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    The comic Pearls Before Swine hit that on the head yesterday (the 23rd).
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    Ha-ha. I haven't seen that comic before, but yeah, welcome to my world. Evernote is actually helpful for remembering techy details like alt code, MIME types for Evernote searches, etc., but then you need to remember how you categorized them and it all goes to recursive hell...
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    I'm still waiting to hear from NordVPN support, I want to find out why CyberSec is interfering with Evernote.
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    Hello Graham, thanks for your question. Web Clipper is not yet available for the Safari 13 beta version. However, please know that our development team is working to have Web Clipper ready when Apple releases the GA. I appreciate your patience.
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    I used the mcfixter's link and it saved me! thank you both for your input! So many vibes of gratitude your way!! Thank you for Ever(note!)
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    The Evernote Windows client has Find & Replace option for individual notes (Ctrl+H)
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    You can try some cleanup processes. While holding the Ctrl key press the Help menu. Then select the options highlighted below. You can also turn off context (Tools - Options - Note, be sure and have Show advanced options checked).
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