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    This is not an issue with Face ID, and is is no bug. EN works like this on devices with touch ID as well. Once the device itself is unlocked, EN is open for use until the device is locked, or locks itself (timeout). For iOS apps, this is the standard behavior. I have few apps that expect an authorization every time I open or come back to them. These are banking apps, my password manager, authentication apps etc. I would not like to have Evernote restricted like this, because it is a work environment. Remember, there are many devices running iOS without Face ID. If you want to make access more restricted for your usecase, you can set a passcode in settings of the iOS EN app, and define that it is needed every time you (re-)open the app.
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    @Hasan Basriy, thanks for the report. I will put this into a ticket for the team to review. I did find information on how to change the screenshot that is taken prior to hibernation of the app. I will pass that on.
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    Standard troubleshooting is as a first step, reboot your Mac The extreme solution is completely remove Evernote; app, database, ... The app AppCleaner is recommended for this Reinstall, login and the database will be rebuilt from the servers Warning, the rebuild doesn't include Local Notebooks or unsync'd notes.
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