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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Evernote is currently under stiff competition and lots of pressure from users to keep updating and improving UI, features etc. I wanted to write a little bit about why I love Evernote as someone who has used it for five years and has stuck with it even though I tried out competitors. I really think this stuff will be broadly applicable, even if some of it might sound particular to how I use Evernote. I hope that Evernote will be able to overcome the competition, keep adding amazing features, but keep what makes it special. Evernote is the Secret Weapon I knew I was hooked on Evernote when I first watched The Secret Weapon. If you aren't familiar with it, TSW was a video guide made quite a few years back which gave a step by step approach on how to implement David Allen's famous "Getting Things Done" approach with Evernote. The videos still use the old version of Evernote, which is nice to see. It would be years until I read GTD, but the secret weapon captured a few of its ideas really well. But more importantly, it helped me understand how to use Evernote: use it for everything. Evernote gets better the more stuff you put in it. Evernote is inherently an everything bucket. The old company tagline was "Remember everything" and that was exactly right. In GTD David Allen speaks about the importance of capturing everything and why you should try to do that: A software which comes along promising that you will be able to do that is a software which can help you radically change your approach to productivity. Allen includes lots of promises as to what happens when you become properly organized (starting by capturing everything): Productivity becomes stress free Your relationships improve because you become good at keeping commitments You achieve your goals - starting with small ones which emboldens you to achieve bigger ones You become more creative because you have space in your head to think, and a desire to note it all down For me this is what Evernote is about as a productivity tool. It's the only note taking tool which takes this idea seriously, whether or not it was built for GTD. The underlying principle is self-evident once you get it - only by really noting everything down in a system you can trust, can you have any hope of properly dealing with everything you have to. And Evernote is that system. Tags and Notebooks Make Deep Organization Possible Evernote has this dual structure system: tags and notebooks. Like everything on the internet there is debate about how these should work. But what I value about Evernote is the fact that it has two systems for organizing which can be almost completely independent of each other. Mathematically, it means you can search for things in two dimensions. Whichever you prefer (notebooks or tags), the fact that you have both makes it super easy to locate and organize things. But I want to make the case for the form of using Evernote which I think is most effective. Tags are for subjects, projects, tasks and topics... There isn't any limit on how many tags you can have. You can nest them together and give them interesting names. Notebooks are for workflows. Look across all your tasks and you will see that there are common elements any project: brainstorming, planning, to-do lists, deferred, extra resources... These things are agnostic to the specific topic. If you are a novelist, every book and every chapter has character development, setting, plot elements and styling to it. If you're a scientist, the scientific method asks you to develop an aim, a hypothesis, literature review, a method, collect results and discuss... for whatever specific project. These 'workflows' are finite, fixed steps which help you get through a project. If you use Evernote just for school, then you probably have a few workflows: one for essays, one for practicals, one for exam prep... these would be stacks and in each stack you'd have notebooks. For 'essays' you would have notebooks like 'Research and Referencing', 'Outlining and Arguments', 'Main Draft'... That would cut across all your subjects (tags are history, English, sociology...) Of course, if you use Evernote for multiple roles like I do, then I just have a generic project management workflow as my notebooks (see image above). I have one or two other workflows that are particularly important to me (Studying and Journalling) so I separate it out from the generic project management stuff. The secret to really narrowing down the role of your notebooks is that absolutely everything else goes in tags.You can have hundreds of tags and with very little work nest them neatly together, showing how all your projects and tasks relate to each other. Tags are much simpler than notebooks, but they are the heart of what allows you to 'capture everything'. What really matters is that notebooks and tags are perpendicular. You can use one, or the other, or both... But they don't overlap. The key idea is to have two dimensional search. Even with 1000s of notes, if your notebooks and tags are well defined, you can usually narrow it down by just choosing a tag (or sub-tag) and then selecting the specific notebook. It's actually such a simple idea - tags are for topics, notebooks are for workflows - but none of Evernote's competitor's implement a similar system convincingly. Everything is, in one way or another, just notebooks. The final secret is Evernote's 'list' view. It gives you a flat list and shows your notes, their notebooks and tags which you can sort and filter rapidly. If you give descriptive titles, you can narrow down an enormous number of notes by selecting a notebook and a tag (or tags) as appropriate, and then just eyeball it to see which note you're interested in. I usually open the specific note in its own window - this lets me keep Evernote in the list view, minimize the editor to get speed, and focus on one single note when I'm busy with it. Search - Evernote's Power Tool Evernote's most unique feature, at first, was Saved Search. Tags and Notebooks allow you to store 1000s of notes in a neat and organized way. Saved Search brings that organization to life. You can filter on tags and notebooks to define a specific kind of 'thing' you're looking for - maybe all your brainstorming relating to a geography project you have - and then save it. That's not really that amazing - you could just do the search manually (as long as you didn't tag a note with like 15 tags). But the power of saved search is that it enables Evernote's search grammar. Search is Evernote's power tool. The search grammar is the drill bit itself and saved search is like electric wiring that brings it to life. The search grammar allows you to slice and dice your notes based on metadata besides just notebooks and tags. You can define dates and the type of content (e.g. checkboxes, reminders) that your notes should have. Of course, you can also search for keywords in the note body. Search does to notebooks and tags what notebooks and tags do to notes. Tags (with notebooks) let you turn 100 notes into a 1000. Saved search lets you turn 100 tags into 1000 if you really want. Saved search works very well together with normal search: you can save a search template and then add to it incrementally in the search bar. The Everything Box Evernote is a box. You're supposed to put things in it. Evernote has been consistently leading when it comes to that. The Web Clipper was a beautiful idea which turned the internet into something you could simply save into Evernote. Web pages are the source of so much of our information today - any note taking app has to have some kind of interface to get things from the web. And Evernote built the best one first. Some people talk about Evernote's development as if it lacks features. But there are some really powerful features that a lot of people are probably not using: You can email things right into Evernote. Not only does Evernote have an email address for your account, it can tag and send emails straight to a notebook, and each note created by email has a searchable attribute for source:email. A lot of our daily tasks appear in the form of email - Evernote's got you covered. You can create a folder on your computer and set it up so that when you drop something in it, that file is attached to a new note in Evernote. Many people are unaware of this feature, but it's a hidden gem. Evernote's image recognition is to mobile what the web clipper was to web: mobile is the new platform we are all on, and when you save images from your smartphone camera to Evernote, you can search for text within those images directly. If you take a picture of an informative poster, or screenshot something cool you see on your phone, you can easily send it to Evernote and search it later. On mobile, you can save voice notes into Evernote and use a stylus to draw with ink right inside normal notes. But the grand daddy of all minor features: CTRL+SHIFT+V. Paste directly into Evernote. You can copy any image or text anywhere and paste it straight into evernote. I take so many screenshots on my computer or come across so many passages which I will send straight to Evernote to rediscover later. Images are searchable so I could screenshot a Tweet and send it to Evernote in less than three seconds... this is my favourite feature... The value of these tools goes back to the original point. Evernote lets you capture everything - images, audio, ink, text, email... And capturing everything is that start of clearing your mind, seeing what you have to do, and getting organized. And everything is synced across all its devices. What About OneNote and Notion? OneNote has the most beautiful experience using ink. Evernote's doesn't compare - on the Windows desktop app, we don't even have inline ink. Notion has the most beautiful and powerful editor in the game. Evernote recently added more attractive tables - Notion allows you to basically create a database inside of it. But if you go back and look at everything I wrote, you'll understand something. Evernote's strength is not as an editor - whether of ink, or tables or whatever. Its UI is not that attractive either and it doesn't have to be. I'd happily take the UI from the TSW video so long as that program could really help me really organize my life and never forget anything. What Evernote does uniquely is it helps you organize everything. For five years I've searched for a competitor on this and I haven't found one. Because everyone is missing the key idea here: creating and organizing are two very distinct functionalities that all note-taking apps have to have, and organizing is more important. OneNote and Notion beat Evernote in terms of note creation and editing. But Evernote is not primarily a tool for editing and formatting notes. It's not even really a to-do list app. It's a tool for creating your own, personalized system for being organized, from scratch. Evernote's killer feature is that it lets you get organized and stay organized. Nothing else comes close on that front for me. Evernote Moving Forward I'm sticking with Evernote. Evernote does need to improve, like any other software or business. And I do think there are some basic features that, in the short term, would help it at least cover the same ground as OneNote and Notion. We do need inline ink, at long last - visual thinking by drawing is different to writing things out, and it's something you can't do without once you get into it We could do with more colours and easier formatting options The UI could be a little bit more slick... Better image insertion to make Evernote more visual - header images for notes, choosing the image to preview in snippet views or card views Some of the most recent improvements in Evernote have been in this vein - like Present and Templates. But long term, I think Evernote can continue to fend off competitors not by trying to compete with them on UI or editing features or whatever, but by continuing to outcompete them in creating a tool which can help you get organized flexibly. And the features we need should lean heavily on the organization aspect: If we get inline ink, then we should make ink handwriting searchable With AI developing as it is, voice notes should be directly searchable, with speech-to-text auto-generated and available in every voice note. Either searchable using text-speech matching, or you should be able to speak into the search bar. There should be parity between speech and text for recording notes and searching them. Better faster linking between notes, with an improved and smarter 'Context' recommender Image recognition and searching should be even smarter. I should be able to for image_of:building and get pictures of buildings, and then filter it by location or date as per normal search. A dedicated 'Search in Evernote' tool outside of the app's search bar. So if I'm looking at a document or web-page, I should be able to click something that says 'Find Related Notes in Evernote'... I used to use a tool called Word Web which let you highlight a word and click a keyboard shortcut to open a dictionary defining that word. Evernote could make a tool that lets you highlight a paragraph or click on an image and then hit a shortcut to search for notes related to that. This might sound like a lot but we already have something very close to this! The web clipper will recommend related notes to you as soon as you clip a web page. If you allow it, it will also recommend related notes when you do a Google Search which is really cool. Full-Text Search with full Boolean options - remember, this is Evernote's power tool. Smart import folders. This is a hidden gem feature in Evernote which can be built up. Lots of people use Evernote as a filing cabinet, and that's perfect. More powerful reminders - recurring reminders, location-based reminders like in Google Keep, better syncing with calendar apps and tools Smarter template notes - auto templating options for chosen notebooks and tags (if I create a new note in tag A/notebook B, it should create it with that template and have a non-intrusive "revert to blank note / choose different template" dialog box on the side This is a wishlist of some out there ideas. But the point for me is just to say that these kind of features - organization enhancers - should be the bulk of Evernote's concentration. Not editing (although it is important to have solid competencies there too). Conclusion I love Evernote. It's been my secret weapon for 5 years now. What I've found is that you can go off and try other note taking tools with nicer editing features and UI, but Evernote is incomparable in helping you get organized. It gets better the more you use it - 1000 notes is better than 100 notes. And so I wrote this piece just to share my favourite features, how I think about and use Evernote, and what I hope to see going forward. I hope it was useful to someone.
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    Hi All, We're excited to announce the launch of the Evernote Forum Digest! At the beginning of each month we'll be releasing a new edition that contains news/updates related to the discussion forums, a recap of announcements from the previous month, as well as a collection of information and resources that we think you might find helpful. You can check out May's edition here. Also, we've added a link to the Forum Digest on the main forum menu bar. There, you can refer back to older editions of the Forum Digest when they are available. We hope you find this resource to be helpful, and feel free to reach out to me directly via DM if you have any questions!
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    The ability to use markdown native in the App.
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    I do like the new layout with larger thumbnails, except for one thing: Evernote seems to choose as thumbnail the largest image within a note. But it is rather annoying, for it seldom coincides with the image which would enable me to recognize a note at once. Can I somehow force Evernote to use a specific image as thumbail? Marcelo
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    Dear Evernote, please think about what you are doing and stop this Atom/Electron project. Every app with this framework has serious problems with speed and reliability. Slack, Skype, WhatsApp… I am a heavy Evernote user. And I want a native app for notetaking on my computer. Not a Website inside a container to call it an "app". Shortcuts, Links, Drag-n-Drop… All this stuff is buggy. Ok: A good and great way is the new editor. But Evernote is more than editing. Its more about searching and structuring my personal archive. Best regards, Felix
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    I can't speak for anyone else's experiences, but in my experience the search works fine. In fact, I hope that it brings in new users who might be unwilling or uninterested in learning the advanced search grammar. Good idea. But, I'd like to be able to turn it off. I think I mentioned my own pet peeves about predictive searches about a decade ago (!?), when the predictive searches began. They slow things down AND they display a bunch of detailed information about me and my account that I might not want to show to a class of 100 students when I am giving a lecture using Evernote. For anyone who gives presentations, this predictive feature can become quite a headache. As usual, I am happy to have this and other features as the standard default. But, I want to be able to turn things off. As for crossing my fingers, I've been doing that for about 12 years now, because I love the app, but don't always love the things that happen to it or the company. From my perspective, though, slowly rolling out changes is far better than the old style of an update a day (slightly exaggerated), often with insufficient testing or warning (especially about missing or de-stabilized features). In a way, the lack of updates is reassuring. In fact, I hadn't noticed any "lack." The behind the scenes videos have disappeared. True. But, the world is in the midst of a horrific and perhaps world altering pandemic. So, I don't have any particular expectations for a return to normal. I'd prefer a return to a new normal, with plenty of social distancing and care taken of its employees. If they have to slow stuff down a bit to transition to a telework-style environment, no problem. In fact, one thing I am now happy about is the movement of the servers out of their location. If they had to take care of those and deal with the pandemic, I'm sure they'd be having a really tough time. By not having to worry about that, perhaps they have ended up with a more flexible and safer work environment. A win-win for everyone.
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    I am continually disappointed when writing a note on IOS and switching to a different application to cross reference something and when i switch back to Evernote the app is not on the note I was working on. Can something be done to stop the app resetting and going back to the search screen every time?
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    Is the handwritten note saved as an image? If so, put the image in a 1 x 1 table and you can save it as a template.
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    Testing now, and no email notes I'll give it more time, then create a support ticket edit; Ticket# 3071011
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    You can set a Reminder without a date for each item (Note) to be read. Then, in the Note List, click on the Reminders view, and you can manually move each Note to the order you want. Here is an example I made up just to illustrate this method: As you get a new book, set a Reminder for it and it will appear on this list. Then drag/drop, if needed, to put in the reading order you want. NOTE: I have a Tag named "Books", and I have assigned that tag to all books I want to read. Then I filtered the Note list on that tag. For convenience, you move one Book Note to "Open in a new tab", then filter that Tab. This leaves your main EN Tab free to general use.
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    And @AndreasM will always come in with no help, but lies and insults. Lie: There are no "gurus," a category once applied to dedicated forum volunteers who created a large number of posts. The category no longer exists, but the people do exist, and they do acknowledge problems, sometimes even point them out. Next lie: Believe it or not, some people like to be helpful for free. I know, this won't change the troll's behavior. I've just had enough of lying, and feel like calling it out. As for the actual problem, as @dcon pointed out, the issue is not that "Evernote won't copy/paste line breaks"; I paste material with line breaks into Evernote all the time. The issue is that EN lacks Google Docs' "Paste as plain text" feature to process the specific HTML code that YouTube puts on the clipboard. That's certainly a problem for pasting from YouTube. But without knowing more details (what's the YouTube HTML look like? how many people need to do this on a regular basis?), it's hard to go much farther. One could, of course, go to Google's famously responsive tech support and request that they change they way YouTube puts text on the clipboard.
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    Yeah, if Evernote becomes an Electron based app, you can count me out as a user going forward. Shame, really appreciated Evernote over the years.
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    Hmm I counter this problem for a while. It seems to me that I can only change the color of the font rather than the highlight when I call out the "show colors" option under format. Does it mean there is only one color available for highlight at the moment?
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    Yeah - have an active ticket, so we'll see what the Oracles say; I'm reluctant to reload the database because I have a big chunk of local notebooking which requires export / rebuild / re-import. Too lazy. Anyhoo by some miracle* when I logged back in this morning the blue banner has gone! So lessee whether that fixes my freezing issues. More (as they say) on this later.... * I hate it when things fix themselves... now waiting for something else bad to happen... 😳 ** also: what is this 'bed' of which you speak?.... <sorry: lockdown is messing with my sleep.....>
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    I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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    I really think Evernote needs to get a comment feature like the one found of Google docs. It is so helpful for writing essays to have parts commented on the side as reminders/ extra bits of info. Everything else about the platform is superb!
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    Solved! It was the Direct download version that was needed.
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    I share your hope and a slight sense of anxiety. I reassure myself that the lack of news probably means that everyone is working hard on the new releases. I don't agree with this though: The web clipper is best in class. The new web editor (soon to be the editor everywhere) is on a par with the leading notes apps. Some features are different of course but generally on a par. Bear in mind also that it's operating on a very large scale (itself a reassuring factor), so the recent backend changes are very material; a couple of the cutting-edge note apps have a tendency to lose people's data, and a proper, secure, robust backend is really important. But as I saw I'm also eagerly looking forward to the new releases and a little nervous in the silence...
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    I see that you, like me, are grandfathered in on the old "Plus" account. That means we get a fantastic feature set at a price that no longer makes commercial sense for Evernote to offer to new users. Premium is even better of course, but for now I am keeping quiet and enjoying what I've got. And I don't mind the odd nag here and there to upgrade; one day I probably will.
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    Two features to greatly improve the note writing and organization experience: Header Styles – Standard header styles, such as Title, Sub-title, Header 1, etc. Medium, Google Docs, and Slack Posts all are great examples of this. You should be able to select these header styles using a click of a button. The current workaround is painful: change font size for the header line, then change font size again to start writing in the smaller font. Note Outline – Once you create headers, these headers can then become a note outline that can easily be navigated. Look to Google Docs for a great example of this. This would greatly help my ability to navigate my more lengthy notes. Please see screenshots below. Hope you consider this! It would be awesome!
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    That would be the UNICODE consortium!
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    OK then, I did not create an organization nightmare after all, good to know. For some reason I kept thinking that the way I've been doing it, which was just one Notebook named Work, then adding thousands of notes organized by tabs was wrong, but I guess that's fine after all. Thank you all who took time out to reply to me, much appreciated.
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    This link might be too basic for your needs, but I'll toss it into the mix. https://evernote.com/blog/how-to-get-organized/
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    There is a backlog The screenshot is from my activity log
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    I loved watching the TV re-runs of the Three Stooges when growing up in the 70's/80's. And great to see @CalS & @gazumped have used them in their profile pics. So please, c'mon guys @DTLow, @jefito, @Dave-in-Decatur somebody pickup the last character... and for the record everyone knows Curly (not accounted for yet, pictured centre in attached image) was the most popular 😉
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    Hi All, Thank you for reaching out regarding issues with being able to email notes into your Evernote Account. We've seen multiple similar reports from different users, and there appears to be a temporary issue with email delivery that we are working hard to fix as soon as possible. I'll follow-up here as soon as I have more information available!
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    I'm using DevonThink since two years now, main reason is I'm not allowed to store any business data on a 3rd party cloud. I decided then to leave Evernote for my personal stuff, too. Well, after two years I'm currently migrating my personal stuff back to Evernote 🤪. Devonthink is great on Computer-only workplaces, full feature set available there incl. RTF text editor available, etc. Using on mobile devices it's no fun - at least for me. I don't need a super complex file storage system - I'm looking for a nice-notes, nice-checkmarks, nice-reminders, nice-camera, nice-Tags, super-efficient tool that provides those features on iOS as well.. It's a week now back on Evernote and I'm blown away to see how smooth, fast and reliable it works (OCR, sync, off/on-line). It has it's "rough edges", sure, but these are minor issues. So, there is a Premium user back, incl. Filterize automation & tag hierarchy system. Love it.
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    @mattybme, I originally wanted this feature too. Though I think in the EN system, it might end up being pretty clunk as you will have A TON of reminders attached to a particular note. The way I’ve done it for a little while now is that each item on my to-do list is actually a link to another note in a Notebook called To-Dos. The advantage with this is that the specific note can now have a reminder, you can add details to it and other info that you need when you follow up to complete it. And, now that it’s a reminder, EN has a neat way to view all of your reminders based on Due Dates built in. This ends up looking really clean and has been helpful for me!
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    It's not much of a bother to me. I got the Beta to help with feedback, but there wasn't an option to report bugs (just a rating survey). Several sources said to mention bugs in the forums, so that's what I did. The new editor is very impressive; I can't wait for the Desktop version!
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    Hi there, I've a free Evernote account, which allow as maximum 2 devices to syncronize But every 2 weeks, I have an alert that says "YOU HAVE TO STOP SYNCRONIZE ONE OF YOUR DEVICES", and when I see the list, I have a Device I've never synced. It says is an iPhone cellphone... but I dont use iphone! Neither the people which shares me some note uses that cellphone brand. Any idea? Thanks!
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    I agree with @PinkElephant, just start using CTRL-SHIFT-V (Windows) or CMD-SHIFT-V (Mac), and I think before long it will become muscle memory. It has for me, and I don't even have to really "think" about it when I want to paste and match style. BTW, on the Mac, CMD-SHIFT-V is used by most Mac apps to paste and match style. I have created my own shortcut key to match for the very few that are not, so no matter which Mac app I'm in the shortcut is the same.
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    This? https://cdn1.evernote.com/boron/mac/builds/Evernote-Preview-6.9.1107.dmg
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    Uh. Yes there are. See my posts from (I'm guessing) a year ago. Dark mode has nothing to do with 32v64 bits. Windows Dark Mode is implemented in WindowsRT. We're (darn it - they're) a Win32 app (that refers to the API we're built on, not 32v64 bits - microsoft has such wonderful (confusing) names for some things). The application could be converted to 64 bits far easier - I'm guessing that wouldn't take more than a week, assuming all the 3rd party libraries in use are available. (no, don't suggest doing that - because now you've increased the installer complexity by more than 2. you've increased the testing effort by 2x. And frankly, it's not that memory constrained except in a couple particular places (import/export of enex files for instance).) Supporting dark mode means completely (and I mean completely) rewriting the entire UI layer. Either in another technology (WinRT) or by completely customizing all the standard controls currently in use. (For instance, I tried to do the standard list control - after a solid week of work it was nowhere close - I'm sure it can be done, but at that time I had other bugs that were far more critical.) Finally, there is a complete rewrite in progress. See the Beta thread.
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    Thanks a lot for gazumped, PinkElephant and jvcmfxml, it seems that there is something wrong with Evernote China(which we named Yinxiang Biji). In the end , there is a werid thing happend on that day which let me figure it out: I tried to use evernote in another desktop whose version is very low (maybe 5.8.X...), and it suggest me upgrade. I upgrated to the newest version ( ), and everything works fine. I remember the version. Then, I found that it differ from the version( I am using . Maybe, that's the problem. You know , when I tried to download evernote from www.evernote.com, it would redirect to the https://evernote.com/intl/zh-cn/ which is Evernote China whose up to date version is At last, I searched for the version of evernote , it works fine! @jvcmfxml
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    I couldn't agree more. When I first opened the beta, I was VERY suprised. No dark mode support, a non-native look and feek, Spotlight search not working (my god, still broken??) so I thought: this beta has a loooong way to go, but after reading Felix's post, I'm starting to get worried. Is this in all seriousness the direction Evernote is taking for the future? Evernote, please, shed some light on your plans.
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    Thanks for articulating this. I love the new editor. It's sleek and has powerful new features that make note writing a joy. But in my opinion the unique value of Evernote for the power users who pay for Premium is in its organizing capabilities. OneNote may always be better at ink and Notion may always look sleeker. That's fine - our thing is better organization. The Evernote community loves workflows and personalized productivity. Evernote is worth paying for because of the features (even quirky ones) which support that: Search: Search using the search syntax (not just clicking) allows for really powerful way of grouping notes without adding complexity to your tags or notebooks. The preview doesn't seem to let me type in with Evernote's famous search grammar. If anything they should be upgrading the syntax and adding things like full-text or boolean search. I can't even see the distinction between ANY and ALL searchers now, let alone negation of tags. Search should be priority even above features I love like ink! I remember when we got OCR - absolute game changer. Saved Search: More about search: saved search should not be squirreled away under the search button. I can't see how to save my SS as a shortcut. Saved search is actually the most Evernote feature imaginable. It's about packaging useful organization into a single button. Peak Evernote. Note List Panel: The note panel has to be consistent and flexible. It currently changes its top bar options based on whether you select a notebook, a tag or a saved search... I personally hate snippet view but I'm stuck with it in preview. The note panel, (whatever view or folder or whatever you're in) should have various view options for the notes (list, snippets, card...), a search bar and/or filtering buttons and the ability to sort by whatever features you choose (the current sort option in preview is limited to date and title, whereas I love sorting by tag). Tags: When I clicked to filter on one of my tag groupings, I was told I can't have that many tags in the search term. But nested tags is absolutely core to Evernote. Some people have three tag families and then hundreds of tags underneath each. Quirky Features: Even quirky features like import folders and mail to evernote have a place because of the way they support organization - in this case organization of attachments using import folders. Positive: Positive example: the way we went from not having a way to manage tags in a very clear view, to having a full tag window, to previews latest tag sidebar popup has been great. I'll say it again. What makes Evernote valuable to its paying users, in my opinion, is the ability to develop powerful, custom organizing tools. That means powerful search and good navigation options (view options and sorting). It also means tags and notebooks but Evernote has these so good they just have to not mess them up. The nicest things about Preview are welcome additions in the note editing department - Evernote can afford to improve in that slightly. But the editor is not the core value proposition. And when that seems to come at the expense of the core organizing functionality, then what's the point of using Evernote I can just go to OneNote or Notion? Speaking of OneNote - what is this trend of companies embracing desktop 'apps' which can't support half the functionality of well written classic 'programs'. I get that the UI gets much better but at what cost? But my main point still remains. At least when OneNote killed off 3/4 of their features it was in service of their main value add - better inking. They removed all the tab menus that didn't have something to do with what I'm drawing right now and restructured the UI around that, and added things like Ink to Math. If Evernote really want to synchronize all their offerings, they have to focus first and foremost on the thing that keeps all of us here instead of on Notion or OneNote: organization tools - search, navigation and the amazing tags. I'm hoping that since this is just a preview (and they are focusing on the editor) that all this other stuff is being worked on and that Evernote won't pull a OneNote on its product by removing a ton of features. If preview is just about the editor than let me say I'm in love.
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    This thread is from 2018 and this is STILL an issue in the iOS app? How is such a problem still unresolved? This is crazy.
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    I was able to do this using XML to create an "export" file of my list. You will need a text editor. Create a file and paste this into it: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export3.dtd"> <en-export> <note><title>Item 1</title></note> <note><title>Item 2</title></note> <note><title>Item 3</title></note> </en-export> Place your items between the title tags. I had a long list, so I used some of the text processing features of my text editor program (Textwrangler, on a Mac) to insert the tags before and after each item. You could also use Word or concatenate cells in Excel to create the same thing. But the final file must be text only. Once you have your list formatted, save the file with the extension .enex Open Evernote and under the File menu select Import Notes. Find your file and select it. It will import it into a new folder called Import Items, creating a separate note for each item. If you want to add content to the notes at the same time, add a content tag to each note item: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export3.dtd"> <en-export> <note><title>Item 1</title><content>Content for Item 1</content></note> <note><title>Item 2</title><content>Content for Item 2</content></note> <note><title>Item 3</title><content>Content for Item 3</content></note> </en-export>
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    Thanks for the feedback. I tried a bunch of alternatives (AdobeScan, CamScanner, TinyScanner Pro, GeniusScan, Office Lens, and more) and all pale in comparison to the Evernote Scannable app for iOs. Given that users pay for the Evernote experience, perhaps it's not too much to ask for the same apps across platforms?
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    Would love to embed youtube videos in notes, it makes it 10x more efficient especially when taking notes and for future reference than storing a link that diverts you away from Evernote
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    I don't understand why after almost 10 years this has not been implemented yet. Also, I don't understand why workarounds such as tags are considered a good solution. Is it that complicated to add more hierarchy levels to the structure?
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    This is a very, very, long-standing HTML feature, and oh so very useful for long notes. Two features I see essential for long (more than one page/screen) notes: Anchors/bookmarks Collapsible sections Both have been available in web pages since the early days of the web (late 1990's). ATTN: Evernote/ @Jackolicious, @SoftwareMarcus, @Justin Street: Come on, this is the very definition of productivity!
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    As a devoted Premium subscriber whose workflow relies heavily on Evernote, there is literally no feature I want more than this.
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    It's ctrl + cmd + k for me. I don't remember modding anything to get the feature, but I could be wrong.
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    Has the fact that several of us have asked for subnotebooks been noted as a feature request? Will it be possible in the future? Personally, subnotebooks will be much more useful to me than the tag hierarchy.
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