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    To add documents like PDFs to my notes, I "copy" them in the folder in Windows Explorer (Ctrl+C), and then "paste" them into my EN note (Ctrl+V). This doesn't work any more. Drag-and-drop works. But Copy/Paste should also work.
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    Dear Evernote Team, thank you for continuing to evolve my potentially most cherished piece of software. However, the new v10 I just installed is annoyingly hard to use, because all interactions are so slow: Clicking on anything is no longer snappy like in typical desktop apps, but rather a slow and laggy experience, and I see the dreaded spinning wheel everywhere, e.g., just by switching between notes. Luckily we can roll back to the v7 client for now, but I hope this can be solved and the UI made fluid and usable, as this version of Evernote is, I am sorry to say, 100% unusable to me. Looking forward to a version that is lag-free!
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    Yet another egregious bug in 10.1.7 - this is becoming surreal... Ok - when I right click on a Stack or Notebook in the navigation pane I'm not getting a drop down menu - nothing happens. (My mouse is working fine) So I looked in the file menu for a rename option - nothing there. So I tried F2 - the old rename shortcut. The docs say it should still work in 10+, but nothing happens. So as far as I can tell, there is literally no way to rename any item in the navigation pane. Words cannot express ... I note that when I click the Attributions item in the Help menu nothing happens. Yet another bug, but this one is rational - if I was involved in this release I would want to hide my name too. I see that your MD has been on the media spinning the outcry as conservative users who are resistant to change. All that does is fan the flames. I've been using software intensively for decades, and this is quite literally the worst release I have ever seen. That's what we are objecting too.
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    Thanks for the tip - I wasn't seeing that menu. Looks like you have to set it up manually. You have a number of columns there that I wasn't using. HIdden features are not good features. Can't check - I've given up on this release and downgraded. The 8 second lag when I move a note from one book to another is enough to make the release unusable on its own.
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    How on earth can you manage to cripple your product like this in only one release? Performance went out the window together with the tabs.
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    I would pay $15 a year for say 3 devices but I don't use it enough to pay $100 a year. As it is I basically just use it to store manuals, receipts etc. It is the same with Dropbox. I'd pay $ 15 a year for 20 Gigs of storage but even their basic paid plan is just too much for me. So if I hit the limit in Dropbox I will just buy another external drive and be diligent with my backups. I can't understand why companies like Evernote and Dropbox don't seem to get that there is a small fortune waiting out there for them if only they offered a proper "budget" price for a very basic and limited version of their software that satisfies the needs of thousands of potential customers rather than just focus on hundreds of "premium" ones.
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    There are other writer's like OmmWriter and Ulysses that let you remove the headers and footers and have distraction-free writing. OmmWriter even gives you unique pleasant backgrounds and meditative music. But it would be good to have the ability to cleanly write in the app without thinking about anything or having the distractions of the headers/footers, sidebars, etc.
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    I would pay for Evernote and have in the past, but $7.99 seemed too high even when the service offered non-Electron clients.
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    In the older versions, my sort on saved searches stayed put... meaning I would sort by date updated and switching between shortcuts would keep the sort method. The new Windows version always reverts to sort by Relevance... is this a bug? Is there a way to force the search to sort by a particular method? For reference, my shortcut is just "todo:false"
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    Thanks Metrodon, I'm just so confused as to their priorities and perceptions of how I use it. Moving? My life is in there.
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    At a guess, it's a feature that's used by a very small percentage of users and so hasn't been prioritised. Best bet is to stick with the old version for the time being. If it's a key feature for you and they decide not to bring it back then it's time to take you $$s elsewhere.
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    Hi. You don't mention whether this is Mac, Windows or mobile, but have you tried stepping back to the last public version? v10 is pretty much a skeleton so doesn't display much, but if your data still exists within Evernote (or you have a usable backup) you may find the Legacy versions are the best place to stay for a while...
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