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    I'm concerned about the amount of time it's taking Evernote to get the new version out the door. I realize it's a complete rewrite, and multiple platforms to support, but it's still taking way too long. 2019 was supposed to be the year of development, but now well into 2020 and what to show so far? A Windows beta witha very limited feature set. If it takes this long to get the first upgrade out the door, it does not bode well for keeping the product up-to-date with on-going enhancements. I think you need to focus on speed-to-market.
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    To indicate your support for this request, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion It"s definitely a basic word processing function
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    To cut a long story short: I could not find out on the Fujitsu web site whether the current ScanSnap Home software for the Mac supports your Scanner. The ScanSnap-Manager SW can not be used on Catalina. So I assume it can use the current ScanSnap Home, even when your scanner was discontinued in 2017. The secrets of running a ScanSnap with Catalina and ScanSnapHome are these: After you installed the software on the Mac, make sure it gets all access right in the Catalina settings, Privacy & Security. Check each category in the Privacy tab, and wherever you find ScanSnap, check it. Make sure it saves the settings by unlocking the lock before, and relook it after. Then you need to open the ScanSnapHome application, and connect the scanner to your computer. There is an assistant to do so via USB cable, and it will set up the WiFi connection as well. When the scanner is operational, open the scanning window. In the scanning window (at my Mac it is in the Macs menu bar, to the right, and sometimes hardly visible because it is grayed out when the scanner is off) you can choose, edit and create Profiles. Set up profiles to fit your scanning jobs. I have created 3 of them that load directly into Evernote (among others), one for simplex (one-sided), one for duplex (front and rear) and one for high resolution. You need to give them access rights to save into your EN account. When you want to scan into EN, choose the right profile for the job before scanning. There are a lot of options hidden in the tabs of the profiles, so take your time to look through them, and pick the right options. One of them is the OCR for pdfs („make pdf readable“). When you choose this, the OCR will be done on the Mac and saved with the pdf, not by EN on the server and saved in the note. The options for Auto-rotating pages, check and delete empty pages and create titles from content are there as well. And I agree: Compared with a good scanner (I am using the ix500) a multifunction-printer as a Scanner can be a real PITA. My MuFu-Printer just serves as a backup. If I have only a few pages to scan, I mostly use my iPhone.
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    FWIW, the new web client DOES support stacks. You can't drag and drop a notebook onto another notebook to create a new stack, though. That requires initially adding one of the notebooks to a stack via the "..." menu in the Notebook view. But once you have a stack, you can drag additional notebooks into the stack. Here's a video. stacks.mp4
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    Hello there, Bumping this topic as a new user. Exact same issue. I, as a student, take a lot of notes. Many of these involve pasting contents of the windows "snipping tool" (Cant seem to justify using the clipper) from google, other programs. I just want to simply search and "jump" to my content instead of scrolling over and over in vain attempts to find the actual word that has been OCRed. Any solutions? Thank you Update: Great news, this 'request' has been 'passed onto the development team'... hahhaha . In the meantime, thank you to whoever suggested using the android app's evernote search function.
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    Last time I checked, they use the Windows setting for short date. Settings / Time & Language / Date & Time / "Change date and time formats"
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    Has this ever been addressed again or fixed? Anyone have any new info on this... I am dealing with the same issue. -nick
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