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  1. Welcome to the September edition of the Evernote Forum Digest Make sure to hit the Follow button in the upper right-hand corner to subscribe to the Forum Digest and get notifications for new releases. What's New? Streamlining Forum Sections - Over the past year Evernote has released several new products, features, and services. With the addition of these elements, we have modified the structure of the current discussion forum sections so that they better reflect the current state of the product. Archived/Deprecated Forum Sections - These forum sections will be archived and closed. This means that they will be moved to the Evernote Forum Archives and no new/additional comments can be added. Evernote for Android Requests (Versions 8.13.3 and under) Evernote for iOS Requests (Versions 8.24.6 and under) Evernote for Mac Requests (Versions 7.14 and under) Evernote for Windows Requests (Versions 6.25.1 and under) Behind the Scenes Series Work Chat in Evernote Web Spaces Spaces Requests Forum Sections to be Moved/Merged - These forums are now closed. The content from those sections will be moved/merged into the Evernote General Discussions forum section. Home Dashboards Education Going Paperless Productivity Organization Release Notes Forum Section - We’ve created a specific section for Release Notes to make them easier to find. You can find Release Notes for each device in the Feature Requests section of the forums. Release Notes (Android) Release Notes (iOS) Release Notes (Mac) Release Notes (Windows) Release Notes (Web) Evernote Help & Learning Updates New articles Verify your email address with Evernote Create a table Filter your notes list Evernote Blog Updates New articles Why Evernote Should Be Your #1 Draft Pick This Season Your Password or Your (Digital) Life: How to Protect Yourself From the Latest Online Threats
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