create master reference notes super easily. 2. You can search for unchecked to-dos. 3. You can save searches. 4. It is fast. 5. Even though your data is in evernote format, my experience has been that if you want to extract it to other programs, you always can. You have an exit strategy. Sure it costs. But I pay for Dropbox, I pay for Lightroom, I don't mind paying for Evernote. If you think you can get a good robust app for no-money then you are kidding yourself. Anyhow, just my 2 cents.
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    Hi All, The next video in our Behind the Scenes series is here! Ian Small chats with Sasha, a senior product designer at Evernote, about the work she and the team are doing to make the editing experience more flexible, consistent, and fun. We hope you’re enjoying the series and stay tuned for the the rest of the series! YouTube Link:
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    Holding down the option key, click Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database Folder
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    Yes, it worked. Once again I'm having to go back to this version in less than a month, I lost time and had to download my data again. What is happening Evernote? Link to download version 8.8.1 https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/
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    No. Don't do that. Don't. FYI: Windows does have the enscript utility: (c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote) >enscript -? Usage: ENScript <command> [options] Commands: createNote - creates note from the specified file or url importNotes - imports notes from the specified export file or url showNotes - displays specified notes in the Evernote window printNotes - prints specified notes from the Evernote window exportNotes - exports specified notes into a file createNotebook - creates a notebook listNotebooks - lists specified notebooks to standard output syncDatabase - synchronizes database to the service Type "ENScript <command> /?" to get command specific help. @filename - specifies response file name contaning options one per line. Command line options that follow response file name specification override options specified in the response file.
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    Hey, nothing wrong with being on the bottom. Oh wait, we were talking about tags ... yeah, I'm ok with that too 😀
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    Just wondering what those might be... Yeah, as long as tags are on top...
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    The old tech blog did make for entertaining reading. Not exactly in my wheelhouse, technically (similar to this one above), as I am more interested in the UI that Evernote users face every day because it's closer to what I do, but I do like learning about the underlying underpinnings of what we see on our own devices. Today's video did seem a little prosaic / straightforward: the engineer finds the bottleneck, and remedies it; maybe more information about how the user store propagates its changes to its replicants. I guess since it's a lower frequency operation, it's probably OK to just send updates along immediately, but it did seem like a missing piece, and since it was pitched to a pretty non-technical audience, that part of the audience might might not have noticed. In any case, I know you folks are up there listening. This time around, not much to talk about, but the prior video on UI approach / changes is something that is great for getting feedback on, since we're more apt to have stronger opinions on what we interact with directly. I'm hoping for more videos along those lines.
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    I am experiencing the same issue. I have a OnePlus 6T with the latest updates applied. It appears as though a blank note is opened, and if you wait, eventually the note loads. I first noticed it this weekend when a notebook with a high note count took an excessively long time to load the notebook contents. Eventually though, the app is unstable and becomes unresponsive for me and I have to close it and re-open it. In my case, I can safely my internet connection isn't the issue. My device also has more than sufficient resources, and in reviewing some of the other devices listed, I would infer the same. I have a support request submitted. I did, however, want to comment as it appears I'm not the only user experiencing the problem. If there are additional details that I can provide, please let me know. I'd like to do my best to help narrow down the source of the issue.
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    Hello all! Evernote for iOS 8.21 is now available to the App Store! As always, any feedback is welcome! Improved - If the app seems a little zippier now, it’s not your imagination. We made some tweaks so your notes will load faster. - We take data security very seriously, so we made some updates to keep your information even more secure. Fixed - If you share a note with more than two people, you can now see all their email addresses on the share screen. That’ll help avoid any awkward sharing accidents. - Photos you add using the camera icon will now appear in chronological order. So “Wedding 2019” will appear after “Spring Break 2015”. Just like real life. - 'Unlock with Face ID’ will now let you create a photo note using 3D Touch. It didn’t do that before, which went against the whole spirit of ‘unlock.' - When you created an offline notebook, you sometimes got a message saying “Notebook downloading.” Was it downloading anything? No, but it won’t say that anymore.
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    We don't need this discussion period. If you stop engaging, as others have suggested, maybe it will die on the vine.
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    Hi @Laurens900 I upgraded your account for a week to Evernote Premium so you can try to recover the note content using Note History. Additionally, how do you use Evernote? For example, Evernote for Mac, Windows, Web, etc?
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    In Evernote, I retrieve the classic link for a note by right click in the note list > hold down the option key > select Copy Classic Link This is a link in the form of evernote:///view/.../ which I can paste anywhere Pasted into Safari, I drag the globe icon to my desktop or any Finder folder. I now have a shortcut to an Evernote note. I moved the discussion to the Mac forum.
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    Thanks for that. Yep, was actually away adding that forgotten bit to the support request.
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    I've seen this comment before; the users never seem to have a problem with remembering the notebooks for a note. My new notes are collected in my inbox notebook, then processed on my Mac where I assign notebook, tags, etc I use a script to guide my tag assignment. The first tag is always the note type; for example Type-Receipt The type directs the other tag assognments.; receipts get a ventor tag and a budget tag >>But I´m having problems with tags sync (iOS-Mac). This is being discussed here There are differences in the two platforms; no hierarchy display in IOS I've compensated by using the previously discussed name prefix For example: in your use case (Technology, Mathematics), I wou;d use Subject-Technology, Subject-Mathematics
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    You're describing a folder filing method, which isn't supported in Evernote. In Evernote, we organize notes using two fields: Notebooks and Tags We can emulate folders using the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar As you noted, Notebooks can be grouped in Stacks; only one level Tags can be organized in a hierarchy; unlimited levels >>I would like to move these stacks (subjects) into a stack that collects all the subjects Using Tags, I can have a parent tag called Subjects >>Now that this subject is not going to be studied at the moment, I would like to have it in another stack so that my list of projects is cleaner in Evernote. The parent tag can be called Subjects (Active) with a second parent tag called Subjects (Non-Active)
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    I found this thread as I was trying to solve the same problem. I too have concluded that there is no complete solution but I would offer the following suggestions which helped me. The main feature that a bookmark has that an article etc may not have is the URL in the text of the note. A clipped article will only have a URL in the body of the note if there was one there in the original website text. Secondly bookmarks are small. While i cannot find a way of searching by size you can sort in order of size and save this view for the saved search (on Windows anyway). In addition a bookmark will not contain a pdf or a jpeg image (if an image is included it is in png format). So: source:web.clip* -resource:image/jpeg -resource:application/pdf http and then sorting by size will at least help. For me it went from 1094 notes just searching on source:web.clip to 234 of which about 90% were genuine bookmark notes; at the top of the list they all were. Once you've used the saved search you can then add additional search criteria (e.g. tags, text etc) in the search box to find what it is that you are looking for. The best solution is probably to remember to add a tag (e.g "bookmark") when you clip, but for going back over existing notes or as a check that you've remembered to tag, this search might be useful. Edit: My more recent notes seem to have the source web.clip7 instead of web.clip. I have therefore amended the search to include source:web.clip*
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    Use this; Link to download version 8.8.1 https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/
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    Yeeeeeesssss, it worked for me too. Installed 8.8.1 using your link. Problem is gone. Hope Evernote fix this problem very soon. It is annoying. Thanks a lot.
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    I merged your question with the main discussion on this incident I recommend you read the post from Evernote's head of security. I have no details on this, but afaik I'm not aware of any security breach that requires a password change For those really concerned with security; you should change your password often, and implement other security measures like 2FA. Your password should be a computer generated random string. The password should only be used for Evernote access, not at other sites.
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    Hmmn. Running the same version of Evernote I just attached and synced a 10MB 5442 x 3628 image (240dpi) without any obvious problems. Are all your bad experiences on the same network? Is there a possibility of firewall / connection issues?
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    +1 on this topic ==>Overall, we're taking a system that has scaling issues and making it more robust. We're moving from a monolithic/sharded architecture to a microservice design That would have been a good line to add to the video to know that you are following this industry trend and give users visibility to this topic being a small step in a multi-year journey.
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    My key request in this is, I think, the harder one: incorporate handwriting as a first-class input type IN Evernote. That's the reason I mention Nebo specifically; they license their engine and from the examples, it's at least do-able. (I agree with the above comment that "should be easy" is always a dangerous thing to operate on). --p
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    Thanks for reaching out, and for letting me know! It looks like an error on my part. To clarify, Guests should only be allowed to view topics, but they should not be able to comment. If you see any guest posts this means that the permission setting on the forum may be incorrect. Please let me know when you see this and I'll get it fixed. Thanks!
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    @Scott T., many thanks for a very thoughtful reply. This is really good to hear. It now sounds like you guys are on top of your game.
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    Here's my budget note A script to transfer receipt notes and the actual spreadsheet
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    Yes, I’m new to this forum. However, the oldest Evernote note I still have filed is dated 28 October, 2008. I’m uninterested in talking about Evernote. I’m interested in talking to Evernote, so they can build a tool which is better suited to my needs. I’ve used hammers for about 70 years, and am equally uninterested in talking about them.
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    To limit your search to note title content, use: intitle:<blahblah> See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax
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    Shall we see if we can get this thread locked? It's become incredibly dumb and repetitive. As my old granny used to say "if you haven't got anything useful to say, then **** off away wit ya, ya useless $*** **** *****".
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    I said “Real Competitor”. They may be viewed as competitors in a google search, but that does not make them true competitors for a large percentage of Evernote’s base. How can they compete without the ability to come close in many of the areas that make us Evernote cusomers? (I.e. Search functionality). The other apps are like college teams competing with pro teams. Would you call them competitors? Right now Evernote is in a league of its own. I only wish one of the companies would step up their game to truly compete. Or, maybe they don’t see Evernote’s market worthy to compete for - Too big of an investment, for too small of a customer base.
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    Hi all, Evernote is brilliant - could not navigate life without it!! A feature that I feel is dearly needed and would be tremendous to have is the ability to create an anchor point in notes. eg if I am working on a lengthy note and constantly referring to other notes at the same time I want the ability to specify a point where I am working in that note so I can go straight back to it. Also, when you open a note it goes straight to the start of the note. You always have to scroll down to the bottom of the note to add to it. Many thanks for any comments.
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    Evenote is the best overall. I am constantly trying alternatives and always coming back. The only problem for me with Evernote is that I really would like to see native support for Markdown. Please.
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    Is there any further movement on this? The Nebo note taking experience is streets ahead of any other app I have seen. Can we get that functionality embedded within Evernote ao we don’t need to switch between? I’m answer to the question above, I’m happy for this to be a premium only feature. To be honest the Apple Pencil and Nebo have transformed how I work to such an extent that if Evernote don’t do this, I’m likely to stop paying for premium and look elsewhere.
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