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    Hi All, We've seen a handful of reports that forum users are receiving spam messaging via their direct messages . This behavior is a violation of the Code of Conduct, and we have taken action to aggressively ban any users that are sending spam via direct messages. We have optimized our spam security, and believe this issue should now be resolved. However, please notify me directly if you are still seeing/receiving spam messaging in your direct messages. As always, let me know if you have any questions!
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    Dear Evernote, I really enjoy using your app, but for me, Markdown is no longer an option, it's a requirement. If you had offered Markdown as a premium feature, I would have happily bought a subscription. Instead, you decided not to listen to all of your users requesting it and I was forced to explore different apps. I found Bear and bought a subscription. Farewell Evernote, it's been real.
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    Can't handwrite directly onto notes Hi there, I'm trying to use my lenovo x1 yoga stylus to write directly onto a note. I've tried using the paperclip, but there is no option to select the pen. The only option is to attach a file. I've enabled handwriting in the toolbar but it opens a new note where I can handwrite - although this cannot be integrated within a typed note. my question is: how can I incorporate handwritten and type notes into one note? Thank you!
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    @GTKZ Thank you for reaching out and for letting us know. Given the nature of the issue you described, the support tickets you opened will be the best way to get further assistance with resolving the issue. I was able to locate the tickets, and have expedited the priority on them. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions in the meantime.
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    Hi there "gazumped" - thank you very much for taking the time to make that reply - useful to know - it was about what I had expected - but not for what I was hoping (but that's definitely not your fault) - thanks again. John
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    以前(2018年8月)もここで議題にあげさせていただいていますが、 なぜWindows版で実装されている「ほとんど閲覧されていないノートのコンテンツを削除」オプションがMacでは実装されないのでしょうか。 iOSデバイスでは、添付ファイルをダウンロードする形式を採用しています。それでいて、PDF、画像内検索も可能になっています。 Mac版で以上のようなことができない理由はなんでしょうか。全てのコンテンツをMacBookという小さな容量のデバイスに入れて持ち運ぶ意味は全くありません。 以前の投稿では担当部署に共有させていただくといった趣旨の返信が来ましたが、 その後どのようになったのかが知りたいです。 技術的にあるいはAppleとの契約的に無理であるなら そのようにフィードバックするのが商品を提供する側が負うべき消費者への義務だと思います。 そもそも本当に担当部署に伝えているのでしょうか。(言語的問題があるなら、英訳して送るので申し付けてください。) 特にMacユーザーの方で、Evernoteによる容量不足にお悩みの方や、ノートを全てダウンロードする形式に不満のある方は ぜひこの場で声を上げていただければ幸甚に存じます。 よろしくお願い申し上げます。
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    Hi. It's not my experience that touching anywhere on a note will edit it - a touch on the pencil is required. And AFAIK unless you make a substantive change to the note, the modified date will not change. If that's an issue for you, you might consider dating your notes in the title with 'YYYYMMDD' so they're locked into a specific order when sorted that way.
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    Huh. I've got the latest Firefox (which I use sparingly, and EN Web 6.15 there. "C'est la vie say the old folks, goes to show you never can tell."
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    Yea seems odd to get that popup. I have not seen any way to set reminders in the 6.15 web version. I have however found how to view reminders, via the filters.
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    I think having my notes proofreading is a must feature for Evernote to have. I kind of surprise that this has not been done already. I always find myself copying and pasting the content of my notes to other places where I can have Grammarly, which is very annoying.
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    Thanks for your reply. After researching what a default notebook is (seen here: How to change your default notebook), I believe this is the issue. I simply changed what notebook this is and the previously mentioned notebook was able to be deleted. However, after understanding this, I'm seeing several design flaws with this concept. Because a default notebook exist, it should not be able to be deleted; however, there is not an indicator within the application to state which notebook is the default. Therefore, when attempting to delete it, blurring out the option to delete the notebook (when the user doesn't know the aforementioned information) can be very confusing. There are some suggestions I have for this recently discovered feature, so I'll post them in the feature requests section of the forum.
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    まったく同感です。 ストレージの圧迫でApp版は使いものにならないのでウェブ版を使ったり、コンテンツデータは外付けHDDに入れるようにしたりで対処しているもののやはり不便ですね。 全てのデータをローカルで持ち歩かなくてはいけないというのでは、クラウド利用のメリット半減ですね。 「ほとんど閲覧されていないノートのコンテンツを削除」は早急に実装してほしいです。
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    Hi there, I've been a loyal Evernote user for a number of years. I really love the app and use it for all of my notetaking needs. I've recently bought an Apple iPad pro and Apple pencil. I'd like to use those with Evernote to take handwritten notes to keep alongside my regular typed ones. Is that possible? If not why not? If not, when is this functionality coming? Best wishes, Pete
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    Please, add different colors. Yellow is not enough...
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    Would love to have multiple highlight colors AT THE SAME TIME in each note.
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