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  1. Welcome to the July edition of the Evernote Forum Digest Make sure to hit the Follow button in the upper right-hand corner to subscribe to the Forum Digest and get notifications for new releases. What's New? Introducing new features and plan options - See how our new features and plans fit the way you work. Tasks has launched and there's more to come - Thanks for participating in Tasks Early Access. Here's what's next. Search takes a big step forward - We've improved advanced search syntax and added Boolean and geographic options. Answers/Solutions Updates New & Trending Answers/Solutions What's the difference between Evernote Basic and Evernote Free? What's new/different in Evernote Plus? What's new/different in Evernote Personal? What's new/different in Evernote Professional? What's new/different in Evernote Teams? Why didn't I get automatically moved to the new Personal plan? Why has the price in my country gone up? (BRL, GBP, INR, JPY, TRY) Evernote Blog Updates New Features, New Plans, and a Bold Future for Evernote - CEO Ian Small presents our exciting new feature lineup, new subscription plans to fit the way you work, and a vision for a more connected & helpful future. What's Next for Tasks? We've Been Listening to You. - To everyone who explored Tasks in Early Access & gave us feedback, we say "thank you." Now see what's next & how your input makes Evernote better every day. Manage Your To-Dos and Stay on Top of Your Day With Evernote's Latest Features - A roundup of Evernote changes from recent months, including the return of import folders, quick switcher shortcuts, published business notebooks, & more.
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