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  1. Welcome to the June edition of the Evernote Forum Digest Make sure to hit the Follow button in the upper right-hand corner to subscribe to the Forum Digest and get notifications for new releases. What's New? Get early access to Tasks - Learn more about how you can test our newest feature, Tasks. Search update: Using punctuation - See how we’ve improved the way punctuation works within searches. Evernote Early Access Program - Be among the first to try new Evernote features before they’re released, and help decide what works and what needs to improve. Sign up for the program, and if you’re invited to be a tester, our team will reach out with further instructions. Answers/Solutions Updates New & Trending Answers/Solutions How to request a Developer Token Evernote Help & Learning Updates New/Updated Articles Tasks Overview Tasks Early Access Create a task View all tasks in one place Set a due date for a task Add reminders to a task Add a flag to a task Assign a task to someone Evernote Blog Updates Tasks: Checking Off Another Step in Evernote’s Evolution - Evernote CEO Ian Small explains how Tasks, our newest feature now available in Early Access, helps you move beyond remembering to accomplish more every day. Turn To-Do Into Done With Tasks - You’ve seen how Evernote helps you capture information. Our latest feature, Tasks, makes that information more actionable to help you be more productive. The Top 3 Features Returning to Evernote This Month - Some of your favorite features are back, including keyboard shortcuts to search or switch to content, audio recording, and additional export options.
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