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    I think I found the problem. In NordVPN preferences there is a feature called CyberSec that blocks ads and malware; I had it checked. Previously it did not interfere with EN, but either something in EN 7.12 changed that caused it to be flagged by CyberSec, or NordVPN changed something in CyberSec that erroneously flagged EN. After unchecking this feature, EN is now able to sync while I'm connected to the VPN. For anyone else using NordVPN that has the same issue, try turning off CyberSec.
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    Hello folks, Evernote for Mac 7.12 beta 1 is out now and you can download it here. New: Security update Fixed: Fixed a crash that occurred when importing a previously exported web clip note Please continue to send your feedback. Thanks for testing!
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    There will always be betas of ios, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. they will never be gone. When using beta versions of Evernote, you can already install a beta version alongside a regular version. If one version isn’t working, try the other. If seeking support for a beta version, don’t expect a lot. However, there is a HUGE flaw EN has here: Webclipper is completely destroyed For an OS that is probably releasing in around a month. I am not seeking support but simply asked if there was a beta of a safari plugin. When I heard there wasn’t, I suggested they EN should build web clipping into the actual client so if the plugin breaks in the future, this primary feature of EN is not destroyed. I don’t see why this is such an issue. This is my entire point.
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    *We* drive on the right side of the road, and you drive on the left side. Right is right, and left is... not so much... 😝
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    Typo? Or maybe just because we drive on the right side of the road. Rest of the world? Not so much...
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    I thought that went the other way, i.e., '<>'. At least you find that in Pascal, Basic, and probably others. '><' is kinda like driving on the wrong side of the road... 😆
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    I never thought of that...and now trying to think how i might use it. I think the easiest way would be to open the note in EN Web interface, make sure the note is full screen, then use a Chrome extension like Fireshot, my favorite, to capture entire page
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    My understanding is that Evernote for Mac automatically indexes your notes in Apple Spotlight, unless you specifically disallow its Library. So, you simply need to title your note uniquely (e.g., make your note title something like ### Note Title) and then search Spotlight by the keyboard shortcut (⌘ space on my system) and then typing the first few characters of the unique note title.
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    Following up on @DTLow's comment, you can directly access shortcuts using CMD-(number), e.g. CMD-1 will open the first shortcut, CMD-2 will open the second, etc. If you make your table-of-contents note your first one, you'll always be able to jump to that using CMD-1. Hope this helps! -- Tom
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    Allow for unlimited devices and put back the emailing function. Basic as it was a year ago, in other words. Suggested price: $10-$15/year, $1-1.50/month. If such a tier were added, I might reconsider leaving.
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    In your EN Mac app, See Evernote > Preferences > Clipping to set the default viewing for attachments.
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