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    Think of the Dashboard of a car for easy access to information (speed,...) Apple users Think Different, also known as The Crazy Ones
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    I like beautiful minimalism. I have a work dashboard and a personal dashboard. This one is for work as viewed on my phone.
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    This is the dashboard that I have in the community notebook that I keep. Clicking the different "tiles" takes you that section of the notebook.
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    Watch out for the Kool Aid @DTLow.
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    Try using the Import folder capability of EN. Create a folder on your PC and use Tools - Import folders to establish a connection to a notebook. Then drag the 10 PDFs to that folder and you will get 10 notes in EN. You can then tag, title, whatever and then move to the notebook of choice. If you are talking about this forum it may be your PC dictionary that did the checking.
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    These dashboards are notes. As such you can view them on any EN app. Maybe Mac users embrace their creative sides more?
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    I am a Mac user. But as Sayre said, all this is able to be done on both platforms. "Dashboards" are just regular notes. The only difference is that they are ones people created for a reusable purpose. And spent time on formatting them further.
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    That's a pretty cool feature, thanks I have saved the search which gives me pretty much what I wanted, thanks for your help
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    I think that this is not exactly possible. However, the search syntax allows you to search for all notes containing one or more checkboxes: todo:* for all notes containing unchecked checkboxes: todo:false for all notes containing checked checkboxes: todo:true
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    No risk here, the ink in my printer has dried out from lack of use.
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    Just went to the EmEditor-website, quite impressive when you have to handle the one or other very large file (structured ones as well, as CSV-structured data sets). Just made a little math on printing the 17GB mentioned above. If this is plain text, it translates into 27,2 Mio pages of 80 lines of text each. On my home office laser, it would take 5,2 years to print (without any downtime) and leave a stack of paper 1,5km high. Pretty amazing if you think about it.
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    Yes, it is possible, and works well with the combination of EN and any other app. But this did already work with prior versions of iOS. Having several „windows“ of the same app open is a new feature with iOS 13 (iPadOS 13). It works when the app is adapted to it - which are the Apple apps, plus more and more apps like GoodNotes 5 as well. You can for example open the minutes of the last meeting on the left side, and take notes of the current one on the right side. Both windows are active, and work on the apps data base, syncing in the background to iCloud. This feature is still missing in EN - it would be very useful and would for example allow to compare or merge the content of notes on the iPad. Today this is a quite frustrating experience with opening and closing the notes, or using another app like Apple Notes as a clipboard.
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    That's exactly why I did it. I had it as just a text based system earlier on and change it when some of the older residents that use it mentioned that sometimes they couldn't see the text without blowing everything up. Not gonna lie, it also gave me an excuse to pay for Canva which I love lol.
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    I like the idea of adding links to the images instead of text - it gives a bigger target to click on
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    Shane D. I think some of us are a little thrown back about the "Dashboard Contest". I believe "Dashboard" is a common Mac feature, but is foreign to us Windows users. Perhaps you could post a followup with a little more explanation as to what "Dashboards" are, whether the contest is for just Mac users or all users, etc. To many of us, like Corybe, ewbeyer, and myself, this is a new and interesting concept within Evernote. Thanks
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    Yeah, this is a new concept for me in Evernote. @Atif 's design is amazing! I just can't figure out how to accomplish that look, let alone that layout! I have used EN for many years but have also struggled to make in an everyday tool because of the features it lacks at times, but seeing some of these customizable looks makes me think maybe I just didn't know you could do certain things, or that you could accomplish certain looks! Is there a HOW-TO somewhere out there that can walk someone through a design as comprehensive as @Atif?
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    So the "Dashboard" is in fact a Note, just one formatted for a specific purpose. I personally have a "Dashboard" notebook and a new note is generated everyday with my generated "Dashboard" which is things I look at and need daily.
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    Cory... You're not the only one to get struck with ...WOW ! Shane D's contest was the first I have ran into the term "Dashboard" in Evernote. I've heard reference to the Home, or Start Page, but I think this is the first I've heard of a Dashboard being in what is apparently fairly popular use; and I've been an Evernote User forever, starting back with the beginning program and there were no mobile apps or paid subscriptions. In fact, as I'm a Windows & Android user, I'm wondering if maybe this is a Mac phenomenon???
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    Fantastic post and great dashboards folks, loving it! I've been feeding my OCD for almost 4 years now (few days left :)), here's a snapshot of what my dashboard currently looks like. Essentially, I break it down to 52 weeks, each week consolidating activities from projects, tasks, a bit of journal and daily drivers. Its a very elongated single column table to make it easy on mobile interfaces.
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    Worked....but took 18 gb of ram and was slow as ***** ! 😭
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    Sublime Text could handle it. It'll take a moment to load. But I've loaded 5-6 gb files in that editor.
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    We haven't seen issues yet that could result in losing data or something this bad, but we've seen some issues where the old editor will display the information differently. For example, if you use a checklist in the new editor, the old editor will display a bullet list with a checkbox instead.
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    Hey @Paul A., Thanks for your post. For now, the main new features of the new editor are: Readability. You can now adjust the note width to align with best practices for optimizing the reading experience. Text styles. Custom semantic headers allow you to specify large header, small header, and other common text styles. New Insert menu. Easily insert attachments, tables, code blocks, and more. New to-do lists. Recognize at a glance which to-do list items need your attention. Smarter paste. Struggling with getting content to match the styling of your note? We took care of that. Highlighter colors. Choose from several different highlighter colors to call attention to various areas of text. More info can be found in the URL below: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022954093
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    Wow - some impressive work shown here so far! I'm also not eligible for the contest as such, using Evernote on mobile and desktop (Android/ Windows) My minimalist dashboard is mainly driven by Evernote + Filterize. It’s not clever, it’s not glossy, but it does the job. The ‘buttons’ (like the arrowed 04_soon) are hyperlinked images in a small table which has cells the same colour as the button. The link goes to another Table of Contents note generated by Filterize from a search: 'what reminders are due in the 7 days from tomorrow?' I actually made the table twice. Once with real links in cells, which I then screen grabbed and chopped apart (in an image editor app) to put a picture of a cell inside an actual cell which was given the same link. My excuse? - It does give me a larger target for tapping on a mobile device screen, and it did seem like a good idea at the time. This table is small enough that it appears in full on my phone screen. I have a link to the note from my home screen. It’s all I need to navigate around my 50,000(-ish) note account quickly. The “01_” style numbering was so I could quickly allocate the tags which generate the sub-dashboards these links call up. “Lists” is a catchall addition - I can have a dashboard listing more dashboards of the last notes saved in some of my focus notebooks. There are entries for ‘Evernote’ forinstance for issues and tips, and ‘photography’ because I take pictures and clip locations and ‘how to’ pages to try out. The emergency contact entry is so someone can get into my phone in the (hopefully unlikely) event that I get hit by a bus - and so I can get hold of my dentist when I need to. It’s all driven by either note tags or reminder dates, triggering listings on dashboards created by Filterize. So these links actually go to 'dashboards' - Table of Contents notes - which in some cases are listings of other dashboards of further subsets of notes... Look: it works for me, OK? 😎
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    Hi all, when I share a YouTube video (from my android phone) to Evernote, the Evernote app starts playing the video in the background. Despite my sounds setting being set to vibrate, the video starts playing, and if I am in a meeting I cannot shut it down immediately. It seems to be connected to the clipping feature. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Much appreciated.
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    Wow, you folks just opened my eyes to how I might solve the problem with which I have been struggling for years. I use Evernote A LOT, and I have been wishing there was a way for it to be the first thing I open each day and have it guide me through my daily tasks and provide resources for said tasks. I suffer from a brain injury, and my organizational skills, memory, and processing printed material are quite challenged as a result of the damage. I tried setting up reminder alerts, but that got too cumbersome and overwhelmed me. Having a dashboard note seems like an answer to my prayers. Soooo, how the heck do you create one of these and load in dynamic content like photos? I know how to use note links and such. I need some help figuring out just how to do this. Can someone help me? THANKS!!!!
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    Like most people people, I am juggling multiple aspects of my life; career, advancement, school, family, etc. I have found the Eisenhower method helpful, with a twist. I use it as my dashboard for GTD and add a side of Kanban. That way I can see what is coming up and what has been done. Linking between the notes is the glue to maintain my sanity. Reminder dates allow me track what is due in the future. I consider it a compilation of different methods to meet my demands. Below is the system I follow to keep current. I did not create this system, that was from a podcast I heard from Stacey Harmon at https://www.harmonenterprises.com Let me know what you think. Get Focused Task Management - Active v. Reference: To do lists Either Active v. Waiting for (Reminders) Project Management - Active v. Reference: Projects have a defined beginning to end. Open are active and closed to go reference. Consider Active v. Waiting for Process Management - Active v. Reference: Are an ongoing items that reoccur. Phone call list, bills Consider Active v. Waiting for Reference Management - Active v. Reference: Is there really an Active Reference management system? Either Reference v. Waiting for (i.e. date) Waiting for - Can be a person, place, date/time. So maybe the Who, What, where, when why & how should apply here
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    How about an anti-dashboard dashboard, just EN itself? I open EN to the Inbox, typically empty, and then with one click can access tags or saved searches for task info (named such that most used are on top of either list), one click the shortcuts across the top, or Ctrl+Q for a dynamic search (sometimes the search bar). The shortcut Searchz contains a table of medium use searches enacted by a PhraseExpress hotkey, so two clicks to those. Not elegant or pretty I suppose, but fluid and gets me where I need to get in short order.
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    Well I've got this "EvernoteSpotlight quit unexpectedly" problem back AGAIN. Third time since July that I'll have to delete and reinstall Evernote to fix it. I've recently moved over to Apple Notes, finally giving up on Evernote Premium after eleven years. Only keeping Evernote as an archive now.
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    That would probably be the confusion - as this forum is for the Windows beta...
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    I'm using web version of Evernote on my macOS High Sierra v.10.13.3 and copy/paste doesn't work for me. So frustrating. copy/ paste process works perfectly for all the other apps though. Any ideas?
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    let me correct one thing -- the PASTE failure is NOT specific to the new note. I can't paste the simple text into an old note either.
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    I've having the same issue, running Sierra 10.12.3 and Evernote 6.10 - if I copy text from a pdf in Preview it will not paste in a note in Evernote. Copying from Chrome, Word and pdfs opened with Acrobat all work without a problem, and text copied from Preview pastes fine in Word/Chrome.
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    I've just upgraded to Sierra 10.12.3 (& Evernote 6.10) and am having the same problem pasting text from Preview (pdf). It works fine when pasting to other applications, just not to Evernote...
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